A Book Reading Suning's Internet: how to go in transition?


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< p > < / P > < p > < br / > prescient vendors already in the Internet booming began embracing attitude on Internet trends and some indecisive, the wind is still sitting on the sidelines. In between these two attitudes, the former because of early adopters of courage and are more likely to enjoy the fruits of opportunities, with the latter often has been in shaking among. < p > < p > although the former in access to harvest the fruit often pay a heavy price, but they most still believe temporary pain can usher in long-term security, Su ningyun is this concept as its transformation, the main idea of "Internet".

a slight chill of early spring, Su ningyun, vice chairman of the board and carry "from the Internet to Internet Plus +, Suning why win" (hereinafter referred to as the "Suning why win" a Book) lectures at the Peking University Guanghua School of management, told the media, scholars and masters students communicate with dozens of North Su ningyun transformation case and topic in the aspect of the internet. In exchange for more than 2 hours, he introduced Su ningyun in the process of transformation from traditional retail to the Internet, Internet plus the feeling, also shared the pain and success of Su ningyun in the transition process. < / P > < p >

/ > Suning transformation selection: imperative first pain after an

< read the "Suning why won" will find, Su Ning from the beginning of the household electrical appliances wholesale to the current Internet o2o retail platform. During experienced a total of two difficult transformation process. And and other enterprises in the transformation of ideas is not the same place is Suning's transformation often in mass unexpected ways, for example, the first transition process is to give up was lucrative wholesale home appliances as a starting point, and the recent transformation but in the entire industry filled with concept and capital, Suning back in the opposite direction to choose service and platform strategy. It is the cusp of this incomplete to the industry mainstream direction for the choice of the transformation of the basis, which makes the Suning again and again in the media. < / P > < p > < / P > < p > < br / > but from the point of view of the present situation, Suning this "unique" starting point, without exception, have a practical reason. < / P > < p > < / P > < p > < br / > in the Internet has not yet fully distributed, although the electrical home appliances wholesale business to bring huge revenue to Su Ning, but in information surging wave, stick to existing thin field does not mean that the future stability. In a keen sense of the Internet is the future trend of the premise, Suning began a self revolution. According to the "Suning why won" the contents of the book, this time transformation of Suning is pain, because sacrifice the interests and layout is not clear that the future, loss during this period is not only the huge revenue, and uncertain about the future risk.

Suning after the transition also met in the history of the most intense competition in the Internet era of competition. In Jingdong, Ali, the rise of competing market, Suning has abandoned rely solely on the traditional thinking mode of price competition to practice, and fully integrate the offline store and the advantages of online, Suning business system construction system through integration. Now, Suning to do is based on the Internet in the form of O2O retail platform, and through its ecological chain to build users, businesses and Suning together to seek common development in the long run. < / P > < p > < / P > < p > < br / > although now is not to Su Ning final deciders title, but in the transformation of the soul stirring, can have a glimpse of Suning transformation reasons and results.

one is Su Ning's own demand for self revolution. As came from the traditional times of traditional business representatives, Suning itself does not meet the to stick with the current well-off state, with the opportunities of the times tide play a greater market value. This is Suning need self-improvement motivation in the Internet opportunity arrival of a comprehensive. Therefore, in the process of the two transition, Suning chose to abandon the temporary benefits, the layout of the long-term direction and needs.

two is the Internet has become a trend. Cling to now is equal to wait to die, in a keenly aware of the Internet trend is the future direction of the future, Suning's house is also a good choice of small profits. Judging from the present situation, Suning conform to the development trend of the Internet and make the transformation of decision-making, the objective is also determined by Suning in this transition phase of rational and wise decisions. In the face of the trend, some traditional enterprises choose to avoid, some traditional enterprises can choose the invader, Suning is chosen the achievements of their own.

three is Suning has the quality of transformation. Traditional enterprises transition to the Internet, need to have the talent, capital, market, customers and other essential factors, for Su Ning, the traditional areas can with advantage is the best, also does not have the material is through other means to resupply, in improvement of the transition in the course of the reform of difficult exploration process, but also promote the the Su Ning in the pace of transformation in growth stage. The process of self - learning and innovation based on the self - advantage is the essential factor of the traditional enterprise to the Internet.

transformation of the pain and loss: "Internet plus" how to rebuild Suning?

< / P > < p > < br as previously said, Suning transition to the Internet has a practical needs and initiatives, but for Su Ning, how to in the era of Internet surging trend let its ride on the trend of the Internet, which is determines the key Suning the transformation.

Suning's first strategy is to fully practice the Internet thinking way in the enterprise operation. Well-known financial writer Wu Xiaobo after visiting Suning lamented the Su Ning did not hear a "customer" of the title, replaced by the "users", although this is a detail, but it represents a Suning has top-down implementation of the ideas and methods of thinking of the Internet.

in addition, Suning transformation of another breakthrough feature is that it will have both physical resources and the Internet has a new fusion. In Suning more than 1600 traditional offline store resources, Suning through online and offline stores o2o mode to connect, launched the Internet cloud store, the two channels are effective filling Su Ning in the entire commercial retail vertical layout. Is this tends to vertical but and complementary connection mode, essentially constructed Suning the Internet is with a combination of the Internet and the real resource advantage, especially offline store Suning logistics to the growth effect, degree also represents the Suning the transformation of the Internet in the wings.

again, Suning layout finance, open platform, investment intelligence terminal and other strategies, also indicates that Suning itself is from a single retail platform to a more competitive ecological platform. Especially in the financial sector in the field of innovation, but also implies that Suning has been in a close pattern for the future. In addition to this, investment Nubian terminal equipment such as strategy, degree indicates that Suning's future will have a variety of elements such as hardware, the Internet, the users is one of the ecological development strategy. < / P > < p > < / P > < p > < br / > from the early battle with the United States to now confront other industry players, Suning has just a few years time acquired achievements previews. The factors behind this both with Suning itself of self revolution consciousness about, and Su Ning in the cusp trends of the Internet about, of course, Zhang Jindong individual in determining leading the trends of the transition process and finalized the decision ability, degree is Suning "reengineering" plan of the main reasons.

"Internet plus", Suning how to walk?

in the field of electricity providers, many competitors in look at fiercely as a tiger does. < / P > < p > < / P > < p > < br / > the current situation from the point of view, Suning with the wave of the Internet to realize the new development outlook, and under the current situation, for the future layout of the long-term plan, in the future a long period of time, based on the meticulous and careful layout, Suning in the future long period of time will continue to generous splendor. At least in the "Internet plus" concept is about the case, Suning's future should not be too bad.

but in the "Internet plus" after the new trend, Suning will be how to go? Suning ahead of the layout of the real estate, finance, innovation, investment, but also the development of Suning retail, how to provide the thrust and assists?

and we'll see.

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A Book Reading Suning's Internet: how to go in transition?

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