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Beijing, June 23, "go or stay, this is a question" -- today, for the UK and the EU, is an extraordinary day in this issue: whether to continue to stay in the EU, the unprecedented big choices faced by Britain, will usher in the final results.

regardless of the outcome, the results of the integration of the European decades will face a storm threat. The British and European referendum affecting the people, is a false alarm, or not to fall apart "no return"?

in early 1973, Britain joined the European Union when the predecessor of the European Union has sparked doubts. The United kingdom belongs to non euro area countries, can issue their own independent currency, maintain export competitiveness, and have independent financial policy. But precisely because of this, it is difficult for the United Kingdom to truly integrate into the European continent, so it is also called "glorious isolation" ". Especially in the critical period of the European debt crisis, the British gradually lost the status and participation in the eu.

1975, the British first held a referendum, the majority of people support the continued stay, but the passage of time, the European community into the European Union, Member States also amplified from 9 to 28 in the country, from the simple economic power to become a huge political and economic organization.

the European Union provides citizens with the right to freedom of movement, work and residence of the 28 member states. Although the free flow of talent, but the influx of a large number of other countries in the United Kingdom, the complicated laws and regulations, coupled with the euro zone economic needs of Member States funded rescue, causing strong resentment of the British people.

, British Prime Minister Cameron at the Downing Street No. 10 "off the European referendum" speech.

with the rising anti EU public opinion, the referendum is to arrange, also became a political gamble".

2013, British Prime Minister David Cameron promised to win the 2015 election, the law will be approved within one year, the development of new principles and the EU relations, and then take off the European issues held a referendum. After winning the election, Cameron announced that the original plan was held in advance of the 2017 referendum, and announced in February this year, the date of the referendum in June 23rd.

this day so outside is an accident, because the EU covers a wide range of haste or difficult to convince voters to hold a referendum on the pros and cons of a clear trade-off.

in fact, Cameron does not want the British to withdraw from the European union. He made it clear that Britain would like to remain in the EU, but to stay in a "more democratic, more flexible, more inclusive" of the eu. That is to say, the British hope that through a referendum, so that the EU reform to become a more accustomed to the British economy and culture, the European union.

Cameron's remarks, immediately aroused discontent in the uk. British Deputy Prime Minister Clegg said he did not agree with the British de ou, that the move would damage the British economy. The opposition Labor Party has also criticized him for his confidence in the UK, as well as London's position as the world's financial center in a dangerous position.

in addition, the European Union countries have also called on the British people to choose to stay in europe. The German Foreign Minister wants Britain to stay in the European Union with a positive attitude, not to choose the right side of it. The French government also said that as a member of the European Union, the United Kingdom needs to fulfill its obligations to Member States, unity is a must, otherwise the EU development will be a problem.

support from Europe and Europe of the British political figures debate.

in order to convince the public, the United Kingdom to support the European and European countries to take off the camp were carried out carpet bombing campaign. Leave Optima to take off the European Union will bring the economic risks, and take off the Optima, said the EU free migration brought about by immigrants affecting the employment and welfare of the British people. The two sides accused each other, arguing endlessly.

in the "Optima" and "Optima off" into the sprint, British politics "Star" Joe Cox was killed, she is leaving Europe support Female Labour MP, stop in two due to a referendum on the issue of men quarrel when killed.

as a relatively stable social relations of the state, Cox became the first since 1990 was killed in any of the British parliament. Her murder shocked the British political arena, apparently will have a certain impact on the middle of the voting tendencies. Two recent polls show

, Europe faction gained momentum, but on the whole, Europe is still showing off the European camp and the camp "pattern.

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data: financial market anxiously waiting for the results of the referendum.

if the UK off Europe, the impact of what geometry?

analysts believe that the United Kingdom from the EU will be in the short term to the global financial markets caused by the swing, leading investors to sell stocks and other riskier assets, and turned to safe bonds. This could lead to a further decline in the pound against other currencies, and even a global financial meltdown.

economist Zandi refers to the metaphor of the butterfly effect - there is no benefit to Britain's off europe. In the worst case, this will have a ripple effect in the world. A British exit is the catalyst, triggering the euro and the EU another existence dispute, and political forces across Europe are centrifugal growth of the power split in europe.

but some experts said the effect is not so obvious, because Britain and the EU negotiations to reach a final agreement to last for two years, during this period, Britain will continue to stay in the EU, but cannot participate in making any decision.

Britain in the EU to go or stay, full of unprecedented uncertainty, the global concern of this referendum. British political and economic future trends, as well as the EU integration process has experienced an unprecedented test. (end)

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