AKB48 hand travel on-line members of the air can price 1 million yen

Air AKB48 hand travel yen

wangyiyouxi· 2016-06-20 09:12:43

before we have reported that it is absolutely earn money hand travel hand of God will be on the shelves of the news, and the day before yesterday it has been with the forty-eighth general election along with the AKB on the line.

this God in general, the hand travel play, in fact, is to use a mobile phone to simulate the doll, and then will be sent home to catch the prize. However, since the game is a total of Akimoto Yasu as the producer, so can give players to grab the prize is also quite heavyweight. I quote from the previous article:

first bullet can grab the gift is, will be held in June 18th in the forty-fifth general election, the field of air!

, the air can be called "field empty pot", meaning "at that moment, the field of air into a can.

, of course, in addition to the air outside itself, but also with a sense of urgency to convey the "AKB48", the 10 members of my photos in the tank will have a tank with my own handwriting information, and equipped with air jar in after opening can also as a piggy bank to use. The various groups like the AKB

will randomly send students to write in the previous record time (i.e. non printing photos), and rarity, here the "empty field tank" is bound to have Japanese Mobile Games common items: toy. The more famous, popular, ranked by the former members, the greater the degree of rarity will be. Again get first Rino Sashihara air and information card, has been in Japan auction site ", now in" on the price of 1 million yen (63 thousand yuan) to sell.

on the auction page on pumping pictures

twitter a main push named @takashunkei also upload a large number of staff in the list of canned scene pictures.

"field empty tank"

"in the actual production scene, only in" search on "field empty tank" goods, found on the Rino Sashihara price for the 1 million day round and fixed "cans" there are a lot of Ontario, counted 3 people in the auction. Although the actual situation may not be someone will pay to shoot this can, and the price of these false targets may also be in order to stir up the price of other canned. But if you look at the other members, including 4 people have bid price of 6250 yen, now Yamamoto Aya can feel that, whether the transaction in the 1 million yen is not important, because, in second days of release, they will spend more than 6 thousand yen (about 370 yuan) to buy a jar of air.

but what about this? If there's an air of Ano Hidea's studio and a card with his own words, I think I might have 200.

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