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a girl girl family, parents must see! Example is better than precept, female friends should also learn!


, good for a woman her kindness is the bottom line, if she is extremely cruel and merciless egoistic, success again lost good. She all will dim.


, self love people are equal, we should enjoy the same attention and treatment, if a woman to make a humble carpet, what people can step on and shameless, no pride. Even if they dress up the scenery, but also will be hated.


, rearing a woman can not be pretty, can be less temperament less culture, but not without education, parenting is a potential quality, it can directly attract people's attention, life needs to be cultivated woman, family need more educated woman to be his wife, mother and daughter-in-law role.


, gentle good woman cannot lack the gentle, gentle woman is the most beautiful woman wearing clothes, it will give people a comfortable and harmonious feeling. Put it together with my family life through the groundless talk, sharing the happiness of life.

5 patience

a woman to play many roles, daughter, wife, daughter, mother, as these roles have no patience, things will be very bad, will give the family a lot of trouble, resulting in unnecessary conflicts. So patience is important to a woman.


, tolerant people living in the world will come into contact with many people and things bumps is unavoidable, some people hurt us, including our most close person, this time we need to forgive, especially emotionally, needs mutual understanding, running. Of course, can not be a tolerance, lose at least a man's bottom line.

7, enthusiastic

if a man's enthusiasm is mostly used in career, he will promote the progress of the world material, then the woman's enthusiasm is mostly used in the family she will promote human progress. A woman without enthusiasm, will make the family lack of vigor and vitality of the family can not afford to feel lonely.


clean clean this word has two meanings; one is the family environment and their own clean, not sloppy out of order. Another layer of meaning refers to the spiritual life of the clean; relatively speaking, the taste of love, like a beautiful and noble things.


is now rich and colorful independent knowledge era, knowledge directly affects people's life, not necessarily from the knowledge from textbooks, is the accumulation of life, a knowledgeable woman, failing to be assertive with discretion, will deal with problems fully embodies her wisdom, make family harmony and happiness.

10, balance

good woman to learn to balance the various relationships, including interpersonal relationships, their ability, financial management, the mentality of the balance. Can not blindly pursue unrealistic things, look at the top of the mountain, do not make irresponsible remarks to create conflicts, to act, to. Zhijuzhechangle.

" as the saying goes: a beautiful woman good-looking; smart woman keep the brain; good woman Yangxin; gentle woman repose; brilliant woman cultivation; healthy women health.

your parents treat you as a princess pet for a dozen years, in order to let you not in any a front man to compromise.

gives 20 suggestions:

1.'s own love their own things to save money to buy, don't expect others to buy.

2. weight loss to talk about, you know, you have a long way to go, the health of the body is the guarantee you go.

3. everyone would get tired. Nobody can take the sorrow for you, people always have a period of time to learn to grow up, you must learn to bear the sad, sorry you have to know it will pass.

4. who is good to you, you are right. Interpersonal communication is always the bidirectional algorithm of reciprocity, no one has the obligation to you.

5. clear their goals, to fight.

6. promise about to do this, for himself to avoid malicious, irresolute and hesitant, ouduansilian.

7. to do not like people and things with a smile is that we must learn the nausea.

8. people are not as beautiful as live pretty.

9. not because of loneliness and love, do not follow suit and love, learn to be responsible for their own life.

10. temperament is the key, if the fashion is not good, would rather simple.

11. nothing more than reading books, you always young in heart and sonorous and forceful.

12. if conditions permit travel very often, hangwanlilu.

13. don't give up and forget to learn no matter what kind of state you are in.

14. always keep a heart to heart, do not indulge in their past memories and achievements.

15. friends do not need to contact every day, but if she or he needs you, please take her or his things as their own things to do, do everything you can to. Class= img_box "

16. "content_img_p" please do not easily say love, the promise is a debt owed.

17. behind praise you, know to treasure in the heart, there is little water.

18 friends, good friends, a woman must have friends.

19. should treat everyone around you with your heart.

20. health is always the first, parents will always be the first.

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