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Furnace stone ancient god effect story

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IGN and an interview with the developer of the furnace, let us see what the developers say. Strange, why do you say so many "and"?

IGN and an interview with the developer of the furnace, let us see what the developers say. (strange, why want to say so much "and"?)

4 is a very good number from the association to the old gods, as the theme of a piece of information, adequate space design.

last year, has been set the theme of the ancient god of information, there are many themes, but the theme of the ancient god most people can be interested in. Originally designed in August last year.

card design, there is relationship between the original and those old God card design earlier, such as free surface is the manipulator itself; the tentacled monster is the first to join the design, and corrosion of the role is to come back.

development group began to be good in general. Aksun, like Aksun this kind of servant card. Many ideas, the specific effect of the card after a lot of adjustments. The results were very different from the original design.

west of Kharak and Aksun have been woven Perot output, later changed to the effect of +5 value of life.

originally, C'Thun minions have such a special ceremony keyword. So some of the cards are "war roar: the ceremony to get +2/+2" and "war roar: evolution of your ritual" of the shaman card effect. However, the developer does not want to take the mechanical licensing of the old design, so the abolition of the. Too many Aksun effects will make this version of Aksun's whisper.

#p#: #e#

developer of various Aksun card groups have carried out a large number of tests, and finally let Aksun's strength to a proper extent. And then according to the design of Aksun Aksun's followers, such as Vic Carol the great.

was originally a cult pharmacist Aksun followers, according to the number of Aksun followers to treat, but Aksun brand too much, so changed.

had a similar Mini Aksun's entourage, will launch Arcane Missiles like Aksun; there is a card on the field for every Aksun entourage, call 1 tentacles. The followers of the original unity became believers. But then I thought it was too complicated. The

card is to assign C'Thun occupation based on two criteria: 1, the best card on a certain occupation effect; 2, this card in this occupation in the right. For example, the hunter had a card can reduce 2 Aksun cost, then canceled;

Aksun as a post card, obviously, this warrior priest, later strong occupation is more suitable for Aksun, then the Druid, warlock. Developers according to this idea, for the professional to join the Aksun brand. The hunter actually does not need so much C'Thun card, so I didn't join the above said.

Aksun's blade has also experienced a lot of adjustments to ensure that this brand of moderate intensity, and finally became a good thief Aksun brand. By the way this card is the beginning of the 9 fee class= img_box "4/4

Vic Carol the great changes are also many. Starting with Renault, because we think Renault is not strong. Then the association line, explore the usage of game player Reynolds, so again a Reynolds a bit too.

Vic Carol the great had the effect is, and the same as the trigger conditions, the call of the two great. The purpose is to make more of the late class card group. Later, the developer found that this is similar to the conditions of Aksun, so it made Aksun card. Class= img_box "

basically have a lot of different versions of the ancient god. Developers will write the most incredible design, some design can not even test. For example, Yogg Saron one version is re used before, all the spells you play the game. But developers found that Heroic Strike + charge, can let Yogg Saron get charged and the damage is too high. In addition to disappear and hit film, if you use these two cards, then each Yogg Saron will disappear, + hit film. There is a similar combination of claw and bite. After the discovery of this fixed magic mechanism does not work, it simply changed into a pure random.

random effect also tried occupation spells, but feel that not enough mourning disease! This card is either win or lose!

Yogg Saron first version, does not display use spell cards, but that their the 5/8 will face a taunt by a sheep, forced meng.

Nzos is a very interesting, at the same time can appear in the competitive arena of the brand. The original intention of the designers to make it into the control class card group. A new card that allows the player to use the new data sheet. And then with the new piece of information on the line, in about 2 years after being restricted, go down the stage.

in Nzos and deathwhisper interactive effect, it is almost at the beginning of the game will replace your card 30 tentacles "brand, let you have a strong hero, but this volume is reduced to 10.

this powerful hero has several abilities, the effect is not very good, one of which is "draw 1 cards, if it is followed by the 1/1, then make it into the battlefield, and join the battlefield. "

Nzos prior to the game situation is very controllable version of the game. Class= img_box "

Nzos this card may limit the next 2 years the intensity and design space of the dead language followers. It's hard to say, but developers think about Nzos when they design dead language.

sub very different types of players are not the same. Strange love card group will use y'shaarj, such as Druid astral communication card.

y'shaarj and its background story combine very well. It is the largest ancient god, so it is 10/10, but also with a large entourage appearances. And then one turn and pull out a monster.

sub very much dream combination, although now very few people use, but in the future people should be more and more.

each ancient god is suitable for different types of players. The construction of Aksun card group is very clear, Yogg Saron is crazy. Developers love the idea of a comprehensive design of the ancient god.

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