Did China win the war in Korea?

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to answer this question, to make clear two points:

1, a war or not, the main criterion is whether the purpose of war "reached at acceptable price".

, for example, the Sood war, Germany's strength loss is far less than the Soviet Union, but no one would say that Germany won, because Germany did not eat the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union was eaten by the Soviet Union.

100 personal attack a 10 man defense fortress, the offensive killed 30 people to take the fort, although the battle damage 3:1 but still win the offensive, although the defender wins; although the loss is less, but lost is lost. You hit LOL in the Highlands fight off the ten wave of attack to the other group off several times, but the last tree is destroyed is lost, the same reason.

2, the war and war are two different things. Some people say that North Korea is now in dire straits below so that the Korean War was lost, this is ridiculous logic. Win this war should only consider war itself, and should not relate to other factors like politics, it can not affect the estimation result after decades.

or up to now is Taiwan development better, not to say that the Kuomintang anti civil war win? And the answer said after a few years of economic difficulties so lost, according to this logic, the end of the Second World War British law in economic difficulties, but Britain and France is World War II defeated it? These logics are ridiculous.

began to answer.

Korean War is a very complex nature of the war, is the earliest mechanized troops in North Korea to South Korea and the United States unified active aggression, Inchon landing hit North Korea almost subjugation, and then to the United States Chinese back from the Yalu River, China also once occupied the South Korean capital Seoul, but found that keep. Don't fight Chinese formed the United States can't fight over the situation, the two sides signed a contract to form a balance.

the United States for China to lose the atomic bomb is certainly able to win, but the Soviet Union will be shot, there is the risk of the outbreak of the three war (this please refer to the back of the cold zhe answer). The United States would not have done so at the expense of a limited war in North Korea, which would have been impossible for them to do so. So, in the range of tolerance, the United States tried.

so, from the Korean War overall, both sides are even, but there is a difference, for individuals with North Korea are as follows:

1, had the strategic objective of unification, finally paid a great price (the loss of mechanized troops across the country) did not state, overall, they say they won quite. Thick.

2, South Korea: had to be destroyed in a comeback with the help of the United States, can be said to gain the victory of the war against aggression. But this victory is costly, and become a vassal of South korea.

3, US: a first step of War (South Korea, North Korea to keep the target to eliminate the main failure), the second step to attack North Korea, generally did not win because they did not lose, the main target is only half finished after decades they must be wary of the threat of North korea.

4, Chinese: China has never been to the North Korean troops to the interests of the people, but to themselves. When the industrial northeast China occupy half of the country, if North Korea is destroyed, if not from U.S. troops in the northeast side, Chinese can't take economic development.

Chinese to buffer the main purpose is to keep the northeast side, but we did not say that the textbook. Like the United States, the first step in the successful completion of the war Chinese target (North Korea, U.S., keep back) second step war failure (Unified North Korea), but need to pay attention to is the second step target is more war the Soviet Union required by the North Korean unification is not very consistent with the interests of Chinese (refer to Vietnam unified performance after).

Chinese successfully sent troops from the Yalu River back to the 38 line, also once hit Seoul, a buffer state is saved, the Chinese the main goal has been achieved, said no problem Chinese victory of the Korean war.

and the outcome of the war on the interests of China is huge: the United States and the Soviet Union has not underestimated Chinese during the Vietnam War, China warned the United States not to have the 17 degree line the United States really did not China; Southeast Asia increased sharply in Asia especially status; at home, a National enthusiasm was greatly excited, China finally take off hat war over one hundred years (or America), people feel out of his

; more importantly, the northeast industrial base no longer worry about others to sleep couch side, 15 plan to successfully complete the new industrial base China is established; for the army, by this war won the air force has gradually formed a huge evolutionary. In these sense, the Korean War China's income is far greater than the loss. What's more, Chinese to equipment level that hit the victories, how worthy of praise.

5, Japan: this did not fight the country is the biggest winner, through the Korean War, Japan was able to breathe ten years earlier, but also because of the war between China and the United States, the United States to support japan. Japan after the rapid economic recovery and development in the later economic world first. So

is my conclusion: the Korean War is even, but China in this war is victory.


1, Chinese during the Korean War and the battle damage ratio is about 3.2:1, North Korea and South Korea the United Nations Camp Camp battle damage ratio is about 8:7, which is acceptable. Chinese troops killed 170 thousand people in the Korean War, the U.S. military death toll is 54260. The data was released by the The Pentagon in 1953, when it was set on the North Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, d..

but a few decades later, the United States has changed the number of dead 36914 people, others are listed as missing, sick or unknown causes of death. According to me, this is because Americans have died in 17672 non combat soldiers removed from the dead list, such as dead in the U.S. wounded hospital in Japan he is not dead, it asked me what to say...

reference: https://link.zhihu.com/? Target= http%3A//club.kdnet.net/dispbbs.asp%3Fid%3D10469279%26boardid%3D1

downstairs one answer said voluntary in the government does not recognize the official Army, so not China military record, I was amused by the answer. The reason why I close the comment, is not to be this kind of intelligence quotient of pollution.

2, now the voice of the Korean War is now questioning the Korean War, mainly for other countries to think why so many people died, and now the king of the kingdom of darkness to make people angry. But China troops never is for oneself, not really for the so-called independent peace in North Korea, but the official never admit it. Said bluntly that the North Korean people alive, and not China really care about the things that we as long as the buffer, we got, that's enough.

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