After the college entrance examination play what? If they let you climax of the game

Check the college entrance examination after the climax.

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Zhuangao reproduced please specify the source of the college entrance examination once a year has ended, face up to 3 month long summer vacation, leisure variety. But rather than travel, meetings or frenzied classes, a variety of apparently missed the entrance exam because the game is the most suitable for the majority of otaku entertainment. Now is a good time to play fun, these numerous major businesses do their best during the holidays to attract game player release the big move after the test, let us look at what they are going to game player game. Let the author take you into the college entrance examination after the climax of the game world. (/TTK)

"Dungeon Fighter Online" - Arcade Games of choice for the crowd:


keywords pressure release fighting game control after the college entrance examination: a new occupation the gun scholar against a sense of refreshing day epic

new version of the on-line time: June 16th

"Dungeon Fighter Online" (abbreviation: DNF) today announced that its accounts online at the same time the highest number of more than 5 million. This figure shows the DNF as the first version of the horizontal version of fighting online games in this segment of the powerful charm and the status of non shake. As an arcade games, attract game player is nothing more than the refreshing sense of combat and gorgeous combo. The rhythm of the game and the arcade game in the smooth and almost no difference, but in the game against the flu from dazzling instant attack screen, real attack sound (the sound of different occupation attack, attack the enemy attack) or apparently hard all kinds of effects is very smooth, even the system of direct game to and with a sense of (e.g. the floating effect, PA body) etc, will give the game to bring other game player to bring abnormal shuangkuaigan.

and the official opening of the DNF eight anniversary celebration is open to the resolution of 16:9, more clear picture for this version of the horizontal version of fighting games will surely make the player feel more. In addition this update has introduced a new career: magic gun. This occupation from launched by the heat of the old game player the DNF holding, handsome face, valiant and heroic, a little cold long grass first, this occupation is obviously the ancient copy Zhao Zilong and Kuan comprehensive image, also hope that the game player in the game as Zi Long is in a place where there is no one in the import Changbanpo.

note: the picture, you can see a "

(the larger)

of course, each anniversary of DNF will send a wave of rewarding activities, it is reported that the 8 year anniversary of the award is also different from previous years, the eight anniversary activities to send epic!!! During the eight years of the event, as long as the online game, so every day can bring an epic jar, in addition you can choose a professional 70 epic weapon.

note: the picture, you can see a "

(the view)

note: the picture, you can see a "

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"OL" - the horizon moon knife 'arena for the crowd: the future will be from

picture party

key words: new occupation burden system

new appearance cool blade new version of the on-line time: July 1st

"Horizon moon knife OL" (hereinafter referred to as the day knife) after more than a year of development day, knife frames in the martial arts class MMORPG game, still appear to rise above the common herd. The knife has excellent lighting day weather, weather effects, the close range of vegetation in the sunshine of the background, from the angle of the sunlight is different, showing a change in brightness level. In all the minor details place, such as clothing and hair role, can move with the wind, and a not rigid mapping. Battle, the fight to determine (judgment frame rate) hit sound accurate, comprehensive, hit the enemy position smoothly, from the above aspects, day knife can bring movie level game player game experience.

and "OL" the horizon moon knife will be updated on July 1st "blade breaks", as a new version, the official added blade door this new occupation, "the flaw set value 'occupation characteristics, block counter moves the knife gate bias in the pursuit of occupation play press, wait. When enough value, and nrk.

in this piece of information, will open the three day of the summit, eight million copies: snow cave and twelve floor five, in the day of the summit eight copies, game player can see the future of martial martial arts after long casting system effects. 000 snow cave, game player can experience the music play and play the game. But the most distinctive is the twelve floor five copy, this copy can accommodate about 120~150, support multiple teams against competition.

note: the picture, you can see a "

(the larger)

of course, the old game player might have more concerned about the daily burden of adjustment. In contrast to the previous version, the daily number of days knife identity and casual gameplay will reduce, and the corresponding reward will increase, then part of everyday to often spend weeks, dart game player play on time will be significantly reduced from the original 15 times reduced to 10 times, in particular. The day after knife in the mobile phone APP click, can easily complete some daily tasks.

Adventure Island 2 - childhood casual game continues

for the crowd: want to make my boyfriend's adorable girl

in China two time after the examination: July (suspected)

Keywords: massive external DIY game system

game continues the "Adventure Island 1" version of the Q style, cute game doll figures very touching, but a lot of the appearance of consumer goods also gave the game more fun. In addition in order to avoid as the 1 generation of the external invasion of the tragedy, this is a very weak brush map upgrade, added above the other system also added to the game to add more fun.

in addition to the continuation of the classic IP game, the developer gives a lot of creative ideas to guide the trend of the game. For example, the housing system is looking forward to. Game players can buy land, the construction of a variety of styles of housing. To create a player's own style villa, but very attractive! At the same time the game in the DIY pinch face system, players can upload a personal map into the game, pinch out of your own want beauty handsome guy. More guards is DIY small game system. Now there are very many games in the game, and after the game is open to allow players to design a small game of the system.

game screen more inclined to 3D style, and the Q version of the game has not changed. Select and type building blocks in many scenes that can be substituted into the occupation game player which.

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(the view) - different MOBA

full-time Master of entertainment for the crowd: love MOBA game player

open test time: about July

Keywords: dual role switching individuality hero

in the game you can experience a variety of well-known characters in the game, but the game characters are basically NCsoft's character in the game, on the degree of reduction or skills in the role of interpretation is relatively deep, and the role is also very can reflect the character's personality. As a reporter hero, with weapons that turned out to be the camera is not very fan!

in addition, the game has many MOBA games are not a small game, the game in "Masters Games", including the "fun skipping" and "crazy steps", "magic paradise" eight small game, small game have different emphases, some test response capabilities you, some to test your judgment. While the game is also an increase in the PVE copy of the game model is also different from the general MOBA game, so in this mode of the existence of a large number of games, the player will find a favorite model.

note: the picture, you can see a "

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the main MOBA+ of the game as a major feature of the game, with the same type of MOBA class difference is that most of the MOBA game by control the direction of the mouse, keyboard and release skills, master the full-time at the keyboard to control the direction, use the mouse to attack Dodge, so in this game with some action, shooting elements, through stronger operation sense and sense of combat experience with the previous MOBA Games bring different fighting for users. In the game, players can use the TAB key to switch roles to play a key role in order to control the role of two games. And enter the "standby" status of the role of the game can be slow to restore the HP, and does not affect the ability to cool the recovery time. Therefore the combination of the two masters in the full-time Master will produce a variety of game play. Cold weapon battlefield


game for the crowd: the man


note: the picture of various arms of realistic picture, you can see a "

(the view) killing ruthless cold weapons to the battlefield

experience the real China during the Ming Dynasty? This "war" definitely meet your appetite. This is made by the NetEase independent research and development of engine production, the picture in the domestic first-class. Game game player play guard generals, the commander of the army together with the other game player rattling, game role in immediately with a horse under the skill is very different. It is true of thousands of people on the same screen, very readily. While the game is not as unique games that mowing, if you are a person accidentally by an enemy soldier surrounded by several, you might have been slaughtered, the game adds AI but surprisingly high. The game's arms is a superb collection of beautiful things, knife shield soldier, Tower Shield soldiers, Guan Ning cavalry Archer, etc., is not listed here. In addition, the mutual restraint between arms is in place, more adept at dealing with light armor than fire gun soldier, pikeman is more suitable for heavy cavalry against various kinds of arms; species is also very close to the facts. At the same time the siege battle is in place, the battlefield siege party ladder, Cannon Control and other types of siege weapons, and a defender on the wall will be available for use in artillery defense.

in addition, the game in the battlefield fighting cold also do very place, such as the enemy gushing out of the skies, the battlefield everywhere on the ground. Hope that in the subsequent meeting with many players will still appear in the game such as the official propaganda of the real picture.

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Holmes: female demon - the ultimate static details reasoning < / strong>

for the crowd: Holmes's idiotic powder

. Key words: Classic reasoning many diverse IP play this classic reasoning

Holmes IP, is known to every family, as an adventure game RPG and named after Holmes, is a natural investigation of cases. "Holmes demon girl" is the biggest highlight of the details of the reasoning part, basically faithful to the original adaptation, and increased the survey part of the set, for example: the characters of sudden stinkeye, stains, game player plays the role of Holmes, from the process of case reasoning out these details.

"devil's daughter" there is a wealth of dialogue and conversation, an important clue is often hidden in the character of a dialogue. In addition, the gameplay, as well as face makeup, hacking investigation, clue links QTE richer gameplay.

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the original party might look forward to Holmes and Wahson in the classic CP, or sell a child not to say, for reasoning fans looking for something real (Ji) (Qing) the truth, often the process is the most interesting, isn't it?

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wizard 3DLC: blood and wine - the most DLC

of conscience for the crowd: love to challenge +

BOSS keyword strategy game player: unique strategy BOSS battle armor staining plot

compared to the "reversal Witcher 3: the wild hunt", this piece of information can be said to be a new game, and the game itself almost drew the line. Game player given the highest evaluation is the background and the plot of the game the reversal of this piece of information is the theme of the vampire, but when the story seems to be about to usher in the end, the plot will be reversed, let the game player hooked. The

wizard 3 always with a sense of the BOSS war in this generation of DLC has also been renewed, the boss war is more emphasized, quick reaction and careful strategies such as: in the athletic championships with the stone giant battle, almost no can escape the bunker, game player need to be very careful with BOSS moves the flaw, in order to win.

note: the picture, you can see a "

(the view)

in addition, one of the highlights of this piece of information is armor staining, perhaps many foreign game player installed is not cold, practical care equipment the attribute, but the author for virgo! And all the same appearance is just a person can not endure!

note: the picture, you can see a "

(the larger)

"INKS." - the 3D pinball

thick and heavy in colours for the crowd: the small fresh

Keywords: Marble Art

in the mobile terminal, the leisure class the game has been a major branch of Mobile Games inside, many game player favorite, and "INKS." is one of the products in this area. "INKS." is played a bit similar to the three-dimensional billiard system before the PC end game in XP era, but it is simple and fun pinball, unique "pinball game elements by hitting the painting" also makes it more artistic color than their predecessors.

in "INKS.", by manipulating the baffle to control the color of the marble ejection, when marbles hit the color slot, sounded a string of strange sound, color in the color storage slot will be gushing out, and Pinball route, will leave a color line, it can be said that when you complete the level, this is the one and only your paintings! In addition, the game has 120 levels, there is no set of scores so that players can not care about the scores and wanton play.

note: the picture, you can see a "

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endless sword: Fate - Mobile Games innovative as

for the crowd:

keywords love action Mobile Games game player: QTE

download operation speaking of the address of the >>

mobile phone game action, "endless sword" series, we will not be unfamiliar. The biggest difference with other action games is the way to fight. Every battle is in the form of the game to start, "cut fruit" type of free screen with a small number of clicks and QTE operation. This requires the game player to enemy action to dodge, parry and a series of timely and appropriate response, in order to find the opportunity to counter attack.

the tour Tencent released the sequel "endless sword of destiny": keep the core of the game series battle gameplay, in addition to the continuation of the story and a good picture of the comb, the game in the original single brush strange play on increase in the number of trials, such as the dragon, endless, reincarnation, and other classic expedition network play, and ladder match PVP (basic gameplay, arena, although these games see numerical) are based on the original cut fruit battle mode, but there is no denying that it enriches the whole game playability.

no obligation to guess: from single into online games, the first punch, attendance, combat, VIP 'to the "endless sword of destiny": put on a threadbare coat, more spell numerical PVP gameplay, presumably of open in the game, there will be a large arena, killing V.

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