A game played the first half of the year, "Final Fantasy 15" playable degree released

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aifaner· 2016-06-21 15:04:06

at this year's E3 game show, game player is concerned with "Final Fantasy 15", finally released on September 30th. This let the game player waiting for 10 years of the game, the game player to make a wait before, very worth Naiwan time: 200 hours.
" final Fantasy 15 "game director Tabata end said in an interview, the main flow of the game is about 40 to 50 hours, and the game includes about 40 hours of fighting, and a large number of branch lines and hidden content, only the contents of the long line of about 100 hours, all about 200 hours of play time.
if every day 2 hours of game time, 200 hours of content enough for one hundred days on an ordinary game player. And those who get the game on a fever class players to play, I am afraid to have to use a full two days and one night to play 40 hours of the main plot.
the message said," Final Fantasy 15: Excalibur "story time and background with the same game, will be released in July 9th in japan.
in addition to games and movies, in an interview in the end Hata said, "Final Fantasy 15" VR version will be released in north wing, while the VR content will be released in the form of DLC.
if you really like Tabata end said, there are 200 hours of complete game time, plus the DLC VR free content. "Final Fantasy 15" is definitely worth the wait.

readers, what do you have in the game playable super recommend?

the most playable game isn't Steam?
in 6 Jun next plaything - 18 big promotion, want to cut the hand to press the < / section>

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