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tengxunshuma· 2016-06-20 15:40:06

apple WWDC on a number of improvements for iOS10, which open harassment interception interface, so that the third party mobile phone security software can intercept, remind harassing phone calls to become a hot topic. Apple display process remind telephone harassment by Tencent mobile phone housekeeper at the scene, which is considered to China mobile phone users, or even be seen as a marketing apple in order to promote the sales in the iPhone and the Chinese.

and apple opened up to the third party security harassment interception interface software is different, a large number of Chinese Android mobile phone companies are from "mobile phone security software, and through the use of mobile phone rights management limit third party mobile phone security software.

so, why Apple opened the iOS harassment interception interface? Android mobile phone manufacturers and how to better add to the anti spam messages, fraud phone operations to come? Apple

open interface harassment intercept real reason why

rock teachers do not agree, netizens said, "Apple released harassment interception interface is to please China users, in order to marketing". Because I do mobile phone security industry analysts, consultants have been for 10 years, a deep understanding of the current China mobile phone spam messages, harassing phone users encounter pain, know this is one of the biggest pain point of mobile phone users.

public security department data show that in the past 10 years, every year, the rapid growth of China's telecommunications fraud cases from 20% to 30% of the speed of the 2015 national public security organs Kyoritsu telecommunications fraud cases since 590 thousand, an increase of 32.5%, a total of 22 billion 200 million yuan of economic losses caused by.

we registered online, online shopping, courier, buy a car, buy a house, and other processes, personal information has suffered a serious leak, resulting in the occurrence of precision telecommunications fraud. Not long ago, I personally experienced this online shopping refund fraud. In an online bookstore to buy third day after receiving a call, the shop stock need a refund, with links. And this web site link, then completely imitate the shop page.

ordinary consumers are difficult to identify the authenticity, as long as the site to enter the payment account, password, it will be a fraud to steal, and then the funds will be stolen brush. Similar to this precision fraud occurred frequently, many mobile phone users have suffered huge losses. Therefore, the fight against fraud SMS, telephone fraud has become the whole society must do.

third mobile phone security software is the most effective tool for users to prevent fraud SMS, telephone fraud, phishing URLs, but iOS has been to users' privacy security "to restrict the third party mobile phone security software to intercept, remind. Apple's reason, although there is a certain reason, but it is lazy political performance.

Apple's approach makes many iPhone users have to realize the harassment interception by two methods:

, iPhone jailbreak, jailbreak using mobile phone security software

; second, using part of mobile phone security software launched the "non jailbreak + mail list blacklist" intercept.

the first method leads to iOS are not safe, easy to viruses, malware infection; and the second method is complicated to operate, to mobile phone mail list into hundreds of "black list" number, leading mobile phone mail list to open slowly, even iPhone crashes, affecting the normal use.

  (pictured a blacklist number into the mail list)

so open iOS harassment interception interface becomes very urgent, coupled with a large number of China iPhone users Tucao let apple feel the pressure. It is said that in order to cooperate with apple open harassment interception interface, the Tencent's mobile phone housekeeper team to Apple headquarters many times, only to debug a good product, let Apple abandon privacy concerns. Android

mobile phone enterprises should not "

Android mobile phone has been burn the bridge after crossing it" can install third mobile phone security software to intercept and remind these harassing phone calls, SMS spam. This has been seen as one of the biggest advantages of Android mobile phone users than iPhone.

but recently I experience more than Android mobile phone but they are found to limit the third party security software to obtain a higher authority through the underlying authority Android, even suggested that third party security software risk. At the same time, many mobile phone brands have developed their own mobile security software, built in the bottom of the system, so that the phone will have a mobile phone factory security.

  (graph is a security software installed by

interception) for Android manufacturers, that they have a rock teacher to consider two aspects: the

. Safety relates to mobile phone system permissions, Android manufacturers have encountered some third party security software with high authority to promote other applications for mobile phone users, and even disrupt the event, for example, in 2014 the number of Android mobile phone business under the collective of a third party mobile phone security software, secretly download their own applications to protest the market, instead of mobile phone brands own application market.

and mobile phone manufacturers to limit the third party security software startup, but also in the use of system permissions to do unfair competition practices similar to some security software, contrary to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of.

second, Android mobile phone manufacturers want to achieve the integrity of the system, so that the phone's UI and software to match, while providing better harassment interception experience. But also want to have the massive intelligence network owned by the end of the phone to get a large amount of intelligent harassment interception data. After all, the big data is one of the key elements of the future enterprise competition. But

blocked third party security software is suspected but also reduce the burn the bridge after crossing it, harassment interception accuracy. There are two main reasons: one is the

, harassment interception mainly through the "cloud" massive harassment interception database, and the first Android manufacturers with "mobile phone security software through access to third party mobile phone security software to get the database, harassment interception capabilities.

in addition, the third party security software can not only achieve harassment interception, reminders, but also to identify those who call the system of dangerous permissions malicious applications. Prohibit users to install third party software will lead to the risk of abuse of Android rights. It is worth mentioning that some of the mobile phone manufacturers through the pre installed applications to obtain value-added services revenue, these applications are built into the underlying system, the user can not uninstall.

and the Ministry banned the pre practice, enterprises are in the interests of some copycat companies will rush into danger, and even pre installed malicious chargeback application. If no third party security software supervision, this approach is more rampant, completely contrary to fair competition, in violation of the consumer protection act.

second, compared to mobile phone manufacturers, third party security software companies are more close to the user, with a more professional cloud security research and development capabilities and large data support capabilities. If Android

manufacturers blocked third party security software will not allow more mobile phone users in the event to spam messages, harassing phone number will be reported to these malicious third party security software to the cloud database, means that the number of the library is difficult to update harassment interception. This also means that will significantly reduce the accuracy of interception.

so this is like "a prosperity, a loss for" things, security software companies can not get more harassment intercept data cannot provide accurate intercept capability, but also provide accurate intercept data for its own security software to mobile phone companies, and ultimately affect the interests of mobile phone users. So I suggest that Android

mobile phone manufacturers mobile phone security software for the resumption of the third party authority, if the authority concerned is too high to affect the system safety as well as UI whole, can communicate and cooperate more closely with the third party mobile phone security software, to investigate the authority degree of opening, can also be customized to these professional security software products, achieve the whole UI.

and security companies have been increasing R & D investment, with the Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and other giants to join, so that mobile security has become a kind of public welfare undertakings. Tencent founder Ma Huateng proposed "the Tencent unlimited investment security" in the just concluded Internet plus summit in independent cloud killing the engine, killing, big data security are remarkable achievements, mobile phone manufacturers, there is no need to repeat investment "to do these things they are not good.

to combat telecommunications fraud, the needs of the whole industry chain to mobile phone manufacturers, security software companies, operators, banks should be involved, their duties, the only way to achieve the "force", in order to truly provide a good environment for the use of mobile phone users, in the "personal information protection law" and other policies to protect the interests of mobile phone users.

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