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of the University of Peking University in the undergraduate course of the opening of the ancient biological professional Chinese universities. 2008, Peking University School in the last century on the basis of the early 90s rehabilitation of ancient biology, which is also the first interdisciplinary professional. Most of the courses in the College of Peking University School of life sciences and earth and Space Sciences, the main research object is the survival in biology, has almost extinct geological history of the earth, such as trilobites, dinosaurs and mammoth etc..

from 2008 to 2016, Zhang Boran, Liu Le, Liu Tuo, Xue Yifan, Hou Mingyong, An Yongrui, this is the University of Peking University School of the ancient biology of the rehabilitation of all students. Every student, there is one and only one.

"six generations"

- a Boran male, enrolled in 2005, 2008 transferred to North paleontology professional, after graduation to the University of California at Berkeley PhD, Dr. majoring in integrative biology.

- Liu Lenan, 2007 school, Dr. coming from Peking University Graduate School of earth and space sciences.

- Liu Tuonan, 2008 school, currently studying at the University, School of Archaeology and museology.

- Xue Yifan, 2010 school, after graduation to enter the medical school of University of Pittsburgh, PhD, currently has graduated from dr..

- Hou Mingyong male, 2011 enrollment, students in Malaysia.

- an Yongrui male, 2012 school, graduating this year, is about to enter the city and Environment College of Beijing University Shuoboliandu, majoring in Quaternary geology.

ANN is going to graduate from Peking University. He is the most professional sixth graduates in 8 years.

"all the people think that people should love to learn ancient biology, Peking University dinosaur paleontology majors after the reopening of the first session of the student Zhang Boran said, even if he was taking pictures, the photographer asked to take a picture with dinosaur toys. Young An Yongrui said: "I'm not that love dinosaurs. "The research object Yongrui graduation thesis is planktonic foraminifera - an ancient protozoan, 200 million years ago, has been living in the sea. Because

has not selected Shidishimei paleontology for his undergraduate, the senior Yongrui is an ancient biology "North 30000 students only child". Once he graduated, means is "six generations" North paleontology, there will be at least two years of source fault.

Zhang Boran, An Yongrui and Xue Yifan, all in or in the north of the ancient biology. Because of a special graduation photo Xue Yifan, originally unknown to them gradually being known. Only one student, but also to the ancient biology of a little more than a little cold and mysterious.

unexpectedly popular graduation photo of a person, "

Bi (field of Evolutionary Biology) the best award called the Wallace award, on the origin of species 50 anniversary of the birth of the first time, after once every 50 years. "In 2011, a nutshell Nobel prize in the discussion, Zhang Boran left a self deprecating reply.

then Zhang Boran from North paleontology graduate, is the University of California at Berkeley ph.. He was completely unexpected, 3 years later, he at the university undergraduate minority professional, will be in a rather nonsensical way overnight explosion of red.

2014 in June, two of the North paleontology professional student Xue Yifan lower than Zhang Boran, everyone in the online pass a photo in front of the library at the university. Wearing a robe, wearing a cap with her most notably she graduates as the head of a red line "2010 Peking University paleontology professional photo".

obviously is a person, but it is a group photo? This photo quickly ignited the public interest: what is the profession of ancient biology? There is only one student?

"this is interdisciplinary" Life Sciences and Earth Sciences, Saliman, director of the office of the student work of Peking University Yuanpei college, Peking University is the ancient biology in the last century at the beginning of 90s, midway canceled in 2007, Yuanpei College of rehabilitation, Zhang Boran complex was built after the first session of the students.

Zhang Boran is the 2005 Shandong science college entrance exam, then north Yuan Pei recruit into the one of the 8 science. Peking University yuan Training Institute of the special place is that students can be free classes in the school, sophomore major re set.

into the university entrance examination from the college entrance examination in the province, high school only for the college entrance examination Zhang Boran, knowledge of the door open a lot of. He "chaos" a lot of courses: from the philosophy of "Introduction to Philosophy", the Department of sociology, "foreign sociology", to the Department of mathematics, "Advanced Algebra", the biological system of "biochemistry".

and prompted him to choose the ancient biology course called "evolutionary ecology and behavior", which belongs to evolutionary biology course, is a collaboration between Peking University and Yale University.

wow, good fun, want to do this thing, the recall of this course in the classroom case, Zhang did not consciously raise eyebrows. "Why are some of the pathogens very toxic, and some are very weak? Why just born giant panda cub, head so small? "Compared to what is described in the general biology curriculum," Zhang Boran wants to know ". Evolutionary biology allows him to see the possibility of these phenomena, but at that time did not set up the evolution of the biological sciences, he chose the most similar professional ancient biology.

from Zhang Boran to Xue Yifan, and after Xue Yifan graduated from An Yongrui two brother, paleontology majors in Peking University is "six generations". Yuanpei college paleontology itself not classes, most professional courses in college and Graduate School of earth and Space Sciences, so Xue Yifan and brothers, is not always a person only in the class in the classroom, but they still need to adapt to more or less loneliness.

Xue Yifan said, in particular, cross grade election class, other professional students usually class by class, to see her face, often take the initiative to separate a seat. Sometimes, more than and 100 people in the classroom, may only be next to her seat is empty. "Sometimes from the morning to go to school to go back in the evening, a whole day can not say a word, because we do not know you, will not talk with you".

later, some small classes and field trips, Xue Yifan and many other professional students became familiar. When she graduated, she was a little unwilling. So, that a person's graduation photo, she was late, PS the word, because they think "graduation can be placed. I play tricks".

since the popular professional can choose, choose their own love compared to

and Beijing, 15 year old Yuanpei college are very young. Xue Yifan before a person's graduation photo burst red, even in the interior of the Yuan culture, the ancient biology is also rarely known. After the explosion of red, more people wonder why they choose such popular professional?

Zhang Boran never felt paleontology is popular professional. In the United States during the reading, he was with the students together in the laboratory to lose ants, observe the movement of ants in the process of the way. Later, he also met with a research topic is "the mosquitoes will not be killed the" scholar.

"these studies are in fact a complete logical chain of. At the very far, but also very fun, "said Zhang Boran.

and Zhang Boran, Xue Yifan's early love believe they know ancient biology, Peking University is only for undergraduate courses in paleontology professional college. In high school, she attended the national biology competition, in order to get the gold medal (also recommended North pass), do the experiment get up at 6 every day, staying up late at night to do postgraduate exam teeth.

"started to offer undergraduate volunteers, the election of professional, I found that others would like to have some more, will look at the professional way, work, income and applicability. I did not think too much, since can choose, choose their favorite ", Xue Yifan said.

as Peking University, the first student after the rehabilitation of the ancient biology, when Zhang Zhang really did have trouble. Life Science College and college to cross class, but the teacher will not consider the conflict test time. "Time is similar, can only test a door and then run to the next examination room", he recalls. The problem of

improved in the Xue Yifan school. Course scheduling system after the revision, the final examination time will be displayed in the course selection system, as long as you do not choose the examination time overlap the course is good. "My strategy is, as long as the class does not conflict on the hurry," the first two years of undergraduate, Xue Yifan's curriculum schedule is full of Dangdang, basically every semester to reach the upper class limit.

over the past 8 years, the ancient biological professional only recruit to the six students, each applicant is only one person.

Zhang Boran admitted that not everyone is suitable for Yuanpei free environment, but he is one of the beneficiaries. That year, his undergraduate curriculum than Xue Yifan ifheavier. Undergraduate graduation, graduation credits over the minimum requirements of about 80 points, equivalent to an additional more than and 20 courses.

"in fact the University, especially in Peking University, in the Yuan culture, very important to your own initiative. "Away from Peking University for nearly 6 years, Zhang Boran said he has forgotten a lot of details of the specific knowledge. But a variety of complex and even the odd course, to help him build a knowledge of the overall framework, left some inadvertently come in handy trigger point.

"for example, some time ago there was news that WeChat group members illegal group also bear the responsibility, I wrote a" brain cavity "article, from the angle of mathematics to prove that WeChat group is not a group. Zhang Boran said, if it is not a College Mathematics Department of higher algebra, their own "group" concept is not, and how to based on this analysis? In the fragmented knowledge has become increasingly worthless Internet era, which is the Google are uncertain, people have a deeper understanding of the nature of the basis of things.

his undergraduate professional get unexpected attention, he borrowed the theory to explain the evolution of love. "Only when the total amount of biomass is enough to allow for greater biodiversity," he said. "Likewise, education, culture, and, when the total amount is large enough, can accommodate enough diversity. "

four years of undergraduate

love that mentor

" they have ideas and personality. "For 8 years, Peking University Students of each grade is not less than one hundred people, Saliman but for each of the students of the biology of the students are impressed. For example, third students last summer Liu Tuo, were detained in Iraq for the site, but later returned, "he went there to feel the war let civilization monuments are gone, if you do not see these things gone, the rest of life. "

for An Yongrui, Saliman evaluation is:" do not pay attention to food and clothing, learning is particularly serious, love hiking. "

in Yuan Pei in the first three years, Ann Yongrui received 54 scholarships". Saliman said, 54 scholarships through a comprehensive assessment, reward to the top 15% students, although not the highest amount of scholarship, but it is the highest honor of the students of Beijing university.

from Guizhou city of Guiyang province was admitted to Peking University An Yongrui, pale and weak, and does not look like "backpackers". In fact, he began to visit Guiyang from junior high school, but also to draw their own terrain. The names of many counties and cities in the country, he can answer them in the general location of the province.

University for four years, an almost Yongrui scholarship and pocket money on foot, also bought a canoe.

last summer, he went to the back of the equipment to the Guiyang 62 kilometers away from Wujiang six wide river. "Six is a river Guanghe legendary. It has seven Gorges, a lot of scenery. Wang Yangming used to write poetry and praise it. "Manipulating canoe along the River drift to worry monkey gorge, an Yongrui shaking paddle, vision in canyon on both sides of the wild monkey. This alone is a poem beginning, to a pair of glasses lost at the end of turbulence.

in Professor Zhou Liping An Yongrui's thesis advisor, Peking University School of city and environment, An Yongrui's love of nature is commendable, "he's love of ancient biology, is willing to return to the lab, do research, rather than trying to earn an official, this child is actually very few. "

is the most common characteristics of students majoring in Paleontology: on the nature of love from the heart, and willing to give others crazy efforts.

for example, Zhang Boran will tell you how to travel in the end should be how to see wild animals. About November 2012 visit to the Antarctic experience, he can still perform like a comic in the list of dishes like a list of several penguins: chinstrap penguins, crested penguins, penguins of Papua, Adelie penguins. "The Antarctic animal species is not a lot, if only to see the kind, you will soon feel bored. Actually depends on what the animals do. "In his rich narrative, the distant south pole, has become very picture sense.

even if it is a love of things, the process is not smooth. "The most basic geology of rock grinding, I always look bad," said Zhang Boran, graduated from biology until professional, this is his weakness.

Xue Yifan more bluntly, there is a period of time, the brain is more chaotic". Undergraduate in life science and institute to the same class, both sides have a lot of little knowledge, also need to establish a complete logical system. "You study the plate tectonics, it is more than a few thousand kilometers across. You study paleontology, just fly out tens of millions of years, hundreds of millions of years. Finally, she simply accepted the conflict on both sides of the conflict, no longer too tangled.

from Zhang Boran to Xue Yifan, then to An Yongrui, in four years, they walk alone, alone difficult, but eventually trained with regularity.

personal development

academic and popular science are exploring the unknown

, but also to spend 5 years of youth, talking about the future, about to graduate An Yongrui sigh. He has been sent to the University College of city and environment Shuoboliandu, professional direction of Quaternary geology, under the tutelage of Zhou Liping. He said that after still want to go the road of academic research.

to do research, is the main choice of Peking University, the ancient biology of the 6 students to date. It is understood that the second student Liu Le, will be the direction of the ancient biology teacher. Third student Liu Tuo, is currently the Peking University School of Archaeology and museology in doctoral students.

Xue Yifan bid farewell to the ancient biology, the choice to the University of Pittsburgh biomedical informatics. In her view, in the North University of the ancient biology, a circle of childhood love of ancient creatures, has been regarded as a complete success.

their big brother Zhang Boran, is now the extensive science and technology interest community science author. He is more familiar with the fans are net name Ent". This name is representative of "the Lord of the rings" in the "tree of life", and biological "evolution" is the beginning of the German word. In a nutshell, in his weekly 2-3 article speed, published 132 works of science, there are fans 24 thousand.

did not do research, let Zhang Boran some guilt, but he wanted to do something to persist. 8 years ago, he wrote the first difference of Science -- from the classroom to study the Ebola and influenza virus and the article -- as if returned, now, he is in front of the whole cornfield.

Zhang Boran said that behind a lot of scientific issues, involving complex social and ethical issues. Like genetically modified products or PX project, simply stressed scientific reason, helpless to eliminate public anxiety and panic. "You can't just take a rational, toy hit in the face of the public. "He wanted to tell the story of the great story of life, and to try to give him the lyric of science. "There is no reason to say that science must be cold. The reason why we study an object is because we care about it. "

's everyday things can be his inspiration. He even inspired plastic dinosaurs, wrote a poem for dinosaurs: a small part of the dinosaur oil / oil into a small part into a small part of plastic / plastic made from the dinosaur dinosaur / / eventually attributed to the dinosaurs. "Although there is no

but to do research, paleontology and evolutionary biology learning to build my world view," Zhang Boran rubbed his hands, "I am trying to put this view of the world fully expressed, if you do, is also to afford my teacher. "EurekA in February this year, the American Association for the advancement of Science (AAAS) sponsored by the global science news network lert

! Announced the 2016 international science reporter scholarship of the 4 winners, Zhang Boran among them.

Zhang Boran Aichuan EurekA lert! For the winners of a custom white T-shirt, this T-shirt chest printed with the famous American science writer Carle · Sagan's words: somewhere in the unbelievable things, waiting to be understood (SOM EW here, SOM ethingincredibleisw aitingtobeknow).

began to offer undergraduate volunteers, the election of professional, I found that others would like to have some more, will look at the professional way, work, income and applicability. I did not think too much, since can choose, choose their favorite.

- Xue Yifan

he of paleontology professional love, willing to return to the lab, do research, rather than trying to earn an official, this child is actually very few.

- - An Yongrui's graduation thesis tutor, Beijing University of urban and Environmental Sciences Professor Zhou Liping

although not doing research, but the study of ancient biology and evolutionary biology to establish my world view. I am trying to express this world view completely, if do, also be worthy of my teacher.

- a

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