A member of the women's team to sleep 3 male fans was fired by the company

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3Gmenhuyule· 2016-06-21 15:13:17

, according to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese female idol Sasaki sound is 4 members of underground group PiGU, is sweet, comb pigtails, lively and lovely welcome. She has recently been blasting privately and 3 male fans have sexual relations, 20 were expelled from the league from the brokerage company, not only lost idol identity, and the 3 men she has sexual relations will therefore be the company to sue.

Sasaki sound by company found that the relationship between private and male fans, and a burst of 3 people, so the suspension performances, the company said on the 20, "the seriousness of the situation, decided to make the expulsion of the statement in June 20th. In addition, the company publicly named her the 3 male fans "cat eye", "AYU", "jade" no import group PiGU activity, the male fans close to their idol, let the image, the company will have discussed and lawyer told.

Sasaki apologized on twitter PO the voice, "I lost the other members of the fans return kindness with ingratitude evil for good, and the producer's trust, I really regret … …". Japan's largest forum 2CH users have launched discussions, it was curious how to broker to the fans to sue for compensation, some people questioned the company is notorious, some users believe that fans from Xian rentiao, fans lamented the young female idol serial broke expelled from the news, everyone shouted "scandal is too much! "

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