Wang Xiaofei denies the nanny: she's very nice and beautiful.

Wang Xiaofei s

fenghuangyule· 2016-06-21 15:14:55

, Wang Xiaofei s

6 month 20 days, Wang Xiaofei micro-blog wrote: "on the plane and I think women reunion picture, with a gift to his daughter. The results of a door, her daughter ran over to hold me pushed to the side of the film, but also a little bit shy of their own feelings of depression, a woman, ah, come, my father to you. Because no mention of the maid, was granted a lot of the nanny when the nanny, Wang Xiaofei forwarded the comments and praise, she is very good, very beautiful, very loving children.

because Wang Xiaofei micro-blog did not mention his wife, was the number of friends to take the child's nanny, then said: she is very good, very beautiful, very love children, for the time being unable to leave them to do their own thing. This is my heart's wife, the mother of the real. "

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