To give you a piece of soap? Those wonderful invitation letter

Wonderful work invitation letter conference ammunition box

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China's Internet has been a magical arena. There are 5 cents a copy of the Navy, there are spots regardless of the consequence directly open the brush; both make the limelight Red Net exhaust all the skills in real life, also has a little-known technology house. The Internet is like a real social mirror, reflecting the real life is not necessarily able to see the reality of all sentient beings.

is usually on the network, there are two kinds of people -- or you will have red good to irksome, either you wonderful people vomiting to . While rooted in the soil of Internet Co are also well versed in this circle, the natural "unspoken rule". Big to product advertising spokesperson, small to the conference invitation, no one is not how to attract the eye. With "creative" of the name, but in reality wonderful wonderful, let a person embarrassed cancer is also guilty of committing.

today, ray science and technology is to chop those wonderful wonderful invitation letter.

360: masks, pistols, grenades, how offbeat how to play

well-known Internet Co 360, once in the cafe Beijing 798 held a 10 minute free conference theme: no big speech, not only launched products, magic, and sketch our show. And this conference invitation is to let people see a white mask to feel nervous. We know that the white mask this element is often seen in horror films, which itself is a representative of the unknown things, just like many people afraid of the dark.

in the last year, 360 in order to launch customized system under 360 OS, making a "2015 mobile phone combat ammunition box", which actually had a mini "AK47" and a grenade, in addition to mobile phone operations food items. I want to say is, know is to out of 360 OS, do not know what is the idea to release firearms ammunition.

a piece of soap, as in the past to engage in "machine"

on Wednesday, one plus mobile phone 3 Universiade center in Shenzhen officially released. This is not on the slogan of the mobile phone company, in the design of the conference invitation is also very personality. From a mobile phone plus 1 handmade soap, plus a mobile phone 2 "open and aboveboard" wooden coasters, plus a mobile phone X card + package of the ring, then this one plus mobile phone 3 stainless steel soap. Is simply wonderful with a little style, with a hint of wonderful style.

obviously, this is the most wonderful is the two soap. As to why one plus 3 to return to the soap, as written on the invitation, there is "return to the beginning of the heart". However, when it comes to soap, we could not help but think of the network language "pick up the soap, metaphor" gay ", which makes an invitation men are a little shy. The one plus the homonym for "gay", although the wonderful, but still ingenious.

Amagatarai Nibiru: to show aliens identity, also please accept this "meteorite"

Nibiru (Nibiru) is an Internet brand Amagatarai launched in 2014 after the Spring Festival, it is a hypothetical planet's name was later Amagatarai into the mobile phone industry. At that time, Amagatarai launched Nibiru's first models Mars-1, conference invitation is a meteorite pendants. Obviously, the universe, aliens and the connotation of the brand, and the meteorite is very fit, so this invitation or Amagatarai effort. But now

, Amagatarai official website has gone Niburu this brand, the survival probability is almost 0, estimated finally drowned in the domestic mobile phone development history.

Sports Camera, Meizu: Tesla, small house, domestic mobile phone company or the next time you wife

said the invitation arranged items covering the widest area, I say that Meizu is second, no other company should do first. In a press release, Meizu will basically your life are arranged: starting from a relatively transparent machine models, the conventional mobile phone back shell, window, NOKIA 1110, a metal helmet, vinyl records, handwritten copy paper, GoPro Sports Camera, Tesla, and the small house Charm Blue 3S. I can only say: "Hao is a word, I only once.

Meizu since the increase in the marketing aspect of the budget, it can see that its exposure is getting higher and higher, the appetite is also hanging more and more large. Instead, we don't pay much attention to the product itself, but we focus our attention on the Meizu invitation. This is not, the day before the media interview with Li Nan, he admitted that the next time to consider sending young wife". It is a reality version of "when CEO, marry white Formica, was put on the pinnacle of life". Class= img_box "

why wonderful invitation letter?

first of all, now the major Internet Co are more and more attention to their own brand spread , in addition to the introduction of products, the marketing has also developed a 360 degree full range of strategies. And the invitation letter from a point of view has also become a part of the enterprise promotion link. In the mobile Internet era, the speed of access to information is very fast, and companies have to seize every point to build their own brand, so even if it is an invitation to this kind of thing also become important.

second, the mobile phone industry has been a long time, the enterprise must be required to give their own point of the material". if the product is not the only way to, on the other hand to, obviously the invitation design is a display their "spirit of innovation" good way. So, we found that the product itself is not as good as the fresh invitation to play.

finally, the invitation itself has also become a business of their own routines . Just like now, the conference is more and more, it is the basic way to send an invitation to send an invitation to the conference, the launch of the product, send an invitation, such a dead cycle. Therefore, in order to open a conference, there must be an invitation to have an invitation, you must want to let others choose their own advantages and characteristics, and the routine will understand.

in fact, I do not want to persuade manufacturers to put more focus on the product, less to engage in these routines. Rather hope that enterprises in the pursuit of creativity at the same time, be able to grasp the right direction, make more interesting but not too wonderful invitation. is good, but also want to know how to grasp a "degree", do not want to let "surprise" into a "shock"".

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