The man beating his mother to take care of his mother told the family arrested

Gu good family man mother

chengdoushangbao· 2016-06-23 05:44:09

Suining man Li Qinger beat mother hot video network, although the neighbors and relatives all think that he is very filial to his mother, he also claimed that was too impatient, usually treat the mother. But he was sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days and a fine of 500 yuan (this newspaper reported yesterday), as a result of the beating behavior violation of Public Security Administration Punishment Law.

yesterday morning, Li Qinger was detained, the family to see and send their clothes to see him. He said, things are out, let us take the time to take good care of her mother. "Li Qinger's wife said she could feel some regret in her husband's words and expressions.

about 8:30 yesterday, Li Qinger's family will be Li Qinger's mother to the police station. Li Qinger's wife, sister and daughter to the police station, said Li Qinger's mother due to Alzheimer's disease, need someone to look after. To this end, they hope that the police station during the day to help take care of, at night they bring home to take care of.

police to explain to the three families have the obligation to support and care for the elderly, such as the old lady on the police station may constitute the crime of abandonment, 10 am yesterday, three people will be the old lady home.

yesterday morning, Li Qinger's family in exchange with the police station also hope that the police can reduce the punishment, so that Li Qinger a few days out. Suining Municipal Public Security Bureau, East New District branch of the police station, said the relevant person in charge, they will be the idea of the family to the East New District branch.

users questioned the police are too heavy, yesterday, the East New District Branch political office staff said that the police have some "dilemma", some netizens said too heavy, and some say too light". The staff explained that the police are in accordance with the people's Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Law forty-third, the punishment of Li Qinger. According to the law, because the party was beaten more than 60 years old, so increased the punishment. Chengdu Business Daily reporter Yao Yongzhong

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