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police found Zhou (monitoring screenshot)

"children to play all night the kidnappers asked me to take hundreds of thousands of yuan of money substitution in the Internet cafe, and a river in Dragon Town trading. "My son wearing hoods, the kidnappers marched down the hill of … …" alarm people continue to the school, the police provided new situation: June 14th morning, Dazu District Water Dragon police received a man surnamed Zhou alarm: 13 year old son, he disappeared, then called home after being kidnapped son. So, the school closed, the town government stop, Dazu police is investing hundreds of police to the investigation in … …

1 to the police station said the missing son

6 the morning of 14 August, a week to live in Dazu dragon water dragon water, hurriedly ran to the police station, said the son of a small star disappeared.

Zhou told the police that her 13 day 4 pm after school has not come home. On the evening of 13 one family looking for her whereabouts, but no clue.

said police investigators, according to their physical characteristics and the characteristics of the clothing star, looking to the area and surrounding the games room, Internet cafes, stations, restaurants and other places; of Zhou blood collection, extraction of his DNA.

14 at around 10, the Ministry of public security police on missing children emergency release platform for the release of information, Zhou called the dragon water police station on duty phone, says it has found little son, I hope the police case.

2 to the teacher said his son was kidnapped

at 3:40 in the afternoon, Zhou to the son of teacher Tang teacher call. Miss Tang recalled, Zhou phone very anxious, low tone, voice, "he said, he was kidnapped in a cafe near the water dragon, and he will hang up the phone. "

Tang teacher immediately to the headmaster's office, then received Zhou call:" see through the Internet monitoring, I recognized the kidnapper is the local Luo Jia Xiang called a brother of drug addicts, brother asked me to take hundreds of thousands of Yuan substitutions, and in a long Lishui River trading. "

Tang teacher set the phone to hands-free, the headmaster's office could hear the rest of the school leadership. The headmaster immediately to the Dragon Water Department Zhen'an stability, education report, and cancel the school all day activities and teaching arrangements. The local government has ordered the staff after work overtime to stop and rest, with the police.

at this time, the school also received a telephone call from the week: "the location from the Yulong Mountain Trading for a glass factory. "Zhou said, he saw the kidnappers down from the mountain, he was wearing hoods and.

3 hundreds of police investigation and tracking the

Zhou school was the first time the contents of the report to the police. Police investigators said, Zhou referred to the location of the real existence, about the details of the kidnapping so that the police feel the situation is not good.

police immediately start the detection process. At this time Tang teacher and received a phone call: "you call the police? The kidnappers asked me not to report, report to hurt my son. I know to solve.

Dazu district police dispatched hundreds of police came to the Dragon Town on standby. The police of the Luo Jia Xiang addicts and nicknamed yong people large screening comparison, but has not found a suspicious person in line with the conditions of the.

subsequently, the police and the week to get in touch. Zhou said: "the morning is worried about the requirements withdrawn hurt my son. My wife and I are now in the vicinity of the town of ERON LAN Jia Wan, the other requirements meet here. I don't dare to report it. I don't know what they're going to do. "

hung up, dozens of plainclothes police in Lanjia Bay Mopai dispatched. At this time, Zhou also call the police: "the other requirements for a place to meet pan Dang Zhen ERON. "The phone, Zhou still on the phone crying:" you do not mind, I deal with. If my son is gone, what should I do? "

the police after receiving the call, and rushed to the bottom of Dang near mopai. The pan Dang is not open to traffic, a large number of police is very easy to be aware of the influx of. The police corps division, moving from different directions toward the bottom of the pan dang.

4 find the child father

is racing secret police alarm dispatched, they hope to provide further information at any time a week. But let the police worry is that they have been unable to get in touch with the week, the other side of the phone is not connected to hang up.

said his father ran home already. Tang teacher call the police said. In order to confirm the safety requirements and the police star, he refused to call, Zhou, "the baby was frightened, I don't want him to be frightened. "

" by Mopai, we found that he and grandma together watching TV, happy without any signs of kidnapping. Police handling the case said. He confessed himself not kidnapped.

9 points that night, the police took away the week is going out for a walk.

5 to the police tube child

"sorry for the teacher! The son has not been kidnapped. Zhou admitted false police report.

why are you making up a kidnapping? "Son is not obedient, want to let everyone come forward to help me scare him. Zhou said, the son of 13 years old is still on the primary school, the results in general, nearly two months fans online games. He wanted to stay away from the Internet star education again and again, but to no avail.

13 afternoon after school, he went to Internet cafes to play a whole night. The next day morning, he met on the way home by his father. Zhou said, to frighten small star, he said the police uncle and teacher education to star but she does not believe. For lying to the police and the teacher, he was told he was kidnapped in disorderly fashion. "In fact, I just want to let the school police come forward, help me to educate the children.

Zhou explained that the police intervened, Zhou knew lies exposed, he asked the police not to intervene. "The police have to find out which feed the kidnappers, save the child. Zhou said, he had to make up a lie.

due to malicious false alarm, Zhou was the police administrative detention for 10 days, is currently being executed. Zhou is the most worried about is the detention experience, the son did not listen to his education.

Chongqing evening news reporter was informed that the police have a small Internet in Internet cafes informed the Department of industry and commerce, law enforcement officers are under investigation.

Chongqing evening news chief correspondent Liu Yang Xia Xiangzhou photo coverage

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