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cover news reporter Liang Bo

6 on the evening of 19 August, a bank employee was publicly spanked "video online heat transfer. Cover the news (thecover.cn) noted that this video originator micro-blog users "brave 9864", a time is 20:26 on June 19th. The friends broke the news in Shanxi, Changzhi in rural commercial bank, has a staff of 8, a spanking, of which 4 were female employees.

6 20 in the morning about 9:30, in rural commercial bank office an unnamed female staff to cover the news that "employees spanked" does occur in the bank. However, this is an employee training, employee's ass was hit the board is a training session of the game. "Holding the board is the training teacher, not the leadership of the company." The staff responded that.

network video: 8 employees were hit ass

this video length 15 minutes 1 seconds. In the video, a man short sleeved handheld microphone, short words, let the four men and four women each said a word, the man said loudly: "ready to butt ah!" Subsequently, the man from the left to the right, raising the board, followed by four men and four women. Each person was hit three times. Every time the board hit the sound of the butt, can be clearly heard from the video. When finished second, standing on the right side of the woman issued a "Oh", the body slightly shaking it, and under the hands of the subconscious mind with the bottom. Spanking the man rushed through the microphone, said sternly: "hands off … …" when the third board heavy fall, the woman whole body forward step, and a sound of pain. The cover of the

news (thecover.cn) noted that the electronic screen on the stage of the video display in the "Zhangze rural commercial bank ‘ performance exceeded ’".

reaction: this management mode sad

video is issued, the netizen "happy 5406" comments said: "he also said the teacher, with this person? Is simply a mental disorder." Along with it, the video starts in the online heat transfer. Many netizens questioned the practice of playing staff.

@ incense leaves: how to have this management model. Sad!

@Mairs549: so when corporal punishment of employees, punish sin.

@ Hunter Vasily: an insult to the personality, especially the girl's ass, it is a rogue.

netizen "happy 5406" said she saw the video, think this behavior violated the law, employees who work there are not even the most basic self-esteem, chilling, such companies do not have a breakthrough. "First: I do not understand why the leadership to recruit the teacher? Second: I do not understand the teacher's teaching method is how to perform? How could this approach be convincing? Third: why do employees have to listen to such behavior to perform? Why let him beaten?" From micro-blog certification information, the net friend of Changzhi, Shanxi.

bank responded: "it was a training, playing the game

6 20, about 9:30 in the morning, when the press cover (thecover.cn) to Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank Office proof, an unnamed female staff denied the first" management staff playing in public ass "," online "interpret out of context." this is called, a training, set one of the game scene is in the process of training spanking. "Holding the board is the training teacher, not the leadership of the company." The staff response.

this is not convenient to disclose the name of the female staff member said, in June 19th, the bank held a training meeting. She did not attend. Training, the staff points out a few groups. PK when the results came out, according to the training set the scene, some group sing a small apple, some group danced, some group recite a poem, and some groups because no talent can show, so he said "we get a few voluntary"!

the female staff also said that after work, the bank colleagues are also talking about the employee was hit ass video. However, most employees believe that online is too arbitrary.

lawyers point of view: spanking violations of employee health right

Chengdu Taihe Thai law firm Zhang Zenong Wu Wenhui said, staff training, training teachers to board type 8 employees ass, has in fact violate employee health right. At the same time, in front of the public, but also against the reputation of the staff. Therefore, the move is not desirable.

public information display, Shanxi Changzhi rural commercial bank called Shanxi Changzhi Zhangze Zhangze rural commercial bank Limited by Share Ltd, is based on the original rural credit cooperative union on the outskirts of Changzhi, through the formation of the reform of the joint-stock commercial bank, founded in September 18, 2015, will be officially opened in December 30th. At present, internal departments 15, under the jurisdiction of 25 branches, including 1 business department, 10 branch, 14 branch. Undertake the region's 5 towns, 1 townships, 1 Tourism Development Zone, 2 Street offices, 122 administrative villages, 300 thousand of urban and rural residents of financial services. The whole line of a total of 430 employees, the average age of 33 employees. Graduate School of 8 people, accounting for 2.4%; bachelor's degree 213 people, accounting for 64.6%; college degree or above accounted for 91.2%, the quality of personnel gradually tend to optimize. According to news reports:


Changzhi Zhangze rural commercial bank's superior unit — — Shanxi Province Rural Credit Cooperatives (" Shanxi provincial ") to the Chongqing Morning News - News reporter responded: upstream has to pay attention to this public opinion, at present Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has been involved in the investigation, at the same time has been formed investigation team rushed to the Changzhi investigation.

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