90 after Luo Yonghao, domestic mobile phone manufacturers afraid?

Luo Yonghao cell phone alarm manufacturers

leikeji· 2016-06-23 02:29:55

recently, Greco technology previously reported 90 hammer powder prosecution case hammer technology official in Shenzhen trial, the court did not in court for sentencing.

first look at this thing, in January this year, a netizen from Shenzhen in micro-blog released for the hammer "civil complaint", respectively from the four aspects of complaint hammer technology suspected of false propaganda and fraud, refund of the hammer mobile phone and get three times compensation, < strong> specifically, the complaint after hammer technology some suspected propaganda did not realize:

not all pre installed App can remove

; the lack of "voice assistant" function;

lack of automatic unlocking the power button function;

does not provide root boot loader unlock.

content_img_p" response to the hammer technology for this is that before the user communication but did not get understanding, therefore to court.

for this, netizens have split, roughly divided into three categories:

first, "if this can be successful, that all mobile phone manufacturers can sue again, and soon will be able to buy a car on a lawsuit. "

second faction," to support consumer rights, so that these vendors are blind boast. "

third," is there a relationship with me? "And that's the indifference.

this thing, the user is carp hammer technology already has, or negligence, the court of arbitration will be given. More and more users begin to have the awareness of rights, and to take legal means to safeguard their rights, this is undoubtedly a blow to the mobile phone manufacturers, if not losing, light responding to the prosecution of consumers, also need to spend a lot of energy.

no doubt, if consumers sued the mobile phone manufacturers to win, will attract the "professional" rights litigation "Knight" this kind of occupation personage, staring at the mobile phone manufacturers to sue for compensation, in this communication, automobile, FMCG industry has been fulfilled, there are media reports of occupation fake people become millionaires. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers must be more cautious, to avoid caught out, especially in the propaganda to change the past outspoken habits.

Internet publicity as well as a feature is that the entrepreneur's personal, it is likely to be linked to consumers and brands. For example, Luo Yonghao's micro-blog is a personal micro-blog, but there is enterprise certification, so Luo Yonghao said about the words of the hammer, in theory, is a hammer technology promotional materials. Therefore, whether it is formal advertising, or similar to the micro-blog public discussion platform, will cause a subtle impact on consumers, entrepreneurs should be more careful to speak. A reasonable approach is to give a personal account to help with the professional team, Luo Yonghao as early as 2014, aware of their "outspoken" problem, micro-blog password to pr.

in addition to publicity to pay attention, the mobile phone manufacturers must also be in awe of the law and the market, when it comes to do, do not say. Many manufacturers, many entrepreneurs, on a whim or in order to win the attention and love in public "lying", dull remarks dead endlessly, such as Dong Mingzhu said GREE mobile phone to sell 50 million sets of all such behavior surprised very, after I am afraid to pay more.

said that entrepreneurs can say is a double-edged sword, on the one hand to help the company save a lot of marketing budget, on the other hand, as embedded in the company of a time bomb, accidentally burst.

finally, Mocha Jun believes that regardless of the 90 "hammer powder" what the motive for prosecution of hammer technology, we should all be encouraged to see this thing, consumers through similar means to promote the brand will become better, more healthy industry. We should be more businesslike, instead of demanding to be tolerant of others, strong to understanding, if you really have a problem, it is necessary to improve.

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