8 billion 600 million dollars! Tencent to acquire tribal conflict production company

Tencent valuation acquisition US dollar

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tribal conflict figure: the barbarian, Archer, knight, wild boar brother Brin, giant, Superman, the magician

6 pickup 11 21 17:58 -

Tencent announced the acquisition of Supercell 84.3% shares at a price of $8 billion 600 million.

6 21 17:20

-- the "Wall Street journal" quoted informed sources, Tencent and Softbank has reached a deal to buy Supercell, the two sides will announce the agreement late on Tuesday. This transaction or to make the Tencent from a Chinese Internet giant enterprises turned into a global TV game giant.

, according to the report, the Tencent is still looking for a common investor. The information management company capital is to guide investors to participate in the consortium bid. The acquisition may require several stages. Tencent has enough money to pay for the initial acquisition (purchase initial). Tencent also plans to issue bonds to Supercell assets as a guarantee to help raise funds. Wall Street informative article: 14:00

June 9th

Bloomberg quoted informed sources said, the Tencent holdings are discussing a major stake in the acquisition of game companies from the hands of Softbank Supercell. The deal on the Supercell valuation of $9 billion, much higher than previously expected.

the source said that the negotiations are still in the initial stage, does not rule out the possibility of rupture. Softbank in 2013 to spend $1 billion 530 million to obtain a 51% stake in Supercell in June last year, additional investment, additional purchase 22% stake, which is Softbank's stake to 73%. Bloomberg reported last month, Softbank consider selling Supercell shares, valued at about $about 5000000000.

Supercell is a well-known Finland gaming company, developed the "tribal conflict" "Island Raiders" "cartoon farm" and other popular mobile phone game. Supercell recently launched a new game, "the Royal war".

Supercell 2015 earnings report, the company achieved a total operating income of $2 billion 330 million a year, net profit reached 964 million U.S. dollars, about 6 billion 280 million yuan.

Tencent has the largest social network in China and the largest mobile game distribution platform, is the world's largest game maker. Tencent's famous game has "through the line of fire", "the hero alliance" and so on.

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