Kun Ling gave little Zhou Zhou to make a skirt, this new skills get

Kun Ling heavenly king skirt skill

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with the number of female man increases, feeling to praise the word Jun orange girl "ingenuity" more and more far away from us.

Mrs. king Kunling in micro-blog even drying out making small gauze for the small treasure Hathaway tutorial, see orange Jun called a heart itch, want to practice!

puffy Tulle special Princess heart, Kunling also made a small matching hair band. According to this down, the big Princess Jay Chou is also have to a set?! Class= img_box "

" do not addictive to stop, Queensland Ling also made a set of white. But Zhou Xiao Zhou Jun orange envy such ingenuity Ma Ma "img_box" id= "~

to see Kunling materials. There are different colors of the yarn, woven jacket (hole King took her own interpretation of this), and roses decorated with scissors and tape, so

Kunling advice is more soft yarn better, children delicate skin, hard yarn will let him feel uncomfortable. But soft and fluffy yarn skirt, so she used the soft gauze on the inside, the outside hard yarn. She also suggests that different colors together will be more layered yo ~

in Kunling do skirt method is very simple to do 45cm ~ her dress, in order to facilitate the cut yarn she cut a piece of the same length of the cardboard. After 20 laps around the cut side, this will be 90 cm long yarn 20 ~

orange King sincerely admire Kunling

ability and cleverness!

blue to cut a good yarn in knitting tie coat, coat is folded through the hole, and out of a trap, then put the yarn out of the trap.

Elmar looked at carefully, for self understanding, super simple!

is not wrong, I looked under the orange king like a doll... Elmar is not

, Paul! Watch TV in the week in the orange Zhou Jun found it.

can not dazuikou status, now Kunling PDA, also do the manual tool!

to prevent small Zhou Zhou exposed, Kunling gave her sewing two straps, the child is too small, can not wear large scale bra is not?!

dress upper body effect, really good-looking ~

>[recently Kunling really is on hand with the fans, some time ago also drying out to small Zhou Zhou garland photos you

earnest effort is really fascinating! Class= img_box "

finished product or beautiful! Class= img_box "

last sentence:

Jielun: my little yarn skirt it?!

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