British media: Taiwan to help the parties to unmanned submarines from the muddy water

Submarine submarine launched torpedo new type of warship Taiwan army fire control system

· 2016-06-23 11:08:31

[military] global network reported on June 22nd according to the Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on June 21st, the Taiwan Navy said the next 20 years will cost NT $470 billion (about 95 billion 900 million yuan) to build new ships including submarines. If Taiwan really built a submarine, it's about 50 years from Taiwan's first submarine.

1973, the sale of two 1943 is built during World War two eggplant than class submarines for antisubmarine training in Taiwan to "use", but called "sea lion", "seal" the two submarines not only older, allegedly when the delivery, torpedo tubes were sealed us. In addition to the sale of more than a new type of submarine, the United States has not to sell the use of submarine torpedo, Taiwan only detour through the third party to obtain other countries made submarine launched torpedo.

reported that in 1988, Taiwan finally agreed to Holland made two "swordfish" submarine, named "dragon" and "tiger". Although Taiwan is still actively strive for the submarine and production technology, but due to the international situation, has been in vain.

in 2001, when U.S. President Barack Bush announced the sale of 8 conventional power, that is, diesel electric power or traditional power of the submarine. However, the United States has no longer produce such submarines, and the United States has been described as Taiwan is the price of the re production line and the design of the re production line. Therefore, although occasionally mentioned the case now, but Taiwan has little interest in the United States also do not seem to "settle a matter by leaving it unsettled".

reported that, in recent years, Taiwan's 4 submarines in two from Holland is considered old, two from the United States is over 70 years old, the world is still in use in the submarine was the largest and oldest. And Taiwan to fight for the submarine's thinking has changed, and now he has become the mainstream of the construction of submarines. Not long ago, a number of manufacturers in Taiwan position, said he has the ability to provide a variety of submarine technology required.

reported that, although Taiwan itself has a lot of people on the construction of the submarine have doubts, but after Cai Yingwen's support, the public opinion seems to be a slight shift. But experts have pointed out that Taiwan still needs such as radar detection system, fire control system, technical support, and Taiwan is facing a problem, for many years no country is willing to risk to the mainland, the sale of submarines or technology to Taiwan. Taiwan Navy's official position, at least to determine the future of Taiwan's submarine is produced in Taiwan, the local faction or its own assembly of the submarine.

after more than 50 years, Taiwan's self built submarine dream can come true? Reported that, in addition to those obstacles, there are still people in Taiwan are skeptical about this, can convince these people? Cai Yingwen seems to face the challenge is not small.

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