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Beijing time on June 24th at 7 in the morning, the 2016 NBA draft will be held in New York Broolyn. So that the majority of Chinese fans are very concerned that the 20 year old Chinese players Zhou Qi will also participate in the current draft, which is the 2007 Yi Jianlian and Yue Sun, the first Chinese players to participate in the draft.

since Yi Jianlian left NBA in 2012, NBA has 5 seasons without Chinese players, Zhou Qi can pick in the 25-35 in the draft, he will become the first in 5 years landing NBA game players China.

"style=" box-sizing: border-box; "> Zhou Qi basic information

1.6; location:

height: 7-2 feet (2.19

) "28.4444465637207px" >; weight: 218 pounds (98.9 kg)

line-height: > 28.4444465637207px; "Flying Tiger Team: Xinjiang (Chinese CBA)

advantages of

- the rookie's height and arm span

1.6; "> - sealing ability of strong

mobile ability is excellent" line-height: 28.4444465637207px; "

teachableness" line-height: 28.4444465637207px; ">

- poor physique, poor against

- the lack of struggle heart, AC

- defense; the psychological bearing ability of

- English

media predicted: the first round of the two round at the beginning or end of


with the draft day approaching, the United States three NBA draft website updated with the latest forecast results, due to the age of reason has been questioned, Zhou Qi draft ranking fell slightly, the prediction will be selected in the two round of the front.

"Draftexpress" prediction of Zhou Qi in the first 34 round pick by the Suns selected Feinikesi. The site has been optimistic about the international players in the traditional 2015 4 July, Zhou Qi to attend the 2015 summit was the site of basketball for the first round of the 11 rookie this is the highest draft, Zhou Qi gained in the authoritative media forecast. Until this year, 4, "Draftexpress" also predicted Zhou Qi is the first round of the 26 show.


"NBAdraft" website forecast Zhou Qi in section 43 cis position by Houston the Rockets selected. This website has been optimistic about the U.S. players, since the 2016 1 months, the site has been predicted Zhou Qi will be selected in the two round of the middle.


basketball draft expert Chad - Ford forecast Zhou Qi in section 48 cis position by the Chicago bulls selected. Chad - Ford has been bad mouthing the Zhou Qi prospect, Zhou Qi had predicted the election, and that the age of style= and CBA Xinjiang's block will affect the development prospects of Zhou qi.


famous basketball expert Su Qun also update an article about NBA draft articles, he predicted Zhou Qi in the first round 28

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team The trial Zhou Qi, Celtic, "width: style=

  style= 28.4444465637207px; >12, Zhou Qi attended the Chicago joint trial. In the joint trial, Zhou Qi is the only player overseas. In the static test, Zhou Qi's height, arm span and stand touch the first high ranked in all participating players, his flexibility and outside feel attracted praise, but also exposed the lighter weight, against the problems of lack of capacity. The joint trial, 10 team interview Zhou Qi.

subsequently, Zhou Qi joined the Celtics, the sun, the clippers, Memphis 4 team. The Celtics after the trial ended, the personnel director Austen - Anji praised Zhou Qi feeling. The Suns trial ended, assistant general manager pat - Connelly very pleased: "Zhou Qi is not the kind of lack of game experience for players, for his age, he has a very rich game experience, to invite him here to join our team's trial, really good."

Celtic and the sun is most likely to be Zhou Qi team, the Celtics in the hands of 2331 >, Tahoma; "35 sign and the hands of the" font-family: style= 28 34 sign is to take Zhou Qi hot, and have the 24 2676 25 and 33 sign; No. 30 Tahoma; No. warriors, 32 signed the Lakers Zhou qi.


U.S. media questioned Zhou Qi primary school age fraud, golfers face anger

2016" font-family: "> NBA; draft before the start, several U.S. media said Zhou Qi of the age of suspected fraud, although Zhou Qi age is 20, but many NBA; Scouts believe, Zhou Qi actual Born in 19921993 > years; ". But even the ESPN ace reporter Chad - Hartford, Zhou Qi age also not able to produce evidence of fraud.


this is Chinese media visited Zhou Qi's alma mater Liaoning Fuxin basketball school, according to the school the school offers card, Zhou Qi was born in 1996 years, age does not exist a problem.

worked in a primary school age and Zhou Qi together in Xinxiang amateur basketball training students also proved that Zhou Qi age is not a problem: "I is a year later in school, so my classmates are 1993 style=" font-family: years or 19941995 style= "font-family: years or 1996."



Chinese player dplace review

Song Tao: a 1987 third round pick sixty-seventh (Eagle)

1.6; font-family:; Wang Zhizhi 1999 the 2 1.6; font-family:; 36 1.6; font-family:; sequence (Dallas) Battelle: unselected
Yao Ming: 2002 the 1 1 CIS (rocket)
1.6; font-family:; Xue Yuyang 2003 the 2 57 CIS (Dallas) Yi Jianlian: 2007 the 1 6 CIS (Xiong Lu) Yue Sun: 240 CIS (Lakers)

in addition to Zhou Qi, you also need to pay attention to their < section style= width: 0px height: 0px; clear:; both;" >

the -; Simmons, PF/SF, Australia, from LSU, breakthrough ability, can organize the attack, comprehensive technology, known as the" Australia James ", is regarded as the largest the popular show champion, but a slight lack of shooting ability.


> Ingram;" the location of SF, from the Duke University, long arms, great potential, good at shooting distance, but the confrontation ability needs to be improved.


bend, position PF, Croatia, from Maccabi Tel Aviv club, inside and outside game height have the ability to coordinate, and shot, maybe a Bohr Tianjin style surprise hodges.


>;" Hilde, SG, from the University of Oklahoma, after training the Corbett Sishen shooter, tenacious + big heart, the best talent that is fighting force.


- dormann Tasmania font-family:;" > Sabonis, PF/C, the famous Lithuania center "roof of the world" - Sabonis o wintaker Gonzaga, from the University, to attack the basket means rich, strong flexibility, but the body quality is mediocre.


- Thorne;" > Mark, PF, Canada graduated from high school, the special union to participate in the draft, the first 11 years of high school graduates to participate in the NBA draft. 2.13 meters tall Mark is good at projection, but the body is weak, is considered to be the enemy of the whole life".


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