The boy was wrong because the teacher played blood all over with cable

Boy cable wrong blood

chutiandoushibao· 2016-06-23 05:44:41

Metropolis Daily News pictured: Xiao Yong's body is full of blood

Metropolis Daily News (reporter Guan Qianyu) do not always for the math teacher, Shiyan City, even with the cable to a grade 5 student play covered with bloodstains. The reporter learned yesterday, the teacher has been suspended.

the student was beaten called Xiaoyong (a pseudonym), 11 year old, 5 grader is Shiyan City Yunyang District Tan Jia Wan Zhen Xiang Lu Village Center Primary school. Yesterday, after 3 days of treatment, Xiao Yong has returned to school to begin classes. His blood color has faded, but still very eye-catching. According to

Xiaoyong's father and a school teacher, Xiao Yong bruises on the math teacher Yue Yongqiang played with cable in the classroom. The reason is, is because of the small Yong one question always do wrong, under a pneumatic coarse Yue teacher.

according to reports, shortly before the class was a class of mathematical diagnostic tests, mostly do better, only Xiao Yong got 81 points. 17 PM to 3 am, in math class, the teacher let Yue Yongqiang Xiao Yong to the blackboard a wrong correction of them, Xiao Yong did not do to. Yue teacher let him back to his seat, ask the students to come up to continue to revise, but this little brave or not do right.

this, Yue teacher sent a cable fire, picked up a hand (from a copper) according to Xiao Yong of the thigh and back a beaten, Xiao Yong was beaten cockroaches, do not know how much fight, until the elimination of gas to stop. The whole class witnessed this scene.

Xiao Yong's parents are working in Inner Mongolia, living in the countryside together with grandparents, some timid introverted character, after school also did not dare say anything. More than 7 points until the evening, a relative small Yong overheard him sore, off his clothes, I saw his thigh, back and arms, full is a blood. Relatives asked, Xiao Yong was the fact that the teacher was beaten.

Xiao Yong's relatives rushed to tell his grandfather and grandmother, and will be sent to the hospital to check. The doctor found only skin trauma, no injuries, open the bottle for 3 days of treatment.

Xiao Yong's father learned that after 19 days in a hurry to go home, to see his son was playing so serious, very angry. He is the left behind children, parents are not around, there must be shortcomings, learning is not very good, the teacher just education, we are very grateful, even if a few dozen, we do not care. However, why do you want to play the child so hard?

"after the incident, Yunyang District Education Bureau and the local police station formed an investigation group to investigate, identify small Yong Yue teacher is in the classroom. The same day, the school principals and related teachers are home to do the work of the parents. Mr. Yue Yongqiang also come to apologize, said at the time it got lost and don't know why under such a ruthless hand.

yesterday morning, a school official told AFP reporters Yue, more than and 50 year old teacher, with 30 years of seniority, is usually responsible for the work. Although he is half of the family, family education is very successful, 3 children have graduated from the University, to find a good job. He also has a more than and 90 year old mother in hospital, it is estimated that this period of time in a bad mood, so hit a small yong. At present, Yue teacher are very regret, a few days did not eat dinner. Reporters tried to contact the interview Yue teacher, the person in charge, Mr. Yue's current mood is not stable, it is not suitable to be interviewed.

currently, Yunyang District Education Bureau has to hit the teacher Yue Yongqiang made for treatment. Related research is still in the process of.

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