Dog abuse! Huang Xiaoming at the airport to hold baby close to her arms

Huang Xiaoming airport backpack work crazy

tengxunyule· 2016-06-23 16:56:55

Tencent entertainment news June 23rd morning, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy had two people at night appeared in the capital airport, ready for boarding to Paris fashion week. (from Tencent entertainment) "img_box"

Baby" by Huang Xiaoming in the body (from Tencent entertainment) "img_box" class=

that night, Huang Xiaoming was wearing embroidered jacket collocation backpack. Handsome husband bursting with, while Baby wore braces shorts with a T-shirt, is full of sense of youth. (from Tencent entertainment) "img_box"

two people at the airport the street very naturally with, but inadvertently revealed the love between the eyes and hands tightly, all filled with a sweet smell. (from: Tencent entertainment) class= img_box "

two people sweet hug. (from Tencent entertainment) "img_box"

netizens joked "single dog is 10 million crit" and "love for a long time to see people, they just abuse wang"! (from Tencent entertainment) "img_box"

and Baby, it is understood that Xiaoming is at the end of the work day after hurried to the airport, "workaholic" couple ". (from Tencent entertainment) "img_box"

in Paris, two people have countless memories, this time the Paris fashion week is Xiaoming and Baby couple the first synthetic body to see the show, naturally more significance. People can not help but think of the sentence: "the real love, not each other, but to look at the same place". (from: Tencent entertainment) class= img_box "

Huang Xiaoming

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