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tengxunkeji· 2016-06-23 09:41:20

according to Computerworld web site reported that the network security researchers recently in a number of seemingly legitimate applications found a new type of malicious software. This kind of malicious software can secretly obtain Root mobile phone Android permissions, and then install illegal software in the phone.

trend Micro (Trend) on Tuesday in a blog post wrote that the researchers found in Play Google and other applications store a hidden name is "Godless" malware. this malicious software attacks target is to use Android 5.1 or earlier Android version of the mobile device, covering more than 90% of the Android device.

"Godless" hidden in some applications, and access to mobile phone users using Exploit program Root permissions, which is basically the equivalent of creating administrator privileges, then you can program illegal unauthorized installation in the mobile phone. Godless "

" contains a variety of Exploit procedures, in order to ensure that it can get the phone's Root permissions, it can even be installed in the phone spyware. Godless "

" also has a new variant, it can bypass the Play Google and other applications store security checks. Once it gets the Root permissions of the phone, it is difficult for users to uninstall it.

Trend Micro said it found the malicious software in many applications of Play Google.

"we have found this kind of malicious software in many applications, including flashlight and Wi-Fi applications and other useful tools, including a number of popular game applications cottage version. "The company said.

some applications do not contain such malicious software, but they have the corresponding malicious version, the two versions share the same developer certificate. After the user has installed a clean application, the application will be upgraded to a secret secret.

said the trend of science and technology, so far, the malicious software has attacked 850 thousand mobile devices, almost half of them in India, and some in other Southeast Asian countries, less than 2% in the United states.

"download the application, whether it is a download utility or popular game, the user should review the application developers. To be wary of those who do not leave information or leave only little information on the developers, their development may be the source of this malicious software. Trend science and technology.

trends technology recommendations, the user is best to download applications from the trusted application store. Of course, if the user to buy some mobile phone security software is even better.

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