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macro news

Li Keqiang in June 20th at the central bank chaired a forum

financial system according to the Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint June 20th micro-blog news, Premier Li Keqiang on June 20th in the afternoon at the people's Bank of Chinese chaired the financial system forum. In addition, Premier Li Keqiang in the afternoon of June 20th to China Construction Bank (4.920, 0.02, 0.41%).

Li Keqiang will attend the tenth session of the Tianjin forum in Davos

according to the Ministry of foreign affairs website news, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying announced: Premier Li Keqiang will be held in Tianjin to attend the tenth session of the summer Davos forum opening ceremony and delivered a special speech to 28 days on June 26th. In the meantime, Li Keqiang will also meet with the leaders of Kyrgyzstan and other countries, as well as the chairman of the forum, Schwab and other guests, and with industry and commerce, finance, think tanks, media people dialogue and exchanges. The forum theme of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution -- the transformation of power", from more than and 90 countries, politicians, entrepreneurs, scholars and representatives of the media about 1700 people will attend the meeting.

Shenzhen Component Index, small board index (11268.041, 61.32, 0.55%), refers to the gem index from July to adjust

samples according to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced on June 20th news, the Shenzhen stock exchange and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. before the index prepared in accordance with the rules of the Shenzhen Component Index (10221.853, 39.33, 0.39%), small board index gem index, Shenzhen 100 index and Shenzhen index series samples regularly adjust implementation. At the same time, the Shenzhen Securities Information Co. Ltd. announced on cninfo 100 (3360.906, 5.40, 0.16%) and other stocks index cross market index implementation of regular adjustment. The stock adjustment will in July 2016 the first trading day of the formal implementation. A

poll showed a British exit risk weakening the pound rose more than 2%

polls show the British champions back risk weakening dollar or expanded to 2%, the highest reached 1.4656, refresh since June 7th highs.

safe: this year, China's cross-border capital outflow gradually ease the pressure of

safe said that in May the supply and demand situation of China's foreign exchange further tend to balance the foreign-related revenue behavior of market participants continue to steadily adjust, further weakening the willingness to purchase foreign exchange, foreign exchange will continue to rise, businesses and individuals will weaken the foreign exchange reserve. This year, China's cross-border capital outflow pressure gradually ease, more reflecting the fundamentals of the domestic economy. This also shows that in China's economy is generally in line with expectations, further optimize the economic structure, keep the economy in high growth situation, China's cross-border capital flows in the long-term to maintain the basic stability of the pattern has a solid foundation. The

event of positive

Chinese 2025 energy equipment manufacturing plan issued 4 shares are expected to benefit from the development and Reform Commission in June 20th

news, the NDRC, the Ministry of industry, the National Energy Bureau organized the preparation of the "Chinese 2025 energy equipment manufacturing plan", and issued. The project is to ensure the safety of energy supply, promote the development of clean energy and clean and efficient use of fossil energy resources in three areas to determine the development of 15 areas of energy equipment.

in action, the program pointed out that before 2020, the focus on promoting energy revolution of the overall work plan, a number of breakthroughs in clean energy and low-carbon safe and efficient development of the key technology and equipment to carry out demonstration application. Restriction or bottleneck equipment and components to achieve mass production and application, a strong guarantee of energy security and energy supply and boost consumer revolution. 2025 years ago, the emerging energy equipment manufacturing industry has a comparative advantage of the more perfect industrial system, the overall strong international competitiveness. Effectively support the energy production and consumption revolution, some areas of energy technology and equipment to lead the global industrial development, energy technology and equipment standards to achieve international docking.

Bank of China believes that the oil service industry overall revenue decline in the first half of 2016 is difficult to stabilize, but the critical point with the rebound in oil prices to reach $50 near the oil service industry recovery, focus on thick Pu shares (47.960, 2.56, 5.64%), Jerry shares (20.510, 0.03, 0.15%), landocean (11.880, 0.03, 0.25%).


6 20 billboard, 29 stocks appeared in the body figure, of which 15 stocks showed a net buying, 14 stocks showed a net selling mechanism. The day before the net buying three respectively is the combined force of shares (18.260, 0.69, 3.93%), (32.280, 2.15 - century, 7.14%), crystal Sheng Electrical (13.600, 1.24, 10.03%), mechanism of net inflows were 149 million yuan, 146 million yuan, 88 million yuan. In addition, the agency net sold in the former shares were issued shares (11.170, -0.37, -3.21%), extensive shares (16.890, -1.88, -10.02%), Ding Tai new material (39.350, 3.58, 10.01%), etc..

shares 22 shares to be light landing on the Shenzhen stock exchange small plates listed

according to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange website 20 news, Hangzhou micro electronic Limited by Share Ltd RMB ordinary shares will be listed on the SME Board of Shenzhen stock exchange in June 22, 2016.

securities referred to as the "Twilight", the securities code for "002801"". The total number of shares of the company's ordinary shares of 58880000 shares, including the initial public offering of 14720000 shares from the date of listing of the listed transaction.

6 company intends to apply the first 24 days will focus on the

6 company in June 24th will be the first application, respectively Shenzhen Hekeda precision cleaning equipment Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd, Anhui Mount Huangshan capsule Xinjiang Franz energy engineering Limited by Share Ltd, Zhubo design shares (27.480, 0.20, 0.73%) Co. Ltd., Shenzhen silk road digital visual Limited by Share Ltd, Wuhan Polytechnic Department of Limited by Share Ltd.


want to receive the national team of China Vanke shares? Huarun: equity changes will be announced in a timely manner

Huarun's first major shareholders to return to the heart of the urgent, the outside world already know. In addition to buy shares can be denied that treasure, and recently there have been media reports, Huarun on the "national team" in the hands of 9.5% Vanke is very interested in. Huarun responded by saying, do not comment on market rumors, Huarun as a major shareholder of Vanke, any change in the equity will be announced in accordance with the listing regulations in a timely manner. This message is also hidden in the Vanke national team surfaced. According to the twenty-first Century economic report query results and related data of Vanke, gold card and Huijin currently holds Vanke shares accounted for nearly 9%, ranked the third largest shareholder of China vanke.

365 network (30.250, -0.35, -1.14%) shareholder holdings of 3.9% shares

365 net (300295) June 20th evening announcement, shareholders Xing Wei on June 14th to 17 through the trading total holdings of 7 million 494 thousand and 800 shares, representing 3.9% of total share capital. After the reduction of

, Xing Xing holds 6.4% shares of 365 network.

Snowman shares (9.770, 0.87, 9.78%) employee stock ownership plan to complete the purchase of

Snowman shares (002639) June 20th evening announcement, the first phase of employee stock ownership plan by the Shenzhen stock exchange trading system accumulated to buy 8 million 54 thousand and 300 shares of company stock, average transaction price of about 8.94 yuan / share, the number of shares to buy the company's total share capital 1.34%.

up to now, the company's first employee stock ownership plan has completed the purchase of the stock, the stock lock up period to June 18, 2017.

Construction Bank: Temasek Holdings 555 million shares H shares of

Construction Bank June 20th evening announcement said the company in June 20th received Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited (Temasek) Notice, Temasek's Fullerton Financial Holdings Pte.Ltd. indirect wholly-owned Affiliated Companies (hereinafter referred to as "FFH") in June 16th by the The Stock Exchange of HongKong Limited outside trading holdings of H shares of the company 555 million shares, accounting for about 0.22% of the total equity of the company, the transfer price of HK $5.01 per share.

according to the announcement, said light Ma Tin, the balance of the rights and interests of the balance of investment portfolio of normal business transactions, the Chinese economy is still optimistic about the long-term prospects for the development of China's economy and construction.

before the changes in equity, Temasek indirectly through its wholly-owned Affiliated Companies FFH and STAM total holdings Construction Bank H shares 12 billion 574 million shares, accounting for about 5.03% of the total equity of the company; the equity changes, Temasek through FFH and STAM total holdings Construction Bank H shares 12 billion 19 million shares, accounting for about 4.81% of the total equity of the company, the shareholding ratio fell to below 5% of the total share capital of construction bank.

China Chairman of high iron company stock holdings of 38 million shares of

China High Speed Rail (000008) June 20th evening announcement, the company chairman Wang Zhiquan on June 17, 2016 and June 20th by the bulk of transactions total holdings of shares 38 million shares, representing 1.38% of total share capital, reducing the average price of 11.23 yuan / share. After the completion of the reduction, Wang Zhiquan holds 193 million shares of the company shares, representing 6.98% of the total share capital of the company, of which only 19 million 640 thousand shares of tradable shares outstanding.

it is reported that Wang Zhiquan in June 17th and June 20th respectively holdings of shares 13 million shares (representing the total share capital of 25 million shares (0.47%), accounting for 0.91% of the total share capital), reduction of the average price of 11.67 yuan / share, 11 yuan / share. Wang Zhiquan also promised not to reduce the company's shares held by the company in the next six months.

Societe Generale Securities (7.160, -0.10, -1.38%) to the Shanghai Stock Exchange inquiry letter to confirm the project sponsor suspended

Societe Generale Securities Exchange on the evening of June 20th reply letter of inquiry, Xintai electric (14.550, 0, 0%) misrepresentation by the Commission administrative penalties, the company as a sponsor for failing to to fulfill the statutory duties of an investigation by the commission. Affected by this, during the investigation, Chinese Commission will not be accepted by the company as a sponsor of the recommendation, will not be accepted by the relevant sponsor representative shall be responsible for the specific recommendations issued by the company will not be accepted as an independent financial adviser file.

impact on the performance of the company is expected to invest in the banking business will be affected during the investigation, the current income of investment banking business may be reduced. In addition, the company is actively working with regulatory agencies and relevant departments to develop an investor's first payment scheme, the current program is still in research. The above two factors will affect the company's current operating performance. At the same time,

Societe Generale Securities said the company attaches great importance to the work of information disclosure, is now fully cooperate with the investigation of regulatory authorities, the company will be in strict accordance with the regulatory requirements to fulfill the obligation of information disclosure, timely information disclosure in the designated media and the Shanghai Stock Exchange website disclosure of progress of the investigation. Yunnan salt

(25.840, -0.29, -1.11%) the controlling shareholder intends to holdings of Yunnan salt 2%

years (002053) June 20th evening announcement, the former controlling shareholder of the company, the actual control of the former Yunnan Textile Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Textile Group") and the sky (10.280, 0.31, 3.11%) and Refco Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Yuntianhua group" plan) 15 trading days after December 31, 2016, in order to concentrate on the auction holdings of shares of not more than 5 million 583 thousand and 200 shares, which does not exceed 2% of the total share capital.

4 month 19 days, Yunnan salt Yuntianhua group received "detailed report of changes in equity", Yuntianhua group to further strengthen the control of the group, to reduce the level of management, improve management efficiency, the implementation of decision merger without substantial business activities of the wholly owned subsidiary of textile group, shares changed registration is still in progress.

as of now, the textile group holds 27.02% shares of the company.

Tianye communications controlling shareholder intends acting on the reduction of 8.08%

Tianye communications (002459) June 20th evening announcement, the controlling shareholder of the company, the tracker concerted action plan industrial Huajian 2 days after six months, through the trading or transfer agreement and other ways, the reduction does not exceed 31 million 398 thousand and 700 shares, representing the company's total equity of 8.08%.

implementation of the reduction plan, Huajian industrial no longer holds shares in the company, the controlling shareholder of the company is still the Huajian tracker, the actual controller is still He Zhiping.

Wingo shares (7.740, -0.03, -0.39%) third shareholders to transfer 7 million 700 thousand shares to his wife

Wingo shares (002641) June 20th evening announcement, the company's third largest shareholder, vice chairman and deputy general manager Zhang Wei in June 17th, 20 through the block trading transfer of shares totaling 7 million 700 thousand shares, representing 0.89% of total share capital. The transferee for Zhang Wei's wife Wang Yuping.

Yee Technology (17.720, 1.50, 9.25%) major shareholders plan holdings of up to 14.42% of the shares of

Yee technology announcement, June 20th notice received the controlling shareholder of e-ande holdings of shares plan. Because of the demand for investment, plans in June 24th to December 23rd (within 6 months), the total holdings of not more than 58 million 140 thousand shares, the total does not exceed 14.42% of the total share capital of the company, through the trading or transfer agreement etc..

after the implementation of the maximum limit, should be an industrial holding company 180 million shares, representing 44.64% of the total share capital of the company, is still the controlling shareholder of the company. The implementation of this reduction plan will not lead to changes in the control rights of the company.

China Railway Science and Technology (14.460, 0.42, 2.99%) two natural person shareholder disclosure reduction plan

Huatie technology June 20th evening announcement said the company recently received shareholder Hu Min, Yang Ziping's "shareholders holdings plan", due to personal financial needs, six months after five days from the date of the announcement Hu Minni, by way of bulk trading holdings of shares 4 million 53 thousand and 400 shares to 24 million 320 thousand and 400 shares, the reduction ratio range of 1% to 6%; Yang Ziping intends to block trading by way of 4 million 53 thousand and 400 shares to 20 million 267 thousand shares, the reduction ratio range of 1% to 5%, the reduction of the price as the market price.

as of the announcement day, Hu Min and Yang Ziping were held by China Railway Technology tradable shares 44 million 400 thousand shares, 38 million 850 thousand shares, accounted for 10.954% of the total share capital, 9.585%, which are not belong to the company's controlling shareholder and actual controller. The company said that the implementation of this reduction plan will not lead to changes in the control of listed companies, the company will not have a significant impact on corporate governance structure, ownership structure and continuity of operations.

Xuzhou Gimpo titanium: titanium dioxide 80 thousand tons of titanium dioxide production line put into operation by the end of

Gimpo titanium industry (000545) June 20th afternoon announcement, the company's main products are rutile and anatase titanium dioxide, which accounted for the company's 2015 annual revenues of 57.07% and 38.05%. Since 2016, the market price of titanium dioxide products vary, to actively adapt to market changes, improve profitability, since January 7, 2016, Gimpo titanium rutile titanium dioxide price relative to the price at the end of 2015, the increase in sales price range a total of about 2700 yuan / ton, or about 28%. Titanium dioxide titanium titanium dioxide price relative to the end of 2015, the price increase of the total sales price of about 1400 yuan / ton, or about 16%.

in addition, Gimpo titanium board also reminded investors that the price increases, impact on sales is uncertain, also cannot determine the new sales price duration, there is a risk of product prices continue to fluctuate.

according to Gimpo titanium industry, the company built in Xuzhou 80 thousand tons of titanium dioxide titanium dioxide production line of the plant commissioning phase, is expected in June 30, 2016 to the point of use, formally entered the stage of trial production, by the end of 2016 officially put into operation. After the project is put into production, the company will increase the company's annual rutile titanium dioxide production, and thus enhance the company's main product sales.

Chengzhigufen (17.810, 0.26, 1.48%) subsidiary received government grants 2 million 600 thousand

Chengzhigufen (000990) June 20th evening announcement, company owned subsidiary of Anhui today on display glass Co. Ltd. in Anhui Province recently received Bengbu Huai district financial payment fund center project grants 2 million 600 thousand yuan.

Chinese chemical (5.380, -0.02, -0.37%) subsidiary signed a $2 billion 900 million contract for construction of

China polyethylene plant chemical (601117) June 20th evening announcement, recently, a wholly owned subsidiary of China seventh Chemical Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. signed with Russia sehee Boolean ZAPSIB-2 project in Russia Sibur polyethylene plant construction contract. Contract duration of 39 months, the total amount of the contract 442 million 500 thousand U.S. dollars, equivalent to RMB 2 billion 912 million yuan. Accounted for 4.58% of the company's operating income in 2015.

Yi Sheng Pharmaceutical (12.540, 0.15, 1.21%) the return of 100 million yuan to add liquidity to raise funds over the

Yi Sheng Pharmaceutical (002566) on August 10, 2015 held the fifth session of the eighteenth meeting of the board of directors approved "on the use of part of the raised funds to temporarily add liquidity motion", the company agreed to use the funds raised 100 million yuan for the temporary supplement the company's liquidity, not more than twelve months using the period from the fifth session of the board of directors for consideration by the eighteenth meeting of the date.

Yi Sheng pharmaceutical June 20th evening announcement, the company in June 20, 2016 has been above the 100 million yuan to raise funds to return all the special account, the use of raised funds to temporarily add liquidity matters have been completed.

Pharmaceutical (7.320, 0.04, 0.55%) to be set by adjusting the size of the fund-raising plan slashed

Ren pharmaceutical June 20th evening announcement said, combined with the actual situation of recent domestic stock market and the changes of the company, the company held the sixth session of the forty-one board meeting on June 20th approved "on the company to adjust the non-public offering of A shares of the motion program" and "on the company's non-public offering of A shares plan (three Amendment) Bill", the size of funds raised by not more than 3 billion 300 million yuan to not more than 1 billion 200 million yuan.

according to the plan, the company will raise funds for investment projects in the original "jingle medicine B2B the main city model project" and "public hospital pharmacy trusteeship platform project to implement all of its own funds;" jingle chain B2C model to promote the main city national project originally planned to raise funds to purchase 3000 retail pharmacies, change for the company to raise funds for investment in the acquisition of 2000 to 1000, the acquisition of its own funds, and the project name changed to "Renhe pharmacy network retail terminal promotion main city national project"; and the corresponding to the amount of funds raised the upper limit from 3 billion 300 million yuan to 1 billion 200 million yuan, adjusted by the upper limit of the number of issued 394 million 265 thousand and 200 shares to 143 million 369 thousand and 200 shares, issuing scheme and other content remain unchanged.

according to the announcement, the company's non-public offering of the program to adjust the relevant motion is required to submit the company's interim shareholders' meeting to consider the.

Feng Dong shares (22.890, 0.29, 1.28%) shareholder holdings of 2 million shares of

shares Feng Dong (002530) June 20th midday announcement, the shareholders of the company East Engineering Corporation in June 17th by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange block trading system holdings of 2 million shares, representing 0.75% of total share capital, reducing the average price of 19.83 yuan / share.

announcement shows that since March 2015, East Engineering Corporation through centralized auction trading and block trading mode cumulative reduction of Feng Dong shares 9 million 600 thousand shares, representing 3.58% of the total share capital of the company. After this reduction, Eastern Engineering Corporation also holds 51 million 600 thousand shares of Feng Dong shares, representing 19.25% of the total share capital of the company.

long science and actual control of the total holdings of about 8 million 950 thousand shares of

long Science (002584) June 20th midday announcement, the controlling shareholder of the company, the board of directors Huang Weibo and Chairman Huang Wei Pang on June 17th by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Trading System holdings of shares 8 million 950 thousand and 400 shares, representing 1.53% of total share capital, the average transaction price of 12.25 yuan / share.

disclosed in the announcement, the company's actual controller, concert Huang Weibo, Huang Weipeng, Huang Shaoqun, Huang Zhenjie, Huang Zhenkai six months from June 8, 2016 in reduction of not more than 50 million shares of company stock.

Shilong Industrial (15.850, 0.22, 1.41%) reduction of shareholders shareholding 12 thousand shares fell below 5%

Shilong Industrial (002748) June 20th midday announcement, shareholders Xinjiang Zhiyuan equity investment management partnership (limited partnership) in June 17th through the centralized auction trading holdings of shares 12 thousand shares, the total share capital of the company 0.005%, reduction of the average price of 15.53 yuan / share.

after this reduction, Xinjiang Shilong Industrial Zhiyuan also holds 11 million 988 thousand shares, representing 4.995% of total share capital.

Gimpo titanium industry semi annual net profit 3300-3800 million year-on-year drop of more than 40% pre

Gimpo titanium industry (000545) June 20th midday released 2016 half year performance forecast, the company expects to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 3300-3800 million yuan, down 41.63%-49.31%. The company said, because the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanjing titanium dioxide chemical limited liability company in financial 1-6 months of 2015 the use of idle funds, investment income is relatively high, due to the current non recurring gains and losses significantly reduced compared with the previous year. During the reporting period, the company's main business revenue was essentially flat with the same period last year. This

(10.090, 0.19, 1.92%) the transfer of equity to terminate the Changlong chemical stock options and restricted stock incentive plan

in "poison" storm nuopuxin (002215) June 20th midday announcement, the company intends to Shenzhen financial letter South Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "rosan south") signed the equity transfer agreement the transfer price of 237 million yuan, the company held companies involved in Jiangsu Changlong Chemical Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changlong chemical") 35% stake. In this financial letter South is the actual controller Lu Baiqiang control of the company, and the second largest shareholder of the company.

because of the "poison" incident, Chang Long Chemical Industry in May 18th this year, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the intermediate people's Court on environmental pollution liability disputes in the indictment. Financial data show that in 2015 1-12 months, Changlong chemical industry achieved operating income of 1 billion 331 million yuan, net profit of 38 million 32 thousand and 100 yuan; the first quarter of 2016, Changlong chemical achieved operating income of 390 million yuan, net profit of 1 million 338 thousand yuan.

after the completion of this transaction, this will no longer hold Changlong Chemical shares, the shareholding ratio and financial letter South will rise to 78.61%. The transfer of Changlong chemical 35% equity, this will get about 8 million 508 thousand and 800 yuan in investment income. This

also announced plans to terminate the stock options and restricted stock incentive plan. In March this year, this complete stock options and restricted stock grant work. The grant date is December 29, 2015, the number of stock options granted to 30 million 457 thousand shares, awarded a total of 580 people; 44 people granted restricted stock granted, the number of shares to 10 million 24 thousand shares, grant price of 8.42 yuan / share.

said this, the company launched equity incentive plan, macro economy and the market environment changed greatly, resulting in the company's original plan incentives equity weakened, if companies that continue to implement the equity incentive plan, it will be difficult to achieve the desired purpose and effect of excitation. After careful consideration, the company decided to terminate the equity incentive plan in advance. The company will cancel the shares have been granted a total of 30 million 457 thousand options; repurchase limit of a total of 9 million 649 thousand shares, according to the price of 8.32 yuan / share, the repurchase price of 80 million 279 thousand and 700 yuan. Zhejiang Jinke

(27.690, -0.23, -0.82%) intends to set up 3 billion 200 million scale entertainment culture fund mergers and acquisitions

Zhejiang Jinke (300459) June 20th midday announcement, the company intends to initiate the establishment of Zhejiang Jinke entertainment culture merger fund management partnership (limited partnership), focusing on the downstream target entertainment company in the industry chain investment opportunities. Around the "Pan entertainment development strategy of IP resources" as the core, to expand the entertainment business, build the company as "operation promotion + big data analysis + service + channel +IP copyright investment incubator" Internet eco pan entertainment cultural enterprises.

Jinke the size of buyout funds for not more than 3 billion 200 million, Zhejiang Jinke intended as LP, with its own capital subscribed for not more than 300 million yuan, the actual controller of the company, Zhu Zhigang paid no more than 60 million yuan; Wang Jian paid no more than 40 million yuan; the remaining amount of the target by the fund managers to raise social capital.

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