The power of tolerance! China sent a ship to search the sea fighter aircraft

The aircraft bearing Chinese power

huanqiuwang· 2016-06-20 12:30:51

data figure: suspected Vietnamese pilots crash was found dead

original title: China sent a large number of ships and aircraft search aircraft crashed into the sea more embodies the power of tolerance strong>

< / Vietnamese air force one su -30 fighter before the crash in the northern Gulf waters, Vietnam an aircraft involved in search and rescue patrol aircraft is missing. China should be the Vietnamese Ministry of defense request, sent ships and planes more rushed to the plane crash area to participate in search and rescue, as of 19, Chinese army has three consecutive days in the northern Gulf waters, Vietnam to help rescue the crashed aircraft and crew. China military experts 19, "Global Times" reporter said, this reflects the Chinese side to provide humanitarian aid to the country of tolerance and responsibility.

Vietnam should request the Department of defense, in 17, China Navy sent 4 ships to the waters of the northern Gulf, to help rescue a Vietnam Air Force plane crash and a coast guard aircraft and crew. 18, China deployed forces, a total of 8 ships, 3 aircraft. To assist in search and rescue forces include 4 ships, 3 marine police boat and 1 salvage ship, 1 Navy fixed wing aircraft, 1 helicopters and 1 fixed wing aircraft air force. According to previous Chinese official news, China Navy sent 4 ships including 1 ships, 1 ships submarine chaser escort boat and 2 minesweepers.

Chinese military expert Li Jie 19 to accept the "Global Times" interview, China Vietnam invited power to assist the premise of crashed jet search is that Vietnam's own search ability is limited, while Vietnam's plane did not have advanced security technology. This

, Chinese air force expert Fu Qianshao 19 to accept the "Global Times" reporter said, in general, whether military or civilian aircraft, in the premise of their own search and rescue capabilities are not sufficient, invited to help his country. Fu Qianshao believes that Vietnam crash situation is more complex, a falling area is not particularly clear; two is the falling waters may be relatively deep water, need professional salvage equipment, this ability is relatively weak in vietnam.

for the Ministry of defense invited the Chinese side to assist in the search, Fu outpost believes that the premise of such mutual assistance is that China and Vietnam have a certain mutual trust, otherwise it is impossible to allow other countries to participate in the search and salvage. However, Fu Su -30 sentinel analysis shows that this type of aircraft is imported from Russia fighters, many Southeast Asian countries have been fitted out and use this type of aircraft, China also introduced this type of aircraft, the aircraft itself has no parameters technology too much the place needs to be kept confidential. "Although some black box records the Vietnamese air force training technical movements, but the simulated air combat air combat training, these actions did not so much secrecy; and the flight data parameters of a single pilot also did not show the overall level of the Vietnamese air force combat. Fu outpost said.

Li Jie said, China dispatched troops to help Vietnam rescue plane crash, showing Chinese hope to maintain the traditional friendship between the two countries and friendly relations between China and Vietnam, also reflects China at the crucial moment is willing to provide humanitarian aid to the country of tolerance. Li Jie said, like this neighbor help will also remind Vietnam in regional cooperation issues to be aware of the importance of China to maintain stability in the South China sea. (Global Times)

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