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Song Yun technology bed scene Li Dongjian

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" the best we next week end, presumably to preheat, today suddenly burst out a dedicated online and kissing Elmar, Yu Huai, the scene, feel for yourselves:

in the main men though a classmate, but in reality, Tan Songyun is 7 years older than Liu Haoran, since this is the debut of the screen brother Haoran first kiss, did not expect or passive....

please note here he from white to red ears, no ha ha ha ha we think the male is a pure boy...

You always think that orange, circle 95 after the artist can be called a child, but today a check and found that they have 21, even 97 years Liu Haoran has grown this year...

and now look at at the beginning of the conservative and can't keep kissing like nothing, indeed, the children are now growing too fast, the number of home grown up from the star also slowly began to contact with the kiss, sex, but is also 19 years old, Guan Xiaotong in this respect than Liu Haoran experienced more:

in the" good "now hit Mr. Li, she is busy and Zhang Yixing" love ", obviously Than the other, but her performance was terrible mature:

is a pity, because they are not the protagonist, plus the Guan Xiaotong age set, so intimate scenes only hand hug:

hold >[lived 6 years older than her little meat, but also to get under a much older than her uncle Guan Xiaotong and Li Dongjian in the pure, "teacher cooperation" good evening, obviously much larger scale:

jpg is not fun, on the map! Although a drowning breathing scenes, but also indirect kiss...

ah, the impression when she was a child....

" here is the same piece of snow meets the child turned, in recent years also often pick up some than their older roles, such as a period of time before the broadcast of the "fifteen years" and other migratory birds:

she plays is all bad female two, telling the truth, student uniforms she is very consistent with the character set:

, but once the transition to the adult stage, Zhang snow meets's appearance will give people a steal wore clothes feel adults:

for emotional drama, two women have been unrequited love men, nature also lacks the close interaction between

on the scale of the words, may not be the "beauty of her early No tears ", when she was just 14 years old, has been playing the role of bridal chamber scenes of

ha ha ha ha this is the year of the" sex ", your products: on behalf of

actress is above the two, boys, Wu Lei is definitely worth mentioning, on screen kiss, who can do better than this pair:

"The legend of Condor Hero in the small Yang Guo and little Guo Fu, although it is wrong to kiss, but this is also true to scale Ma dare shoot.........

-------- is my kiss will have to see the foreign line ---------

actually look down from the beginning, China these 95 after the new generation is conservative, with our friendly neighbors South Korea, their child is from "childhood sweetheart" began played:

Jin Hyun

13, "think of you", the screen first kiss to LV Jane nine

, but instead she grew up in the conservative a lot, this is " The school 2015 "and Lu Xingcai's" img_box id= "class= cheek kiss

13 Youzhen gold," Fox sister biography ", was still young, the actor screenwriter arranged in the active side of

Sae Ron Kim

of South Korea as a" gold "in the age of the youngest one, her kiss is also the largest scale:

14 years old classic bubblegum kiss

15, and the kiss

director is awesome, the same shot took different distances flight

orange Jun see this paragraph of time is simply all thought ah, 15 years old, people may even have not touched the boy's hand... I am....

------ early education should be divided up from South Korea line --------

no wonder now Wu Lei such as drama of bone, they played kissing can more than the average person played works And more, houshengkewei ah....

... The last sentence and you kiss... Actually...

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