Bank employees were hit is the bottom of the face or face?

Banks buttocks employees or

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text / Sina Financial opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Dong Ximiao

why these wonderful training companies and lecturers, poor quality can still exist as God? The fundamental reason lies in that some commercial banks eager in employee training, apart from the brainwashing of the training, to the so-called unified thought, improve morale, and stimulate the potential to enhance performance. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" bank employees were hit the bottom or face?

6 20, a section of the Shanxi Changzhi rural commercial bank staff Zhangze spanking video spread throughout the network. A commercial bank, with the clumsy vulgar openly means to punish employees? The baby was scared to death!

however, this thing is not a rumor, but as sure as a gun. It turned out that in June 18th, the behavior to enhance the quality of staff, heavily introduced the Shanghai Hong Feng Leadership Institute, the whole line of staff to carry out a performance breakthrough as the theme of staff skills training. The training company employees participating in the training is divided into 8 groups of group business skills training for the 27 groups of a total of 216 people. At 11 in the evening, the training side instructor Jiang Yang announced the day of skills training scoring, and the ranking of a group of 8 people to "hit the bottom", "cut hair" and other means of punishment.

there is a picture of the truth, there is a video is not lost. We can see that in the widely circulated on the web this period of time is 1 minutes and 15 seconds in the video, a middle-aged man holding the microphone, let Taiwan 8 employees tell the reason at the bottom of the rankings, employees have answered "no", there is no breakthrough beyond their own "self", "team cohesion is not enough". Subsequently, the man shouted ready ass, they began to use a stick to the staff in turn to fight the ass. Among them, we can obviously find, a female employee to, in third after being hit, could not help but stopped the ass, was the man shouted "hands off".

universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, Nothing is too strange.! "Butt" this wonderful way, appeared in a commercial bank staff training classes, it is amazing. So why is this so? Is someone mad? In the discussion on this matter, many people blame the bank performance pressure, management and anxious Hunzhao chaos. In my opinion, this attribution is not accurate. Now commercial banks operating pressure is not small, it is necessary for the staff to "hit the bottom" "hair cut"? A more important question is, to hit the bottom, cut the hair, the staff of the business skills and marketing performance will be able to quickly upgrade?

as a matter of fact, the real reason why this wonderful event, but also in commercial banks especially small and medium-sized banks on the understanding deviation of staff education and training, as well as the choice of the social training company and training teachers mistake. This appears to be a small problem, in fact, is reflected in the back of the problem is very serious.

on the current training situation of the banking industry slightly understanding is not difficult to find, now at the Bank of the training market and many lecturers, uneven in quality. Many of them and lecturers do not have a banking experience, do not know the bank; some people with low education, poor ability, the lack of basic literacy. It is often these companies and lecturers, in order to pursuit eye effect, achieve the effect, willing to take some unconventional new in order to be different, and even use unscrupulous divisive tactics. For example, this training company at 11 in the evening, the training of students to "fight ass" "hair cut".

under the pressure of public opinion, Shanxi Province Rural Credit Union of this farce was treated as training instructor Jiang Yang also apologized. But just from his letter of apology, we found that the problem is more serious than imagined. In the letter he said, "it is not spread on the network company leaders in punishment, this is all caused by" training mode I persist for many years; then he said, "" conscience "board is one of the effective ways". God, the staff of the board can also play the board "to the conscience", and he also insisted for many years"! It seems that this kind of ass in the "effective way" is not the first time, it will not be the last time. So, who is the next one to be beaten by the bank?

in fact, light from the name of this training company, we can smell the flavor of the cottage. "Shanghai hung wind Leadership Academy", this on its website that "is growing as the greatest college leadership China, is actually a little-known social training agency, possibly even the basic educational qualifications are not, actually there are face with" school "signs, also drunk … excuse me, … Ministry of Education approved?

is said to be the company's "performance breakthrough" training, offer Monday to Friday 100 thousand / day, Saturday, Sunday 120 thousand / day, and the training period is generally three days, that is, about 300 thousand yuan. Have contact with the training of people said, there are 3 days 380 thousand". The company's Web site promotion, this course is an investment rate of return can reach 500% or even 10000% of the training course". The effect is so magical, people may engage in MLM zitanfuru!

why are these wonderful training companies and lecturers, poor quality can also be God like the existence of God? The fundamental reason lies in that some commercial banks eager in employee training, apart from the brainwashing of the training, to the so-called unified thought, improve morale, and stimulate the potential to enhance performance.

from the author's more than and 10 years of banking experience, this phenomenon is not uncommon. Part of the bank management personnel, all people say it, but they did not really respect for employees, but also did not take appropriate means to motivate employees. They do not usually pay attention to the quality of staff training and the ability to ascend, often hope that through a simple training, in very short time to the staff extremely excited, let employees motivated to expand their business, and then improve the whole line of business performance.

they do not pay attention to the investment of human capital, but the return to human capital is very high. I say that this is a short-term behavior of staff education and training, is an unearned luxury; more importantly, they are not the staff as adults, but as a machine, as a tool. The beginning of the

20 century, the father of scientific management of Taylor based on the "economic man" hypothesis, that people are most concerned about their own economic interests, as long as to obtain economic benefits, he is willing to work with the managers to dig out his own greatest potential. But even so, Taylor is not only scientific, standardized management, but also put forward the implementation of scientific management of the core issue - the spirit of revolution.

in the face of changes in recent years, Hu Jie in the "financial" published "Chinese face banking mobility" pointed out that in recent years the bank staff mobility is the emergence of new trends, from the branch to the head office, from the general staff to the bank level, but with the increasing outflow of Internet Finance and traditional finance integration next, the flow of talent will be more frequent. In this trend, if banks can not adhere to the people-oriented, respect for employees and can not really treat employees, they will lose staff, defeat in the competition. This is not alarmist.

"they are not employees, they are people", this is the management guru Drucker at the age of 92 in an article in the "Harvard Business Review" published, expression is the key point that he One principle runs through it all. respect for people.

Bank of the BOSS, you have to hear it?

(the author: Hengfeng Bank Institute executive dean, Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance, visiting fellow, "interesting new finance" will be published.

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