From all the way to the perfect counter attack, milk tea sister's life has never been to live for others to see!

Milky tea sister

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last days, Barbara sister woke up and saw the tea sister Zhang Zetian to the identity of investors to participate in their investment activities of the tea shop business news! Style= line-height: "25.6px >

tea sister said at home are called Liu Qiangdong Liu, but from the beginning of last year, has been in charge of the financial power at home!

at the tea sister Liu talked about smile full of happiness, Barbara sister want to say, if not to be optimistic about the world and how, in fact as long as you feel happiness, love is not what is wrong!

from attack to taunt abuse, Liu Qiangdong and tea sister love of the road to go too hard!

tea sister and brother Liu Qiangdong met in last year released the" love the Holy Land ", Columbia University!

at the Tsinghua University School of tea sister in August 2013 when apply to the United States Barnard women's College of communication. The big brother, and have maintained close cooperation, while in the United States, tea sister brother frequented large photographic circles, made many friends, and also met Liu Qiangdong, the met, may also result in heaven.

2014 "at the beginning of the year, two people love being broke friends, for a time, two people were on the difference of 19 years in the teeth of the storm, the couple is not optimistic about the public.

two people not only have 19 years of age, Liu Qiang East and a son was already eight years old, so the tea sister became universally condemned sinners everyone said, her view is not correct.

even in reporter Zhang Zetian father to call to confirm the time, chapter father directly told reporters:" I do not care for her."

since the affair was exposed, tea sister has suffered a variety of attacks and abuse, and at that time, she was also a 20 year old girl.

when she seems no matter what is wrong, all over the world to this age difference between some couples taunt. Perhaps it is because the image of the goddess in everyone's heart was destroyed, anger nowhere to vent, all people put the anger on her.

but her persistence and courage to let Ba sister admire, did not give up because of the secular vision of love, also be a love in the end.

everyone thought this fell in love will persist for too long, and even the Internet rumors started two people broke the news, but in May 2015, but came to Liu Qiangdong propose to tea sister news, two people with practical action to prove two people's feelings very seriously, not everyone thinks that the fun.

in August of the same year, two people receive a marriage license in the Chaoyang District Civil Affairs Bureau, a smiling face of the tea sister got married.

in October, two people held a wedding in Sydney, a new face to conceal the sweet happiness, not to be optimistic about the love finally airness.

until March of this year, tea sister finally smooth production, when the mother ~ two people love to go to today, controversial or not to be optimistic it is still strong and comes to the end.

actually although the two ages, but two people in showing the happiness did not love the show, no matter where you go, two people always hold each other's hand, Liu Qiangdong is also the tea sister to take care of holding in the palm of your hand.

with tea sister home during the Spring Festival, Liu Qiangdong told people in the village said:" this is my wife!" Is a happy to give the village 650 people aged 60 and over each of a ten thousand yuan red envelope!

overbearing president in Zhongguancun Venture Street entrance to tea sister opened a tea shop, named" JD+ intelligent tea museum"!

when each time to participate in large-scale activities, East brother will bring together with her sister to tea, witness their peak moment, she also taught a variety of investment knowledge.

so, even if two people love the road hard, as long as the parties feel happy, onlookers and can say what, but also less worldly and more blessing.

Yan high school tyrants will finance, tea sister is three

Barbara sister first saw the tea sister, or online rumors this picture with a tea photo, a smiling face with a pure and innocent writing.

is perhaps the outstanding appearance that she is doomed to be unable to start trying to unknown to the public, we know more about the girl, so that she is from Nanjing foreign language school campus belle. His family was generous, father is president of thick Zhang Li Stone investment group.

Zhang Zetian is not only the school aerobics is campus Belle, and a team captain, won the national runner aerobics national level athletes, versatile.

middle school she is the campus of the influential man, the Youth Olympic knowledge contest ambassador, film actress, variety show host, the activities are not her figure.

and she is Curve Wrecker once, in order not to affect the academic, refused Zhang Yimou's invitation "Thirteen Jinling panties". In 2011, because of excellent comprehensive quality, by the Tsinghua University of the written examination and interview for admission to Tsinghua University.

looks perfect, perfect with all academic, Zhang Zetian the goddess of all look into the eyes of everyone perfect campus belle. In Tsinghua University, she not only actively participate in various activities, but also to participate in the Microsoft Bing search technology center marketing team practice.

she never was nestled in the Liu Qiangdong side of the vase, tea sister said in an interview: "I always think women need to have their own independent thought, have their own career, like this later life will have the basis of happiness."

and Liu Qiangdong together, she did not give up efforts at home and a lady but continue to learn financial management and investment, " she is only 23 years old, is already an important shareholder of six companies.

she personally investment shares have the operation box, Uber. Even Liu Qiang Dongdu praise her: "I was separated from my family investment, family investment over to my wife, she was very good."

not only Liu Qiangdong, even the "operation box" founder Liu Ye also boast tea sister said: "although just contact investment, but the investment logic is meticulous."

Colombia also said: "I trust my wife don't trust investment, why get married?" This type of statement and overbearing President be caught off guard show his loving sister.

tea sister as a wife, Yan value high degree good, and know how to family financial investment model, it is the perfect wife.

the secular vision never judge the standard of happiness, "line-height: 25.6px style= with practical action to prove a person happiness is to try to define and understand the. A girl like her, is your life and make a big wonderful, let others go dumbfounded!

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