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YouTube years ago the Internet video sites

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2006", the video site YouTube just rise. Professional video publishers appear to slow the collection of fans, and the mainstream media is also a disdain for this. A 16 year old girl named Bree has changed the situation. She quickly got a lot of fans, has become one of the most famous people on the YouTube. She has her own forum, there are hundreds of friends on MySpace, and the "New York Times" blog has repeatedly told her things.

the problem is that Bree is not a real person. Her account number Lonelygirl 15 is a team of writers and actors. They lied to YouTube users and the mainstream media. Lonelygirl 15 is the first online play on YouTube, the first to prove that the video on YouTube is profitable. Recently, the guardian website interviewed a number of parties, tells the story of the Lonelygirl 15. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" YouTube on the line less than a year, Beckett Miles is aware of its potential. He found that it was difficult to distinguish between true and false video content, therefore, to create a completely fictional video publisher is a very simple thing.

"I think if you can have a video blog, then you tell the story in the form of a TV show, it's a pretty cool thing to do. "He said.

one night, in the bar in Losangeles, he met Flinders Mesh, about his ideas. Two people hit it off. They started to write the script. Within two weeks, they had written a video of three months. In order to make Bree's story more realistic, Beckett and Flinders studied all the well-known video publishers.

business matters are in charge of their friend Goodfried Greg. Greg is a lawyer, and later served as a video producer. His wife is responsible for the maintenance of Myspace's Bree page. Everything is ready. Now, they just need to find a suitable girl.

eventually play Bree girl is Lee Rose Jessica. After graduating from the New York Film Academy, Jessica came to Losangeles, hoping to become a professional actor. She found from Craigslist, a name is "Children of Anchor Cove The" the film is recruiting actors, so they participated in the interview. From all aspects, she is very suitable for this role, so they were admitted. Bree's boyfriend Daniel played by Abu-Taleb Yousef.

however, two people do not know, this is a network drama. When the producer explained the situation to them, Yousef said it had no problem, and Jessica was very sad. "When you are 18 or 19 years old, you want to go to Losangeles and take part in a movie or TV show," she said. "Then, I find it's not a movie, and it's going to be released on the Internet. The first thing I thought of was that this was a scam. I think that's what people have warned me about. "Class=

" finally, two people still decide to try. They deleted their online information, officially started the work. Bree's video has attracted people's attention because she is charming, cute and interesting. In the background, Beckett research YouTube operation principle, through a variety of ways to enhance the visibility of the video.

Beckett and Flinders's initial plan is to record six months of video, hit the visibility, and then disappear from the line, making an independent film. However, by the summer of 2006, YouTube became the fastest growing web site. Two people's plans have to change. Flinders said that they soon realized that even if the director of an independent film, the number of people watching the movie is far less than the number of fans YouTube.

however, with the increasing popularity of Bree, all kinds of suspicion has increased. Fans, detectives, and journalists have joined the search for Bree. In the persistent tracking down, Bree identity finally exposed. At that time, Jessica felt very afraid.

"they found your name, they know who you are, and they found your picture on the Internet. I think, my days, people will hate me? What do they think about this? "She said.

results show that her fears are unfounded. After the truth is revealed, the popularity of the net play becomes higher. Just, Jessica is not ready to face such a concern. She felt she needed more acting experience. Since then, Lonelygirl 15 has been running for two years. A year after the Jessica Yousef left, then finished behind the series.

in Lonelygirl 10 was born 15 years later, more and more people made a successful network drama. Among them, Lonelygirl 15 fan Jenni Powell not only served as the producer, but he also made a popular The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (network drama based on Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"). Powell Jenni's play won an award in 2013. Class= img_box "

now, Jessica and fiance living together in australia. She knew that his works in network drama has been deeply influenced YouTube, and even the entire internet. "I love that character. That's one of my favorite characters. She was very much like I was when I was young, and it was a part of my personality. I miss Bree, miss the world. "

just, the world is not a reproduction of the. Beckett said, "after the Lonelygirl, the scam is too much. People will soon be able to find loopholes, because we all have the suspicion of the spirit of the. "Flinders also expressed the same idea.

"today's YouTube, our video boil but 30 seconds. People soon knew that she was pretending. People on YouTube don't trust others easily. "Flinders says.

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