"Angry birds," the father of Resignation: I have a greater ambition


youxiputao· 2016-06-22 10:58:13

angry birds of the father, the game developer Rovio brand ambassador Peter Vesterbacka (Vesterbacka Peter) has left him for the effectiveness of the company for 6 years.

Vesterbacka on the Finland media, "Helsinki daily" (Sanomat Helsingin) said: "now is the time to leave, I want to do something bigger. Rovio has established a good mental outlook, the game business is still growing, the film is also selling well. The company has no problems at all. "

Rovio is a famous hand travel" angry birds "behind the developers, the game began in 2010 became popular, Vesterbacka is also at that time to join Rovio, began to promote the company brand. But

Rovio was forced to cut good times don't last long, last year, 213 employees, and annual loss of $14 million 750 thousand. Now the company will be in the "angry birds" big movie above, the film for the company to create more than $150 million in the box office revenue, Rovio won the breath of the machine.

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