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Internet car crazy "charge back", let the software account become a time bomb. Uber Chinese users Ms. Zhu said that her Uber account before the date of the stolen, in the case did not call the car to deduct 100 yuan fare. It is understood that at present, such as Uber, drops travel, easy to vehicles and other related software by WeChat, Alipay to pay the fare. The case of the stolen brush according to the Beijing Business Daily reporter survey, is not the case.


account stolen last week, Ms. Zhu's mobile phone payment bank received information, information content display, she used Uber in the Zhejiang area, and pay 100 yuan fare. "His day did not call a taxi, I have been in Beijing, is likely to be Uber account stolen," Ms. Zhu said, after receiving the information she tried to use the Uber account, but can not log in, the system prompts the account or password is wrong. In this regard, Uber China through the mail reply, will further check the information, and solve the problem as soon as possible.

similar scene also appeared in the consumer Ms. zhang. Yesterday, Ms. Zhang told Beijing Daily reporters reflect June 19th afternoon suddenly received my credit card a consumption of 137.33 yuan bank debit notification, information display, consumption from Uber in Shanghai the cost of Ms. Zhang in Beijing. Then, Ms. Zhang received a 10 yuan consumer notification, the message also comes from the consumer in Shanghai Uber. Ms. Zhang suspected Uber account stolen immediately by telephone credit card will be frozen. Just after the freeze, the Uber account is still under orders, but has been unable to pay.

Ms. Zhang received information from the Chinese side of Uber, the above Uber Chinese account has been modified, and in addition to the device on the log. After freezing the credit card, Ms. Zhang found that the account has been bound to another credit card, the credit card is not owned by Ms. Zhang, followed by Shenzhen and other underground.

Zhang suspected of hacking, using the name of her fraudulent credit card of others, "until 21, can still see the account does not stop orders, orders". Later, Ms. Zhang has been unable to log on to the account.

gray industrial chain

Beijing Daily reporter found that experience Uber application, user registration, usually need to bind Alipay account. The Uber car, the driver will be in the user to the destination, the Uber system will directly through Alipay account fee. Because the payment process does not require the user to enter the payment password, which allows some criminals taking advantage.

according to a person familiar with the matter, Ms. Zhu encountered the situation, it is likely that her Uber account was stolen, but also by criminals through the "generation" means to be realized. Beijing Business Daily reporter survey found that, in the QQ, WeChat and other social applications, there are many to travel on behalf of the name of the composition of the exchange group. QQ in a named "national excellent service" of the

exchange group, group information display, "the city is not limited to the distance, about 20 yuan a single, real-time online, at any time service". The insider said, by some means of science and technology, the criminals won the Uber user account information, through the sale of "call" service remuneration from the buyers, and the driver is booked to collect fares from the original Uber account bound in alipay.

insiders said, by the mobile travel derived from the "call" service, similar to "brush" gray industrial chain situation had once called car platform to crack down on the one hand, the need to strengthen the security of user's account of the attention, also need to gradually improve the service platform of monitoring technology, bug fixes.

car safety worrying

when mobile payment is accepted by more and more people, in order to not only the usual shopping convenience, bank cards and more mobile applications become bound, bank card deposit amount is growing. According to data from the car to the car show that in the past two months, the platform of high recharge activities, has been to get a total value of 1 billion 700 million yuan recharge. In this context, the security issues behind mobile payments need to attract people's attention. Because

is related to the bank card, to prevent fraudulent and other issues continue to emerge, Ms. Zhu canceled all previous bank card binding on alipay. If it is not found early, it is likely to be stolen brush more money, Ms. Chu said. Ms. Zhang suspected hacking through email and altered her Uber account and personal information, "but only Uber account appeared in case of theft".

Uber Chinese relevant responsible person said, in a number of Internet platforms using the same account name and password, and the password is simple, is easy to appear the phenomenon of hacking by others. Uber Chinese network security team attaches great importance to protecting the security of user account, has been through a variety of ways to remind the user to select complex and unique password in the password, avoid using the same account name and password in a number of Internet platform, to improve their safety factor. At the same time, Uber China has a special customer service staff to provide users with help to ensure that users can not effectively return the user's consumption.

, however, so that Ms. Zhang does not understand is that after the above problems, she can only contact Uber China by mail, the other does not provide telephone and other information. Uber China yesterday responded to Ms. Zhang said, to determine its account is stolen by criminals. According to Ms. Zhang introduced, Uber China has to help her find her account, and will make money stolen brush back to the bank card.

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