Northeast central enterprises mix change: the Big Mac may grow to "move"

Central enterprises northeast Big Mac chairman of the board

diyicaijingribao· 2016-06-21 15:21:31

in the context of the economic downturn, the Northeast began to seek reform of the central enterprises. An informed source close to the development and Reform Commission on the first financial sources, the relevant departments to discuss a lot of issues related to the Northeast enterprise mixed.

days ago, there are media reports said the recent relevant departments will start the first batch of central enterprises mixed reform pilot demonstration, the northeast region is expected to become the focus of reform.

in this regard, the informed sources, the Northeast enterprise in many ways need to be improved. At present, including a heavy group, most of the Northeast central enterprises are seeking to reform.

after the new leadership took office, a large group of internal reform efforts. "An informed source close to a group of heavy on the first financial reporter said.

in recent years, the three northeastern provinces economic collective fall. GDP in 2015 the country's 31 provinces

growth rankings, there are 5 provinces economic growth rate of less than 6.9%, including Liaoning, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Hebei, Liaoning,, 3% of the growth rate ranked first. The first quarter of 2016, the province ranked 5 GDP growth again after 5, Liaoning negative growth, the growth rate ranked last in -1.3%.

electric power is known as the direction of the development of the economy, but the three northeastern provinces, especially Jilin Province, low utilization of power generation equipment, power generation enterprises in recent years. This year the national NPC and CPPCC period, a proposal submitted to the Jilin Delegation noted that Jilin province electric power surplus problem in the northeast area in Jilin province is the most serious, the surplus power more than 40 billion kwh of power generation enterprises in Jilin province mainly from 2011 to 2014 annual average annual losses of more than 1 billion yuan.

due to the overall economic slowdown, as the northeast heavy industry base is still in a difficult transition, the HEC Group, a group that the northeast heavy industry leading enterprises are positive changes in the winter.

official data show that the national development and Reform Commission, the Secretary for the revitalization of the morning of May 6th organized the northeast region of central enterprises mixed ownership reform pilot work forum. A group, a group, HEC Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, China Petroleum Group and Daqing petrochemical, Jilin petrochemical and Fushun Petrochemical Corporation is fully in place.

the meeting pointed out that the central enterprises should play a leading role in the new round of reform, through the reform of the enterprise and make the industry and enhance the influence at the same time, we should focus on the strengthening of local enterprises and the depth of integration.

introduced in April this year, "the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued a number of opinions on the overall revitalization of northeast old industrial base" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") is proposed to support the headquarters is located in the northeast region of the central enterprises to carry out the pilot reform. Accelerate the reform of local state-owned enterprises, to support the exploration and development of mixed ownership economy, the specific patterns and ways.

from the public information, at present, the most pressing of its own reform has a heavy group and Kazakhstan electric group, and so on.

5 month 9 days, emerging international chairman Liu Mingzhong served as chairman of a heavy group, Dongfang Electric's former general manager Szev also served as chairman of the board in May 25th was transferred to Harbin power group.

Liu Mingzhong is considered a master of the board management. Reporters noted that a heavy group is set up at the same time the board of directors in the arrival of Liu Mingzhong. Liu Mingzhong from 2005 began as the emerging international chairman, this year, the SASAC began to promote the construction of the board of directors, emerging as the first batch of enterprises in the first batch of enterprises reform.

emerging China most early by Chinese people's Liberation Army General Logistics Department Quartermaster enterprises restructuring and reorganization of decoupling 1/3 benefit, once faced with internal 1/3, 1/3 better, to maintain the basic situation of loss. But now, the emerging inter annual income of more than 200 billion yuan, among the world's top 500. A heavy group

took office a few days later, on May 12th, Liu Mingzhong met with then Harbin Electric Group Chairman Zou Lei in Harbin, the two sides expressed "working together to build the northeast heavy equipment manufacturing industry brand, developed jointly with the international competitiveness of products" perspective. This is for the first time after the arrival of Liu Mingzhong and other business leaders for talks.

in January this year, a number of insiders told reporters that a group and the group and Kazakhstan intends to merge reorganization. But after a lapse of six months, the matter in the two companies have rarely been talked about.

5 16, Liu Mingzhong, the company's Party committee to expand the meeting, said the survival and development of a heavy group is facing the development of the task is very difficult, is in the midst of a cyclical adjustment of the industry's cyclical downturn. He called on the staff to "emancipate the mind, change ideas, improve the style of work, determined to win a battle out".

has informed sources close to the HEC Group, told reporters analysis, stseve was appointed chairman of Harbin Electric Group's purpose is very obvious, because he is from Dongfang Electric, headquartered in the south relatively South enterprise management mode is more flexible. In May 25th

took office HPEGC stseve day, went to the enterprise group to carry on the investigation, and expressed the common view in the face of difficulties. He believes that the group in the face of the current problems and difficulties, the need to carry forward the older generation of entrepreneurship. He was first team enlarged meeting proposed to "develop good atmosphere and pledge".

in addition to one group and the group of companies, other companies have also sought to change. For example, at the beginning of the year, the iron and Steel Group issued the "iron and Steel Group to deepen the implementation of the reform program" put forward 11 aspects of the reform task, and developed a rolling schedule of the implementation of the 65 reform projects. Scheme, said the reform, the survival, promote transformation, development, improve market competitiveness has become an important strategic decision to deal with the new normal of the iron and steel group.

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