China could endure 12 years: the Big Dipper satellite to the end of the Europeans?

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2003, China invested $270 million to participate in the European Galileo global navigation satellite . But by 2007, China had suddenly been deliberately left out of the European "Galileo" major decisions are excluded from the project, on the grounds that security and intellectual property issues. but Europe certainly did not expect retaliation to come so fast ; China will not easily forget the left out of the cold, often in a smart way to respond. Because the frequency of Galileo and Beidou coincide, 2020 has been difficult to network, in the future will also interfere with each other. After less than a week after the successful launch of the twenty-third Beidou satellite in China, the State Council issued the first white paper on the Beidou satellite navigation system in June 16th, the State Council Information Office released the first time in. Although a total of only 5800 words of the white paper, the first disclosure of information is not much, but this is the embodiment of the country's determination, reflecting China's attention to the Beidou system. To build an autonomous satellite navigation system is not only the need of national security, but also the need of economic development. Experts believe that the Beidou system to achieve greater development, industrialization is the only way. The development of the principle of

Beidou satellite navigation system, adhere to the "independent, open, compatible and progressive", in accordance with the "first regional, global, active and passive development after the first" step by step. For our country and the surrounding areas to provide passive navigation and positioning services, and to maintain the Beidou test system with active navigation and positioning and short message communication services. The development target of the Beidou satellite navigation system is in accordance with the "quality, safety, efficiency and application of" General requirements ", built Beidou satellite navigation system independent, open and compatible, advanced technology, stable and reliable" global coverage, high performance, high reliability, high efficiency, meet the demand of economic and social development of the satellite navigation and meet the requirements of national security and national defense construction of the Beidou satellite navigation system, promote the development of national informatization construction.

white paper also officially announced the Beidou navigation positioning system part of the performance. The white paper said that at present, running two Beidou system provides free public services to the Asia Pacific region, the positioning accuracy is better than 10 meters, the velocity measurement accuracy is better than 0.2 M / s, the timing precision is better than 50 ns. The Big Dipper is now in front of the European Galileo. According to experts, compared with GPS, Beidou orbit height 1.8 times higher than that of GPS, so the receiver signal blind angle is smaller than GPS, the communication coverage rate higher, higher precision, complete the global network in 2020 after the Beidou Positioning Accuracy, will achieve submeter amazing, become the world's highest precision navigation the satellite system, this point is difficult to match today's GPS. #p#: #e#

in addition, according to the white paper, the performance and characteristics of the Beidou system and some GPS systems do not have: one is the hybrid constellation Beidou system space segment with three orbit satellites, compared with other satellite navigation system for high orbit satellite more, anti shielding ability, especially the performance characteristics of low latitude regions is more obvious. Two is the Beidou system to provide multiple frequency navigation signals, can be used in combination with multi frequency signals and other ways to improve service accuracy. Three is the innovation of Beidou system integration of navigation and communication capabilities, with real-time navigation, rapid positioning, precise timing, position report and short message communication service five functions.

Beidou satellite navigation and positioning system is the key infrastructure of China's homeland security and economic security, and it is a strategic choice to achieve long-term sustainable development. Starting from the national defense security, is a "no war and the enemy soldiers" strategic weapons. Politicians around the world military all long-range nuclear weapons satellite navigation complex under the guidance of the killer as a deterrent, as a safeguard national sovereignty, strategic weapon to curb foreign deterrence. Western in developing its own nuclear weapons, intercontinental missiles, satellite navigation at the same time, do everything possible to prevent the country has the above weapons. Now Chinese has Beidou and GPS global positioning system has racing together bridle to bridle; their China, will be able to avoid the closure of the United States may lead to the risk of GPS. And, once China has been attacked, China's Beidou system can also be used to guide the people's Liberation Army a variety of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles to attack enemy forces. This is the United States of Chinese Beidou system against reason. #p#: #e#

Chinese more cattle than the big dipper to kill: free space station program in Japan

of NASA's international space station's predecessor, the plan originally is a part of the United States in 1980s strategic defense plan. Due to various reasons, Russia can only rely on the existing space advantage, become an important member of the international space station, but the possibility of visual re planning their own independent space station program is very small.

at present, NASA and some companies are R & D space taxi wildly beating gongs and drums, want to resume delivery to the international space station in 2017. However, at present the United States still had to be at a high price of $60 million per person, with the Russian rocket will send their astronauts to the space station.

experts have pointed out that the U.S. space taxi plan can proceed smoothly is still unknown, if Russia suddenly stopped on loan to the US and Europe on the Soyuz spacecraft, then the only choice is to convince the international space station Chinese provide new support for them. #p#: #e#

military commentator pointed out that the United States is the inventor of the space war thinking, and has been committed to promoting space weapons and arms race in outer space. And now Chinese performance out of space exploration and peaceful use of enthusiasm to make us jittery.

because China's technology is actively catching up, and China's strong economic strength is sufficient to support these huge exploration and development strategy. In addition, the Beidou navigation system and sub investment banking strategy has been fully reflected in China's appeal. It is reported that Chinese within 10 years will be established for the future Temple Second International Space Station, will attract many countries to join Russia are most likely to become the first supporter. Japanese media recently said that the United States and Japan decided to the international space station's running time compared with the original plan to extend 4 years, as of 2024.

Japan official worry, Chinese may be established in the space station in 2022, if the international space station in 2020 to stop running, then two years later there will be a lot of space development of interested countries have close to the space station China, this "version of the universe, which not only makes the Asian investment Bank China influence enhancement, may also lead to Europe and the military technology into Chinese, China may borrow these technologies to improve the combat capability of their own space.

#p# #e#

: truth finally: why the United States fear China compass

Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system,

international has a tall club, it has only four members, has attracted many attention and research leaders top scientists and engineers, this club is GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), the four members are the United States, Russia, the European Galileo GPS GALILEO GLONASS, COMPASS Chinese Beidou lolness lattice.

China is a new member of the compass, but also the most powerful member of the momentum of development, the Big Dipper is the story of our life, what is the impact of this is a very interesting topic. About compass, academic journal articles have a lot, but the terminology of professional articles are too many, ordinary people do not understand, and will not be interested to read.

1, from

1957 about GPS in October 4th, the Soviet Union launched the world's first man-made earth satellite, creating a human space century. The United States has paid close attention to, a woman named Bill Guy, a mathematician and physicist named George Wifen Bach, they found a phenomenon in the applied physics laboratory in Hopkins, that is the frequency of the satellite appears deviation, the study found that Doppler is on exercise induced frequency shift effect.

the two scientists have conducted experimental research, found that if the erection of a plurality of receivers on the ground, can according to the different frequency of the received signal to calculate the specific location of the satellite, they are very happy to take this research lab director Frank told. Llull Mike, said they had achieved the positioning of the Soviet satellite Doppler tracking.

#p#: #e#

1957 the first artificial satellite, the research content is the The Pentagon how to know the specific location of warships in the vast sea, heard two scientists report after he shines, since you can find where the satellite, if the problem can be found in the satellite in turn, where are you, a navy warship positioning problem of ideas!

GPS system according to this line of thinking has started, the first problem to be solved in the scheme is: the satellite with low, middle and high orbit which if the low? The track, the launch cost is relatively low, relatively high accuracy, but if you need global coverage of 200 satellites, such Project is really can't afford it.

if the high orbit theory, three satellites can cover the world, but in addition to launch difficulty of high orbit satellite large, more important is the positioning accuracy is low, there are two reasons: one is that the track is too high will lead to measurement error, two is the relative speed of geostationary orbit and the ground object is very small that is not conducive to the solution method using Doppler frequency shift.

is in orbit compromise, global coverage only needs 24-36 satellites, because the rail is moving, even if the ground object does not move, but the relative velocity of the satellite is also great, it can make full use of the Doppler frequency shift method.

when the mobile station at a constant rate moves along one direction, will cause the change of phase and frequency, known as the Doppler frequency shift. Based on above

, the United States chose in orbit constellation of 24 satellites, the first one was launched on 1978, the whole system is put into operation in 1995, the existing 30 satellites, divided into two military and civilian positioning mode, including civil way open to the world.

2, the United States is not living Lei Feng?

GPS is a good stuff, much to the improvement of people's living quality, such as automotive and mobile phone navigation is very important, people bid farewell to find a way in the paper on the map of history. GPS for adventure navigation is more important, the key moment can help. Such a good thing, the United States has invested a huge sum of money, even to the world for free, is the United States government is "

President Obama

even if the GPS is not free it not possible to collect money, why do you say that? Because GPS this is a one-way communication system, and radio and television tower is similar. Radio and television tower we all know that it is just a signal, in the end there are 1 radio or 10 thousand radio to listen to the radio. Radio and TV Tower is not known, so is the GPS system, 30 satellites just kept to the ground signal, specifically who is receiving and using these signals, it is simply not informed, since it is not, how to make money?

by selling high decoding chip to collect the money the answer is OK? No, because GPS is a one-way communication mechanism not only received, this is a congenital disorder on encryption, even if encrypted, a few days will be cracked, especially the civil code also requires the receiving equipment requirement is simple and easy to use, low cost, it is more difficult for encryption.

the United States has 30 satellites in space

if GPS is free, will form a huge market in the world, relying on this system will produce a new international industry, and will form a powerful national soft power, so GPS free is in line with the national interests of the United states.

GPS is a free welfare to the world people's livelihood, but it is a challenge in the military, military warships of the U.S. hostile countries on the course, can also be installed, Americans cannot forbid, this is not a threat to the United States? GPS actually open only civil code, accuracy than the United States Military use of the military code difference ten times, a large portion of congenital contusion.

is more important, if the battle began with the American people, the people of GPS code to give you a stop, you have been very dependent on GPS, even the compass is lost, it can be at loss. If the United States does not give you stop GPS, but sent a fraud code, targeting the United States of America's missiles could fly to their positions, which is more terrible.

so that his country's arms must not be used in the United States GPS, once the formation of dependence will be like drug addicts can not extricate themselves, it is necessary to develop their own positioning and navigation system. Of course, the development of its own positioning and navigation system is only a small number of major powers.

in Thailand, Mexico and other small countries is actually the trouble, because of the global positioning system is too large, the comprehensive national strength weak small country are simply not made up, or just continue to use GPS, it also worry.

global positioning system project

3, Beidou

Chinese origin was an aspiring country, in this satellite navigation map can not worry, in fact from the last century in 70s began to suck, planning 75 in the "new star" program, then put forward the regional system of single star, star, Samsung, three to five stars, and the global satellite system. Research, demonstration, re study, and re argument … … never stopped.

80 in the early 1990s, with "two bombs and one satellite" founders into expert group led by academician Fangyun proposed double star positioning scheme, the optimal scheme was recognized, but because of the economic conditions and other reasons was shelved for ten years.

China space father Tsien Hsueshen

1991 is a major turning point in the Gulf War, the Chinese hit, very successful application of the GPS in the U.S. in combat, making war after deeply aware of this layer is really not something no, the double star positioning scheme was shelved for ten years and then start immediately.

why not like the United States in 30 satellite system? At the time of the situation is no experience and no money, just started to slow down from scrappy start to play big easy to fall through. Will someone asked, in the space of three to two satellites positioning coordinates, not enough ah? "

Chinese first satellite launch

this is a good question, there is a double star positioning scheme height meter, the user needs to self testing elevation, and as a result of the third coordinate, which is in the center of the earth with a virtual satellite, which realizes the positioning of samsung. Why not simply launch three satellites, the reason is very simple, the height of the instrument is very cheap, this program is more economical.

only two stars, of course, can not be like the United States GPS did engage in the orbit in orbit, low coverage is small, the track two satellites in most of the time in Chinese over the outside of the flight, Chinese, also how to use? It can only engage in high orbit, and it is still, so over properly parked in the Chinese mainland. Static high orbit is a double star positioning must be selected, technically speaking, this is no doubt correct, but it does not have a strong performance of the hidden dangers, which is to talk about the next issue, the Big Dipper is criticized.

4, Beidou criticized

MH370 lost contact after a lot of popular science, make the public familiar with the Doppler effect, the Doppler effect is good or bad for the satellite? It depends on what kind of satellite, the Doppler effect is good for satellite navigation and positioning, because the relative velocity relative to the earth satellite the object of the measured object is bigger, the Doppler effect is more obvious, positioning will be more accurate, this is even based on the core principle of the satellite positioning and navigation.

however, the Doppler effect is a bad thing for communications satellites, because the frequency offset will lead to communication failure, it is necessary to do a correction. For example, in the India ocean over the Asia Pacific international communications satellite is relatively fixed ground, lost contact with the MH370 in the final phase of the 7 exploration signals were detected by the satellite frequency offset.

MH370 lost

caused a sensation in the world which is supposed to be revised away data, did not think this was the only evidence that the aircraft flight path. In one sentence summary is: with the satellite satellite positioning satellite to do the work, the Doppler effect is a bad thing into a good thing. Since the two satellites are China geostationary orbit, nature can complete the communication task and international communication satellite, and can also be positioning communication design has become the technical characteristics of Beidou, GPS and other navigation systems are not support communication function.

GPS of the United States do not have the communication function of Beidou like this, it really can not say that people of backward technology, because the family is one of the satellite system, satellite and communication satellite positioning performance of two systems is excellent. The Chinese Beidou is two jobs, it sounds more comprehensive function, is to hit the China positioning satellite communication satellite orbit, nature can harvest the sideline business communication.

Chinese Beidou satellite technology the world's first column after all

positioning is the Beidou industry, most of the channel resources must be transferred to the location data, so for the communication channel resource is very few, it is unable to complete the real-time voice communication complete, only SMS function. Since these two stars orbit is very high, resulting in the ground is measured with the satellite's relative speed is very low, so the Doppler effect is not obvious, its positioning accuracy is far better than the GPS. So although the Beidou can communication and positioning is a unique advantage, is the communication function than the international maritime satellite positioning function is much worse, much worse than GPS satellite communication and positioning, although nothing but what properties are not capable.

to be honest, Beidou has reached the design target, the project was very successful, after all, only two stars, zeneng with dozens of maritime communications satellite and GPS satellite compared to it, like you spent 800 yuan to buy a dual card dual standby copycat machine, it is not like an apple mobile phone call well, this isn't fair.

can make an assumption, if there is no international maritime satellite and GPS satellite, it can locate and communication of Beidou is shining, but the problem is when the advent of Beidou satellite system, the two is already quite mature, under the contrast of them, it is a generation of Beidou Xiang, and is the country spent much of the price made a Tuo Xiang, of course is being scolded, researchers gray dare not utter a word.


and Galileo's marriage Beidou user experience is poor, that ye go down? Then Chinese sees Europe's Galileo plan, this is the global positioning satellite system plan to jointly engage in European countries, because the project is too expensive, individual countries in Europe who are not. But can not engage in European countries, although the relationship with the United States is very good, but not the national security department in the United States government.

Europe has the technology but short of money, so they took aim at the China Chinese because of nouveau riche, Beidou suck and worry about it, naturally hit it off, according to reports Chinese joined the Galileo technology, and very generous took two hundred million occupation fee. But China increasingly felt wrong, Europe actually put Japan and India also pull in, they produced less money but a lot of rights.

of the European Galileo plan

this isn't as big a Chinese? More money is not the problem, the key lies in the two countries we have to guard against the military, to do with them using the same in the defense system? Chinese found no signs determined after clicking exit, exit after their own, began to develop the two generation beidou. The two generation of the Big Dipper plans to launch 35 satellites in 2020, the formation of a global positioning and navigation system, more than GPS 5. More than 5 of these are at the equator of the orbit of the satellite, the main task is to complete the short message, the other 30 with the United States GPS the same as the 30, are the orbit of the movement of the satellite.

two generations of the size of the big dipper and GPS equivalent, the application of the track and frequency with the European Galileo is more consistent, which inevitably encountered the problem of satellite orbit and frequency contention. The satellite orbits and the spatial frequency is common to human resources, how to allocate? International rules is neither by country, nor according to population, but who is who. First first principle is formulated in western developed countries, they think this is the principle of fairness, all countries have the same chance of reason: you also have the ability to hit the satellite you ah, I'm not stopping you, you don't play your own thing, if you never play, don't track and frequency the rate will always give you leave? It sounds also makes sense, but the key is, even if you don't feel the truth, you do not have the ability to stop the developed countries accounted for orbit and frequency.

"Beidou" active positioning satellite is 70140 degrees east longitude, latitude 555 degrees

2005 Galileo satellites first, but did not open, only accounted for a track but did not account for the frequency, why not open? The reason is no money to spend, opened in Europe, hand a little tight. China's first star of the two generation of the Big Dipper is also followed by God, and up on the opening, which will account for the track and frequency on the, and this is why it is because the Chinese government is not bad money.

slowly over the European Galileo and Beidou China side of the fiddle, one by one, stop playing a satellite, later made a stone star, and Galileo and Beidou two generation of some frequency overlap, both the record in the International Telecommunication Union, who preempt even who, fast the rhythm of China European Jiyan, through the United States to China pressure requirements China slow down and so on the people of europe. Before the European and American countries with technical and economic advantages to seize resources, technology and economic China suck only eat yabakui you have no humility, now what I would like to ignore the China humility? Europe protests, according to the established rhythm to hit the satellite.

6, Asia Pacific Network

although there is no 35 satellites to fight the whole, but the two generation of the Asia Pacific region Beidou navigation network has been built up, and has been put into use. GPS and the Big Dipper in the orbit of the satellite are 30, they are woven on the space of a network.

GPS is the most dense mesh in the United States over two generations in the most dense mesh Beidou China over local service is the first priority, of course, a good understanding of this truth. Canada and Mexico, of course, will choose GPS, and for the Asia Pacific countries, the Big Dipper is more dominant than the GPS.

Wuhan Optics Valley compass group

Asia Pacific countries are aware of the advantages of Beidou China coverage, the government is also actively promoting the Beidou two generation in the Asia Pacific region should be used, and Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Kampuchea, Laos and other countries sent 19 experts in July 2014 to study Chinese Beidou two generation, to discuss cooperation matters.

first went to Wuhan Optics Valley compass group, visited the remote sensing satellite ground receiving station China maximum, second went to Huangshi, visited the building in the China ASEAN compass demonstration city, third stations visited the Beidou earth space industry international school, the fourth station is in the "2014 international training and application of Beidou technology the class" in Wuhan University of Surveying and mapping state led academicians Li Deren point learning lab for half a month.

China Beidou navigation system to provide a formal regional service

schedule is very exquisite, with their first visit, travel is not very intensive you thought slack, a more than a high-end atmosphere on the level of the Beidou Industrial Park, to their eyes are more and more big, in the heart has been shocked by the internationally renowned scientist, academician Li Deren personally taught, you answered every question in the use of the Beidou, by the way the harvest of these ASEAN experts knees.

Thailand experts said that some of the GPS satellite signal in Thailand not received, and all of the Beidou satellite signals can be received, of course, to participate in the Big Dipper "eye" plan, and Thailand now has completed the first batch of CORS (continuous operation of satellite positioning service system). Followed by Malaysia, will become the Beidou "eye" next settled in the country.

7, is the Wenchuan earthquake in May 12, 2008 in the first successful application of fishery application

Beidou, we usually don't see the communication is very convenient, SMS, telephone, Internet and other means a lot, but in fact are highly dependent on the fiber and the base station, when the infrastructure area has been damaged, you will find QQ, WeChat micro-blog SMS … … communication means all usually very convenient all over, in addition to roar by simply no way out. At that time the

generation or Beidou system, because although the performance index than GPS and is a maritime satellite called Xiang, but Beidou in the earthquake has played out from the ground of the advantage of its location and messaging capability to fully play a role, as the communication assistant rescue forces and the front the most effective rescue personnel, to maximize the "72 hours golden rescue time" effective use, highlighting the advantages of Beidou services to people's livelihood.

ocean fishery is full of dangerous jobs, when risk can get timely relief is very important, and then save the fishermen will prepare two kinds of electronic equipment, a GPS two is the maritime satellite telephone, in order to meet the risk to timely help.

compass used in fishery

encountered risks need to be the first to use GPS for help, a good place, and then use the maritime satellite telephone shore rescue team, told them that my distress GPS coordinates, so they came to my rescue. Of course is also useful for radio, but the station reliability as the maritime satellite telephone, is not a life-and-death matter may be at loss. However, raising a maritime satellite phone is very expensive, but in order to save the critical moment can not help but, many fishermen are very tangled. The two generation of

in the Asia Pacific region network, fishermen have a new choice, that is installed Beidou satellite Beidou terminal, the two-way SMS function has been a perfect application in fishing rescue, encountered danger after a key for help, the terminal will automatically put with location information via satellite to shore distress message the rescue team, to achieve the GPS+ maritime satellite telephone function, and more convenient. The

terminal is expensive? The government's promotion, will be identified as safety equipment, enjoy agricultural subsidies, the government took the extra 1 hundred million Beidou terminal free Liaoning, Shandong, Zhejiang, Hainan 10 thousand fishing boats installation, installation of 90% subsequent re direct subsidies, fishermen need only a symbolic 10% the money can be installed.

China Beidou satellite maritime satellite phone is very expensive, the Beidou satellite SMS is expensive or not? The answer is an echo! This is the cheapest ever satellite message, why so cheap, there are government subsidies. In fact, did not consider the cost, charge is symbolic. Have expert advice for free, but afraid of the fishermen have hair piece, too wasteful of satellite channel resources, simply set a Sanmao. Beidou satellite SMS feature is very popular, according to the statistics of Zhejiang Province in 2011, Zhejiang fishermen use the Beidou satellite text messages 13 million, of which 6 million 40 thousand ships and of the ship, the ship and the mobile phone exchange 6 million 960 thousand.

fishing provinces on the shore of the two generation of Dajian Beidou based fisheries information service infrastructure, to send real-time weather, sea fishing, fishing season, red tide news via satellite, and even one day the price, to help fishermen decide which fish fishing, fishermen in the sea to catch information transmitted to the shore, well in advance of the seller.

8, two off a dangerous and ground-based augmentation system

"two crises" refers to the road class line of passenger travel, charter, dangerous goods transport vehicles, these must be fitted with electronic positioning device, and access to information in a timely manner will run the network control system. In the traffic management department to monitor the large screen, the state of motion of the vehicle at a glance, speeding and other violations of illegal driving behavior will automatically alarm, which is a law to protect people's lives and safety. The range is still

two off a dangerous expansion, police cars, cars, buses are also being incorporated into the satellite positioning monitoring system, not only for safety, but also to monitor Gongjusiyong, vehicle route clearly, properly due to the data stored in the database, not by the driver to cover. Figure

the schematic satellite monitoring of special vehicle

two off a crisis solution before, require the use of GPS, is now the government expressly required must be used two generation beidou. Some people questioned the government before, based on the GPS system could complete the task, now in order to promote domestic Beidou will be hard, this is not

it not harass the people and waste money? The power waste of money, but there are necessary measures for long-term planning. Chinese is planning to engage in Beidou two generation ground-based augmentation system, set up equipment in Beidou street lamp pole, tower and other places, the formation of the compass ground-based augmentation system, combined with space-based satellites, can achieve real-time positioning accuracy of meters below grade.

Beidou satellite ground-based augmentation system

Beidou system of the two generation space-based and ground-based system once the successful combination of the big truck to long-term occupation of the overtaking lane, and GPS positioning before the accuracy is 10 meters, is unable to distinguish between lanes the. The positioning of the child to wear the watch will be more accurate and sensitive, location information is no longer near a place, but precisely to the children standing on the floor tiles.

is the foundation to enhance the system should cooperate closely with the space-based system, if the system of the building throughout the country the name based on the GPS, that if I charge? Or the underlying data screen, then we will be card neck. We have a total of two generations of the Big Dipper, their own foundation enhanced system of course, with their own big dipper two generation pairing. Use

9, deformation monitoring and automatic test

compass two generation very much, according to the statistics, there are more than 200, for example, there is a special deformation monitoring, measurement of settlement and deformation of the dam, bridge, highway and other large building. Netizens will doubt, compass and GPS precision is 10 meters, zeneng engage in such detailed work? This source algorithms to the poor.

any measurement will have the error, and the results of the statistical average of the number of measurements, it will effectively reduce the error. Satellite positioning differential is the reason algorithm, a positioning accuracy is 10 meters, but the positioning data are combined with tens of thousands of times, it is possible to obtain more accurate results, even accurate to the millimeter.

uses the two generation of Beidou

is very obviously, the measurement time is more and more precise, and the building subsidence and deformation is slow, it can be used to measure these characteristics. The compass device fixed on the buildings above, make it automatically receive location information, save the massive positioning data one month after the difference calculation, accuracy in mm below the positioning data even out, than the manual measurement more accurate and convenient.

many remote monitoring points is no mobile phone signal, deformation monitoring GPS must use artificial acquisition based on Beidou in deformation monitoring is also an advantage that the data can be directly through the Beidou SMS function returns to its base, a solar panel snap, positioning, difference and data return all automation.

driving test subjects may be the Beidou system fully replace

in ground facilities under the cooperation of the real-time positioning accuracy of the Beidou is far higher than that of GPS, has now reached an accuracy of 2 cm to 80 km / hour case, this will give the other a business provides technical means, which is based on the two generation system Beidou driving test examiner.

has now backing storage project driving test of electronic monitoring, the line will alarm, but also have a driving test examiner. After all the driving test subjects may be fully replace the Beidou system, install the Beidou receiver in the examination on the car, whether it is the library or road test, the system will record the accurate real-time vehicle trajectory, and automatic scoring, than the examiner more strict and impartial.

10, the two generation of the generation of the government to promote the Beidou two generation project, the government will certainly promote, but the promotion of the road is not the same as before. About seven or eight years ago, the phone has a Wi-Fi function, and the Chinese government think this technical standard is not good, so out of the national independent intellectual property rights of the WAPI standard, trying to replace the Wi-Fi. In fact, not only China so dry,

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