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in addition to understanding the nature of the growth of biological laws, as the city's fashion people will have questions: what can I do in this solar terms? Should eat what food? Health care should pay attention to what matters? What are the customs of every place?

since the circle of friends this stuff, you must tell me every day full of chicken soup to drink, which tells me there is no shortage of Chinese traditional culture related to Chinese cooking chicken soup.

every different will also have the corresponding solar term, solar term knowledge, customs and other solar term marketing delicacy occupy the circle of friends.

a solar term most of the brands have chicken soup marketing, or a poster for carrying the early Durex 24 solar term after erotic posters, Jingdong small fresh style solar term theme poster. Although the poster marketing is simple, but it does affect the length is relatively short. Look, it's over. />

want to know what is the marketing of solar term marketing? Of course, to the number of new solar term Hideo H5! In addition to users by the high-frequency forwarded circle of friends, still more than content browsing stimulate the user's buying behavior, and cross-border cooperation to provide direct solar term gift box. If the plane is the 1 solar term marketing poster realm, O2O marketing value chain has entered the solar term Hideo solar term marketing 2 era.

let's see Hideo solar term marketing is playing what tricks!

on your mind all hidden in the 24 solar term in

why now do marketing should pay much attention to capture the user's mental demands? Because this is a time to share the economy! />

good marketing, is to share the aspirations of consumers every day to provide materials". />

good marketing, not only to understand the user, but also to understand the user's circle of friends.

society increasingly reaching small groups of society, because of the information developed enough, people no longer keep in front of the TV all the time, everything in the circle of friends tell us: what, what to eat, what to play.

Chinese has always been the rest of life, daily life on solar term changes. Once upon a time, you need to read the calendar for the legend of solar term and attention, and now you're in the mobile phone you can see from the 24 solar term knowledge and Hideo fun to play. With these little Raiders, you are a friend of the circle of the topic leader!

yinglang jointly Phoenix media to create a dedicated "twenty-four solar term - small Y Hideo know" H5, Qingming tea tea, Guyu supply energy, summer bucket eggs, Xiaoman irrigation, while the popularity of folk people's livelihood knowledge while, remind people of all solar term use the game as a way of life.

this one full of artistic culture science H5, a record of our generations of life and growth in nature. A record of the most wonderful reproduction of nature. The spread of knowledge to be funny, easy to share, a sense of participation, this is the legendary "edutainment" model!

read the solar term, can understand the nature of live training rules, read how to enjoy this beautiful world. Understand, let each other closer.

binding O2O

when the user read the solar term push content, found that solar term health is so important! The traditional Chinese culture is broad and profound! Oh, that where I can buy some delicacy to solar term should be the king of children? In this session, Hideo combined hungry, orchard every day these fresh delicacy mobile giant electricity supplier to provide the corresponding solar term for users to buy food. Depth with the solar term feature H5, the user is playing a game of small games, naturally entered the purchase of electricity suppliers.

Qingming catch Youth League, Guyu added strength to eat bananas, Xia Zhijin Hideo noodle eat noodles, these H5 game play to finally will provide the electricity supplier to buy the corresponding solar term delicacy exclusive gift box, fully meet the needs of users in season, the form of the novel, and with O2O marketing mode, to achieve zero switching between entertainment and marketing, perfect marketing ecology.

users no longer need to jump to the electricity supplier website for sight again I want seasonal merchandise, such as marketing, marketing really understand the user, also can bring users closer.

this marketing comparable to those of the hard business website full promotion, more cultural connotation of the realm!

at the same time, these a cross-border cooperation, but also provide the user behavior data in the real Everfount exchange CRM to other guests, let Hideo users know better, more fit the user's marketing plan. Understand, let each other closer.


circle of friends is an extremely old place, every day, very new topics emerge in an endless stream, to praise, praise countless, not to be submerged in billowing in the torrent of information. Highbrow, reason.

New Hideo listing of the shielding parents circle of friends "creative marketing H5, is a typical case of digging and user behavior. />

this year Children's Day, launched Hideo cinema booking H5, warm and touching the screen so that we began to reflect on the parents place in her heart. This children's day, not only the children's holiday, but also a nostalgic day. Still remember when parents holding your hand for the first time into the movie theater scene? A H5 that affects countless childhood pictures, on children's day with parents watching a movie together, recall the memories of family!


read the children's heart, can become a good example; read the hearts of their parents, to give them a true love. Understand, let us closer to each other.

whether shielding circle of friends H5, or the 61 seat selection H5, with these moving creative Hideo, revealed the great affection, narrowing the distance between owners and parents.

so the solar term, delicacy, fun circle of friends, Hideo is committed to constantly try to eat and play fun, knowledge and feelings of marketing, and this is the connotation of marketing yinglang tailored for the user. All this planning is a new insight into the life of the user, Hideo based, once again shows the Hideo brand appeal -- because of insight, so that.

because to understand, so marketing can bullseyes, closer to the user. This understanding, is full of perceptual insight, more than you know yourself. Style= text-align:center "

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