"Final Fantasy 14" in the exclusive service code image of Sun Wukong's first exposure

Five Sun Wukong his image.

wangyiyouxi· 2016-06-20 22:38:44

today announced the grand game's MMORPG "Final Fantasy 14" national service version 3.2 intelligence service exclusive Premiere of the first bomb, in the image of Sun Wukong "fairy suit" debuted in July 5th and plans to launch scheduled. It is reported that the 3.2 version will be on the line in the summer.

the SQUARE ENIX of Japan, again for the "Final Fantasy 14" Chinese in R & D service exclusive game player code, reference image design of the role of Sun Wukong classical mythology Chinese clothing, which is Chinese element for the first time into the final fantasy world. This is not only the clothes, even the famous "golden cudgel and somersault cloud together designed, final fantasy style under the Chinese myth, let us preview!


launch of the national service exclusive privilege, is unable to experience in international service, Japan SQUARE ENIX is dedicated to serving the country and create. Game player can be purchased through the official website. The official price: Xian set 128 yuan, 228 yuan Book somersault cloud, face 48 yuan. The special pre packs: Fairy suit + expression *2 send fantasy drug *1 for only 224 yuan, the book of pre somersault cloud only 198 yuan! All pre packs can get golden flexibly!

"Final Fantasy 14" national service will soon celebrate the 2 anniversary, the official said: the dress is also popular in the steady rising stage, Japan's SQUARE ENIX is also very grateful to Chinese game player support for a long time.

Author: Xiao Mo

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