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Mom and Dad toy free boy

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Beijing time reporter Zhang Rui - reported: to get free from the kindergarten, the school in front of a small toy safety? Recently, some parents to reflect Beijing time, children get small toys, no production logo, including the pungent smell, worry about quality and safety. Recently, the reporter visited Beijing, Chaoyang, Fengtai and other places to find many kindergartens and schools, a lot of training institutions to sell courses to attract children to participate in cheap toys.

this time, Beijing launched an investigation in the end there is no harm free toys? "

kindergarten entrance free toys

number of training institutions at 4:30 at the gate of the kindergarten enrollment

afternoon, Chaoyang District Jinsong first kindergarten Huafang easy city park gate. Waiting for parents to pick up the kids waiting, six staff training institutions are ready, promotional pages, registration form, of course, the table also not the children love rabbit balloons, small toys, plastic ball rotating gyroscope.

these training institutions to promote English, dance, Latin and other courses based, distributed in the school entrance of dozens of meters long on the road. When the parents took their children out of the kindergarten, the staff of the training institutions from the distance began to say hello, free of charge!". Some staff will also be able to wear a toy on the body, while the demonstration side waved to the children, some children from the hands of the parents to break free, toward the staff with a small toy.

baby, you call dad? "In the completion of the registration parental contact, the staff will be the child's name and age to register, simple one or two minutes after the communication, the children can select their own love small toys, a small boy leading milk milk left heel pinball.

toys, registration form, publicity page is essential items

parents worry about the enrollment quality of children only love

Jinsong first kindergarten Huafang Park parents Ms. Zhang said, the kindergarten is the largest release balloons, children see fun things yourself often ran to pick up, the quality problem for these goods, Ms. Zhang worries, "look very rough, not good stuff, we parents must not worry, but we can't stop. "The fifth grade primary school Wen

Xicheng District San Yi Li said, every time after school, they have to sell at the gate of the school curriculum staff," to send something to them, a small whistle, ruler and toys, and some eat. Wen Wen said, many students will go to the collar, the registration of the phone is not true. Wen Wen had received simply face, for the safety of the problem, she said simply face with the supermarket, the collection of toys have been brought home.

balloon is to attract children's toys used

Taobao bought balloons cost less than 1 Gross

these gift toys from? Beijing time reporters from several training institutions Department staff learned that the toy is mainly to buy out companies and your online. Li

English training institutions, training institutions for publicity, they usually go to the park to the school gate, shopping malls promotional toy stall hair weekend, "where children go to, is to collect parental contact. "Mike

table" home "is very simple, a folding table, covered with leaflets and other institutions car toys, also placed some balloons. Some of the balloons have been made into flowers, and the balloon is printed with an English language training institute logo and contact phone number.

for these gift items sources, Li bluntly said that apart from occasional company issued, toys and other major company money, oneself are in Taobao buy, "when we bought it considering the price and attractive degree. "Because balloons are easy to shape and cheap to buy.

Li said that Taobao on a dozen dollars a bag, there are a few hundred balloons, the actual price of a single balloon cost less than 1 cents. Beijing time on the search for the reporter found that the training institutions often presented small toys, such as light emitting small rings, bamboo dragonfly, small top price of only a few cents.

that costs less than 10 Fen

three balloon toys rough smell

Beijing time reporter collected balloons, blowing toys, marbles, stationery and other dozens of spinning top and rubber items from a number of training institutions, safety monitoring further.

from the outside to watch these items are no product identification, the name of the manufacturer, and more for the direct packaging of plastic bags, there is no safety tips. After opening, found that the toy is simple and rough work, there is a pungent odor, which the smell of the balloon, after contact with the hands of a bad smell will last a long time. Some of the toys


reporters in order to detect whether the heavy metal exceed the standard problem of these toys, Beijing time reporters pick balloons, blowing toys, rubber toys and watch four sample submission to the quality supervision and inspection of Beijing light industrial products a station. June 13th, the test report shows that the detection of 4 kinds of toys to detect specific elements. The inspection report shows that the basis for the detection of GB6675.4 - 2014 "toy safety" fourth part: migration of certain elements, the results show that the detection of lead, chromium, mercury and other heavy metals are not exceed the standard.

from four toys "img_box"

before detection sampling

chemical detection room palace director said, does not mean that the quality standards of qualified heavy metal toys. Lord Ren said, the relative standard of GB detection is low, in fact for toys testing should be more demanding, and in the international common EU standards relatively high requirements".

detection expert tips to buy toys note mark

in fact, according to the relevant provisions of the state, the six major categories of toy products including plastic toys, metal toys, ejection toys, baby toys, was included in the mandatory product certification (3C certification no directory), obtained 3C certification, designated agencies not posted 3C certification mark in accordance with the provisions, shall not be manufactured for sale and use in the operation and service establishments.

Beijing time reporter in the survey collection of toy samples, all did not have 3C certification logo, and there is no label on the packaging manufacturers, contact information, such as the use of instructions. Not only in kindergartens, schools, in fact, the three products, the label is not clear, no safety warning toys in the market It is often seen.

this "three noes" toys, children's health has become the "invisible killer". Doctors, some inferior plastic toys may contain an excess of polyvinyl chloride, formaldehyde, benzene, lead, mercury, chromium and other harmful substances, often exposure may cause children skin allergies, causing damage to the children's upper respiratory tract, nervous system etc.. If the toy surface roughness or sharp, easy to hurt the child's skin, a child eating small toy parts, may cause asphyxia, severe and even need surgery to remove it; and poor quality plush toys, may also trigger asthma.

experts suggest that consumers in the purchase of toys, should go to regular businesses to buy, so as not to buy low-quality toys, to bring harm to the child. Note the time of purchase on the packages are affixed to the national product safety certification (3C certification); do not buy no name, no site, no certificate of three toys; don't buy the smell of toys; at the time of purchase to obtain tickets to businesses.

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