Zhou Hongyi reflective intelligent hardware: add chips, networking, built in OS, with APP...... All wrong!

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laozhoukaijiang· 2016-06-21 17:36:50

360 chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi in the dark horse of the horse class entrepreneurs to share their recently on the Internet and some innovative thoughts and ideas.

the article for Zhou Hongyi on intelligent hardware entrepreneurship reflection part, points out some of the field of intelligent hardware mistake, and what are the real intelligent hardware.

I think intelligent hardware development is now in the intelligent mobile phone development time in 2008, 2009 the development stage, so to really need to usher in the peak of 35 years. />

some time ago there is an article on the intelligent hardware industry to do a summary, that the future direction of intelligent hardware is not. But I think, we can sum up in the end where the wrong, such as the user's demand is not sure, or that we put the key point in the end is in the hardware or in the cloud services? Even said that so far there is no special cow intelligent Hard Suits Inc out, there is no development of a very rapid intelligent Hard Suits Inc, we can not because this is to deny the development of the industry.

in the way of all things Internet development, for those companies fail, but did not get recognized by the market of the products from the company, I respect their strategy. The market is a lot of people have to explore, although the last possible because the skill is not to, the time is not, no heat poured in on the way, but their lessons of failure, is a very valuable wealth for an exploration of the people. The whole industry is to continue to have more failures, the failure of the birth of the success of the later, in order to move forward. />

first, any one thing is the idea of intelligent networking hardware, this idea is wrong

you always think of any one thing, the Internet is intelligent hardware is wrong this idea, this is also a lot of intelligent hardware to make consumers feel because there is no demand.

you may remember a time between the home appliance market, washing machine, microwave oven, refrigerator, fan and other night have been dubbed computer washing machine, microwave oven computer name, then these products sell more expensive. In fact, it is added a microprocessor, adding a number of simple program control function, so that some functions become a little more convenient, but did not bring about a change in nature.

so today we see a lot of intelligent hardware, just put an electric cooker, electric oven with a WiFi chip, with the Internet, so they are really intelligent? Really realize the interconnection of all things? Really is the consumer demand? For example, I bought a network of remote control of the Japanese rice cooker, I have what is the meaning of remote electric rice cooker? Who will wash rice? Who put the rice into the pot?

so do intelligent hardware team should carefully reflect on, when you put an object intelligent, users should think clearly have such demand in what situations, you give the user to solve the problem of what.

second, built-in chip, equipped with APP system, still can not be called

many times, we feel for a hardware inside a smart chip, a built-in it is possible that Android or other operating system, or with a blunt APP, think this product is called intelligent hardware, in fact, this idea is wrong. />

let a physical device built in Android's intelligent system, but it represents the ability to have it. But Android operating system under normal operation ability is relatively weak, the software is relatively simple. Well, in the real connection with the phone, you need to think about what the user will use it in the scene.

If a hardware product, in order to allow the user to open its APP, so the setting is not convenient, so it is contrary to the nature of the user and user knowledge.

real intelligent hardware must be closely integrated with artificial intelligence cloud

in fact, intelligent hardware is only between intelligent service and our users a window and a bridge, an interface.

now because of the conditions of science and technology is still limited, such as hardware itself CPU, storage capacity, so the hardware itself may not have the ability of the artificial intelligence is too strong. So real artificial intelligence should be put in the cloud, whether it is speech recognition, natural language understanding or image recognition, etc.. />

so, only with the close connection of the cloud, the hardware can have a real artificial intelligence, can really be called intelligent hardware. Only connected to the cloud, with the technical support of artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware products to produce revolutionary changes. Otherwise, it may seem like early microwave oven, washing machine with a chip, the real revolution cannot produce more in name than in reality. />

you think , welcomed the exchange in the following message.

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