Learn tyrants long so! Provincial college entrance exam released

Tencent science scholar learning tyrants picture Hengshui middle school

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left: Guizhou science naked champion Zhou Weidi (right) and teacher, 707; right: Guizhou Arts Division champion Chinese bare forest, 704. Lin Zhongwen introduced in the entrance before the entrance to the port to find her, promised to the college entrance examination scores as long as a line, Hong Kong will be admitted to her. In addition to Hong Kong, Lin has also considered the Chinese Tsinghua University. In fact, Lin Chinese outstanding not only in terms of learning, her computer design is also a class, as early as 2014 in Guiyang, a school uniform design exhibition, she designed the work of the competition.

left: Hebei science scholar Meng Xiangxi, 724; right: Hebei arts champion Yuan Jiawei, 706 points. Two per capita from Hengshui province and ten middle school, each accounted for nine. According to the director of the Hengshui middle school xuanke Zhang Yong, on the evening of 22, two champion Peking University, Tsinghua University has been received in Beijing.

left: Zhejiang science scholar Zhang Zhenyu, 749; right: Zhejiang arts champion Wang soul, 733. Zhang Zhenyu is very modest, said he had just finished when he was a little depressed, because the Chinese did not play a normal level. 15 days ago he just have a mobile phone, mobile phone is the college entrance examination after the end of the 15 days ago to buy, some QQ number, is the star who won the provincial youth literature, arts. This girl Wang Zhichun Zhenhai introverted, but the very idea. Results have been already the first grade. Dream is to enter Peking University Guanghua school.

left: Beijing science scholar Zhou Zhanping, 715; Beijing arts champion Yu laugh, 700 points. Zhou Zhanping as early as 2013 in the test, he was in the five branch of the total score of 526 points, ranked first in Haidian District. This can be the champion of Yu Xiao for his "very touched surprise", have thought of bad situation, after the test of the heddle less emboldened. Yu Xiao is good at the subject is English, want to learn legal profession. In the daily study I like Beijing opera, reading, drawing, when I was a child learning to dance.

left: Hubei science scholar Mei Zhiyu, 707; right: Hubei arts champion Cao Jieyi, 652 points. Mei Zhiyu intends to fill computer or physics, University yet, intend to lose weight. Cao Jieyi resembles Zhou Bichang, in the eyes of the students have a personality.

left: Gansu science scholar Hu Mingyuan; right: Gansu arts champion Li Xiaotong, 638 points. Science master by Wang Qingyi, Hu Mingyuan, fan to 690 points tied.



figure: Jilin science scholar Liu Mohan, the total score of 708; the following figure: Jilin arts champion Ma Cheng, total score of 652 points.



figure: Anhui science scholar Xing Menglin, 703 points; figure: Anhui arts champion Wang Chengke, 657 points. Anhui college entrance examination science highest score 2, respectively: Xing Menglin Sun Yong, a middle school in Taihe wuwei.



Beijing science champion Zhou total score of 715; Beijing arts champion Yu laugh total score 700 points.

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