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niersenshichangyanjiu· 2016-06-23 10:13:48

Nelson smart devices share monitoring platform display by the end of May 2016, the overall share of more than 2000 yuan models increased by 3.01% compared with the end of 2015. iPhone SE from the aspect of competition, the market did not give Apple's market share to bring further growth, on the contrary, there has been a 0.35% decline in the share of apple. Android camp, thanks to a series of R9 hot, OPPO led, market share growth of 1.95%. The increase followed by vivo (1.25%), HUAWEI (0.61%).

"is different from the traditional shipments and sales data, Nelson jointly launched TalkingData smart devices share monitoring platform directly capture real smart device the client is activated in the smartphone market, to provide the most authentic interpretation performance.

report, style= font-size:15px; font-family: sans-serif; Microsoft YaHei, color:#009DD9 ">2016 five years ago, in the high-end smart mobile phone (2000 yuan models) the overall share of growth of nearly 3.01% (including Apple's market share fell 0.35%, while non iOS camp 2000 yuan more than the share of overall growth of 3.37%), 1000 yuan below the overall share of the following models to further decline, a decline of 2.27%.

in response to this trend, the manufacturers also in 2016 launched a series of high-end flagship mobile phone (2000 yuan), unprecedented fierce market competition. Nelson also focused on the market for more than 2000 yuan scanning.

consumption upgrade trend is still continuing, the layout of the glory of the high-end market, Plus R9 and P9 outstanding performance.

for the 5 to enter the market of high-end models:

positioning Price Glory brand to cater to the trend of consumption upgrade, further the layout of the high-end market. Glory V8 listed in the month of the overall activation of smartphones share reached at 1.02, in Nelson's database, the performance of beyond the same price segment 80% models. The glory of the brand in the low-end market recognized by consumers, the glory of V8 with 2K screen and dual camera point, caused the high attention, can be transformed into real share, and won the reputation in the high-end market, it is worth looking forward to the follow-up.

vivo after Xplay5 Xplay5, pushing ultimate to further towards the high-end market. But because of the high-end brand vivo force is still lacking, especially in the first-tier cities competition, the channel is not dominant, Xplay5 have no outstanding performance (listed share at 0.18 month follow-up), can open up a world in the high-end market still needs attention.

for the 4 to enter the market of high-end models:

the same series of R9 Plus also showed a strong competitive power, the end of May the share reached at 15.4, in Nelson's database, the performance of beyond the same price Paragraph 95% of the model. At the same time significantly beyond the Plus R7 listed second months of performance (Plus R7 shares listed on the month of 9). In addition to the accumulation of brand reputation, product innovation, accurate positioning of the target population, the effective communication of the core selling point and rapid follow-up channels, are the key factors to achieve a strong performance R series.

to obtain good market feedback, the end of May the share reached at 12, in Nelson's database. The performance of beyond the same price segment 90% models, more than P8 listed second months performance as much as 3 times (P8 share listed at 3.8). This result is due to the reputation of HUAWEI in the high-end market accumulation, as well as consumer recognition of Leica's dual camera selling point.

vivo X6s listed in the second months to share at 8.5, in Nelson's database, the performance of beyond the same price segment 80%. But with the X6 listed second months performance compared to the larger gap (X6 listed second months to share at 28.9), on the one hand is the two products listed on the short time interval, the product change is very small, the channels need to digest inventory after the X6 will have a large number of purchase intention, on the other hand X6s to enhance the value of consumers is not obvious. Arouse the attention of consumers lack. X6sPlus is also the case.

border-box; text-align: justify; > NDS will be released next month with a 3, secret ZTE AXON 7, Samsung C5 models such as the real activation of market share, please look forward to!

Apple challenged Android smartphone by HUAWEI, OPPO and vivo as the representative to further expand the market territory.

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