Xishanju Netdragon issued a joint production of "IP" demon Mobile Games battle behind the billions of gold

Production joint Xishan Netdragon demon

youxun· 2016-06-21 20:16:34

June 21st game micro news news today, Xishanju jointly announced with Netdragon, will be issued a joint production of "demon Mobile Games", is expected in the third quarter of this year and the game player.

it is understood that the veteran manufacturers have two stable strategy for a long time, for the first time in the open attitude of cooperation, be regarded as to create a game industry" era of competition". since then, the game industry has opened a new chapter from the relatively closed competition, turned to seek cooperation and win-win.



game is no longer limited to a single IP value, but to the direction of the brand and reputation. Stable operation of "demon" ten years of the game player considerable basis, has the basic conditions for the formation of the brand, the end to Mobile Games is not a simple transplant, but before the dragon war will be "demon" brand.

from the entire industry, the Xishanju world tour and Netdragon cooperation, there is more far-reaching significance. The people in the

industry believes that in the current mobile gaming market pattern has become increasingly stable situation, Westhouse and Netdragon as two veteran games developer, put down the closed before conservative thought, sharing core resources and strength of the combination, not only to create enduring game brand solid foundation, also opened the game industry, from "close competition" to "a new chapter of cooperation and win-win", set the industry benchmark for the "era of competition" represent the general trend. Why Xishanju can move Netdragon is same as the end of the tour companies restructuring of mobile games in addition to the end of the tour IP the depth of understanding, its also has a "JX" Mobile Games successful product endorsement. IP is a gold mine, the end of the tour IP billion gold before the , Netdragon need to find an understanding of the end of the tour and willing to swim at the end of IP force on the old partner.

in addition, Internet observers believe that the cooperation between the two sides is not simply in order to successfully launch a game so simple, but from the game, the game culture inheritance Everbright brand perspective, in order to promote the whole game industry on contribution strength .

"demon" the end of the tour game screen

"demon" is a fantasy PK class MMO game development Netdragon, on-line since 2006, with a diversified gameplay and unique form PK experience has been in hot pursuit of the game player, has launched a 18 piece of information, the market has been recognized and game player, is the most popular domestic fantasy theme online games. As the domestic game market, earnings for the stable operation of the number of ten years, 1 billion years, the total revenue of billions of games, "demon" was also listed as a "billion Gaming Club members".

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