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Dad just mom kid.

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as the "mother" is a superman fan, originally directed learning parenting and Alyssa Chia's lovely daughter does not see does not unexpectedly, after several episodes, what impressed me most was the son of Dong Jie Dingding, across the screen can feel his grievance. The child thought much more sensible, more worry, but very sensible is not enviable, only full of love.


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and experience can not help people reflect, many parents say to their children can do anything, but often accompany children the basic things to do. Most fathers are very busy with work, a lot of social intercourse as an excuse, but you do not know is that many of the world's celebrities have done, and they are proud of it.

Obama: accompany the child to eat dinner for president of the United States

as president of the United States, Obama was busy, but no matter how busy he is, he still insisted on time every day to dinner with his family, and declared that "inviolable" time. At dinner time, he returned to his family as a father and husband, and the role of the child to exchange some simple problems, such as "today in school?" How do you get along with your friends? ", or to help children to answer the question of learning.

" when we think the cause is the most important thing, but Obama very cherish the communication with their children, and as for the life of the power source. He said: "the most important thing of my day is to listen to the children's view of the world, looking at them slowly become smart, interesting, kind, that will make me full of energy, the future is full of hope. "So we can often see them one family happy appearance in the news report.

Bill Gates: a week to pick up the child to school computer genius

for Bill Gates, the most familiar identity than the founder of Microsoft Corp, a computer genius, but he was still a Qinliqinwei good father. No matter how busy, he will share the housework for his wife, take her husband's obligation; for the children, dote, not because of busy work absence of children, so every week at a fixed time to pick up the child from school.

Obama and Bill Gates with personal experience shows that as long as the heart, no matter how busy you can spare some time to accompany the child's growth, which is out of extraordinary significance, a father's company, the child's childhood will be complete, will be full of courage and confidence, thus becoming the outstanding talents. If you are too busy, may wish to make full use of spare time in the details, let the children know that you care:

morning, can wake up the child a kiss or kiss shot, tease him to hold him. Even if the time is tight, but also as far as possible with the children to say goodbye and hug the children to go to work, let the children feel the love of the father.

if you can, try to choose to eat dinner at home. During the dinner, the children talk with friends, learn something, to share the passions of children.

bedtime stories to children can not only strengthen the interaction between parents, but also enhance the child's sense of security, so that children feel at ease to sleep. Long time to adhere to more able to cultivate children's imagination and attention to focus, to help children develop a good habit of reading.

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