Putin's visit to Russia before the South China Sea and the South China Sea

Putin the South China Sea the state the Navy

huanqiuwang· 2016-06-23 02:45:52

data figure: U.S. Navy aircraft carrier formation approaching the South China Sea cruise double

original title: Putin's visit to China before the Russian position on the South China Sea is China and foreign interference

domain family rebuked Chinese should the invitation of President Xi Jinping, Russian President Putin in June 25th China visit. On the occasion of Putin's upcoming visit to China, Russia once again on the South China Sea issue shows its position. According to the Russian news agency reported in June 21st, Russian ambassador Denisov said in an interview with Russian media, the situation in the South China Sea is increasingly tense due to the interference caused by the region outside the country.

"the tension is largely man-made. To a considerable extent, this is related to the interference of the outside of the region. Denisov said that for the ocean shipping exports most of the goods in China, of course, including the South China Sea, more than all people want to protect the freedom of navigation in the region, to avoid any complex situation. He also said: "in the South China Sea territorial dispute, Russia's position is well known. We advocate that all countries through negotiations to solve any problem.

this is not the first time the Russian position to support the South China sea. Earlier this month, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova held a press conference that Russia believes that the situation in the South China Sea is an important factor affecting the safety and stability of the entire Asia Pacific region. Russia firmly believes that the intervention of the third party forces will only exacerbate tensions in the region. Zakharova said that Russia believes that the parties to the South China Sea issue should continue to find a political and diplomatic channels, and based on the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea, the South China Sea parties to solve the problem of behavior. Russia believes that the parties should hold a direct dialogue and consultation on the South China Sea issue.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in April 12th, said in an interview with China and Japan and other countries, in an attempt to the South China Sea issue is futile, the parties should seek mutually acceptable agreement.

Lavrov has not named, said several times in the framework of the East Asia Summit and other activities which were found in the South China Sea issue is often an attempt to international, he believes that this is completely futile. He expounded Russia's position, because the relevant countries should follow the principle of no use of force, the termination of the problem of internationalization, continue to find mutually acceptable diplomatic solution. Russia supports China and ASEAN countries continue to conduct consultations on the basis of the declaration of conduct in the South China Sea parties.

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