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phone industry can personally created 50 million units shipped only a handful of people, Feng Xing is one of them. But lenovo mobile professional managers system leads to it has had a strong dependence on the business operators, at low tide after lenovo mobile phone business will decline rapidly, Feng Xing also at that time over themselves in Lenovo stirring for 20 years ". Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

Feng Xing is not a social network on mobile phone ring "gangster" and "Reds", operators leading the rise of smartphones, he hid in the cool "Lian" behind. And when the mobile Internet to change all the time, in front of him waving one side of the "ecological" banner. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

music become the company in the mobile phone industry and operators the most intimate relationship, Feng Xing and depending on the phone also began to appear in more and more province line communication channels dealers will be in. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

in the music video fan of the conference, Feng Xinghui also frequently used his innuendo to interpret the ecological thinking of the mobile phone industry. But when he went through the vertical depth of the mobile phone industry and industry changes quietly encounter, the music, as the phone is flying in the general speed is close to the first echelon in the front. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

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a lot of people think Feng Xing leave Lenovo will and operators will become "have the friend, because they think the channel operators have no value, but Feng Xing said operators" still great ". Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

2008 years, the Chinese operator 3G license issued. 2G to 3G conversion of the era, Lenovo and operators together to get a rapid growth, Feng Xing is one of the key figures. Lenovo is the first one for China Unicom custom thousands of intelligent machines brand, soon on the monthly sales of millions, and then another three manufacturers to join, they became the "China cool joint".

when operators demand actually very simple directly to users'. In the 3G era, their approach is very simple and crude, is a considerable subsidy. And in the operator subsidies to the climax of the time, some contrary to the rules of the industry things happened. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

first of all is the relationship between manufacturing costs and prices in violation of the law. The operator's machine card binding package is usually 399/599/799 such prices, while the mobile phone manufacturers will be stuck on the phone factory price of the package price. This makes each product will be limited to the price of a standard configuration, hardware configuration, parameters, appearance and technology are very close. Feng Xing smile said:

"I bid will often face blindness, recognize Lenovo products, each of the products are the same, there is no difference".

operators Jicai has the strict rules of the game, a custom library generally bank a, B and C library, to "storage" products are eligible to participate in the collection. Warehousing products need to be selected through the process of bidding, basically domestic manufacturers will participate in them, so the price war began.

"including tax BOM and manufacturing cost price also is likely" a domestic mobile phone manufacturers project manager told the geek park. And after winning the bid hundreds of thousands of units are very much the first million phone subsidies enough to cover this part of the loss and make manufacturers to make profits.

subsidies come so surging, there is a natural people want to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. Operators need to determine a number of "live", will give subsidies, so the "number" has become the industry's number one unspoken rules. Some large chain stores will put the phone card is placed in the "raise," keep the network status and to reach the required length can be considerable operator subsidies.

such "insane" continued to the end of 2013, operators to sharply reduce the amount of subsidies, and saw the game players to lose money will have to leave. "China cool joint" in the three growth is weak, fell out of the industry before five, we all feel that there is no subsidy of the 4G era operators for their own little value. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

music as the phone to make the most proud of a figure is not sales, but the "flow". In China Unicom's statistical report, a iPhone user average monthly consumption of traffic is 800M, while the music as 1.2G. And the average user is different, for the music, as the user does not mean that a higher tariff.

a year ago, in le 1 just released when the music as it announced and China Unicom cooperation, each depending on the phone users every month most can get monthly 6G Unicom gift of the directional flow. For many people, this has been how to use all of the.

4G, mobile Internet reign, the flow is the core product of operators selling, while the music is the most cost flow of a company, they became "a match made in heaven".

last year we also think "ecological" may be music as a "gambling" this year, it has been raging, and changed the lives of many of us. For example, music as sports has become China's largest sports content platform, as well as one of the largest operating management institutions. Currently music as sports has 310 top-level events, more than 10000 games of the copyright, of which 72% are exclusive rights and interests.

again for example, film music, as repeatedly "42 dial one thousand jins" manufacture "network oratorio", including hits more than 20 million "promotion for Princess Story" and by self-made drama to film "sleep in my upper berth Brothers". If the "Crown Princess" is no stranger to you, you may also know that only in the music 1s phone to see a few different versions of the outcome.

we see EUI countless content portal will feel music as some "lunatic", live now, sports and self-made drama content get greatly expanded, they become easier to understand. When the traffic is very expensive, you may not be willing to open them everywhere, but when every month 6G, the situation is not the same.

von luck said:

"I and operators is still very good, is for us to help each other means. This is why China Unicom first to music as underwriting 130 million units, then blind raise underwriting 300 million Taiwan Music 2, before China Unicom has never had an underwriting commitment. "

maybe three years ago, the operators to many manufacturers one central purchasing orders, but now their amount is not so big. Operators are no longer so concerned about the growth of new users, but the pursuit of the ARPU value of existing users. For an emerging manufacturers can capture operators heart actually not "Netcom", "4G +", but under the faster speed consumption of more traffic. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

suppose only one million orders, the operator will give users the largest flow of traffic that vendor. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

> explosion models to drop out line channel

"yellow monitor" is northwest of a mobile agent "Lianhua" partner, although privately and von luck is just a few surface of the edge, but in the mobile phone industry he and Lianhua can Feng Xing's old friend.

"before we Lianhua is Lenovo's agent, but later legend is not very good do, we follow Feng total turn together to make music as", yellow monitor told geek Park, "now we basically handle agency of small brands are removed, specializes in music. "

open market chase forever is" interests ", but and channel operators downwind downstream different, depending on the phone online channels under the road go some ups and downs.

if can be backed by a large chain support, depending on the phone this online is less well known products may also be immediately a gun and red, but depending on the phone in a start also very weak, everything should be done slowly. No huge promotion of resources, music, as the mobile phone online penetration rate is relatively slow at the beginning.

yellow monitor said: "in fact, the first generation of three products, many agents is deficient, some agents hand pressed a lot of goods, sell do not go out. "Style= box-sizing:" border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

is the explosion models, that is a make music as agents hesitate "Bao Dian Bao Jie" to promote it on the phone.

phone industry has a quite interesting tips when you feel a mobile phone according to the configuration of the work should be sold 999 and it was released as long as 799, it online will be sold 999. When most people think music 1s is likely to be 1299 and music finally announced it is 1099, it is destined to will be online in 1299 price sold.

for a thousand machines, the two or three hundred yuan is manufacturers left the biggest dealer in faith, because the channel is to "raise".

Music 1s capacity within a few months after the release of all didn't can completely meet the needs of the market, all channels of agents are basically "hungry" state. Yellow monitor told geeks Park:

"we are now the main thrust is music to 1s, the market performance is very good. But the amount we have is too little, a month's quota is not enough for a few days to sell. "

Feng lucky because productivity immensely also cry not to laugh:" the daily output is the actual sales, the basic zero inventory. "

let music finally online channels touched the doorway, and explosion models is depending on the phone can not be a lack of a trait. When we to Feng Xing expression of explosion of a sustainability concerns, instead, he relaxed tone:

"behind every will is explosion models, because we have the content of the ecological layout, hardware forward backward charge support. "

in the music to celebrate themselves to become the fastest breakthrough brand of 500 million units at a ceremony, agents have obtained prizes are" le 2 priority right of taking delivery of goods ", some 1000, some 500. For them, this is the most wanted thing, because the priority of delivery in fact corresponds to the priority to make money.

however, music in the channel has just begun to taste the sweetness, yellow monitor to us revealed some they vaguely concerns:

"is the first commercial channels of impact, this in the past few years have been in development. The second is the operator channel Cuanhuo, that will destroy the whole price system, we would not be able to sell. "

for channel" price control "is a vendor in the open market the ultimate cheats, vivo and oppo by them firmly in control of the domestic 2500 yuan file, occupy the top five industries. This is the music, as the next phase of the most important things.

> around the pit to index growth

just listed, we for the first time to Feng lucky asked sales expectations, Feng Xinglve with grief and said: "Jia Zong to our index is the whole life cycle of 500 million units, and I was worried about how to finish it. "

indeed, music as a growth rate too fast the, it with 245 days sold 500 million mobile phones, which is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in the first years never reached the speed. Music, as the rhythm is too fast, the first half of the update has become a matter to be planned, and this is before we called the mobile phone industry in the fast rhythm.

when we to Feng Xing asked high-speed growth, Feng Xing said: "I personally involved in the most profound changes in the industry, very clear those craters where, the music can be around most of them, even down to quickly jump out. "

each do the annual shipments of 5000 million units of the brand is supply chain management and quality control of master, this is Feng Xing and before the association best. when the music as the volume of shipments almost every month to create a new record, Feng was lucky enough to put more time there. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

in music 1s become the line after the explosion of the line, the production capacity and supply caused by the channel and consumer dissatisfaction. But soon music 1s single month shipments exceeded 1 million units, which is a very exaggerated figures for the new manufacturers. Feng Xing of the mobile phone industry may not become a valuable resource for the music marketing. His real output is experiences in solving the core problem.

on the eve of the Spring Festival, Feng Xing specially to the music as a trip to Suzhou foundry. He personally participated in the music as the new year's condolences activities, to produce excellent performance of the workers were presented as a mobile phone. But Feng fortunately in fact very clear, style= box-sizing: "border-box

"and cool cooperation now part is the content of the ecological distribution, also is sharing a part of supply chain resources. "

this is ripening music as the best and most effective way is also the" Mongolian eyes running "depending on the phone or not an important reason for the big somersault.

Feng Xing mouth "Lao Jia" is a very extreme, including proposed sales of the actual requirements, although "Lao Jia" in open field with not too much mention specific figures. However, Feng fortunately, as the music and the old Jia, the answer is beyond our expectations.

a lot of people think music should become the most adhere to one of the mobile phone manufacturers "Internet", because its interpretation of the story of a "video website" to do the phone. But Feng Xing from the beginning with the music as a mobile phone with a more broad road, chose a "full channel" strategy. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

Feng fortunately understand that music is the most can not "stick" of a company, it is the way to prove his way in front of all people. Music in front of people behind the Bohemian is drained the own all the channel resources, and then watched a bit of an exaggeration of achievements step by step to push yourself to the position that enough components.

Music grab in front of all the people released Xiaolong 820 phones equipped with, they stand to the front of the snapdragon 820 + 6G ram strongest configuration, which makes all than it deeper experience of the "Internet brand" collective make up embarrassing disease.

but it also earlier than apple more refuse comprehensive cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, ground of too impatient to wait in front of people took out his heart on behalf of the future of the ultimate audio and video experience "digital audio signal". This story and the first last year with the interface of Type-C is exactly the same.

music still is the surface don't care about anything, inside but ratio who all care about music. Feng Xing is still the one that seems to see through the industry but also to maintain cautious feng.

Feng Xing will admit Huawei has the core technology strength become one pole of the industry, but will not answer your music as users from Internet users in need of what brand of replacement of the group. He is enjoying music as the ecological environment to his career as a surprise, but still united with his friends together to ensure that the speed of high-speed growth of the music as the phone.

so on digital so cautious and conservative von Xingcai will say:

"depending on the phone this year shipment volume goal is 15 million units. "

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on the product update sensitive you may have discovered, this afternoon, WeChat launched the" top "subscription number function: the introduction page in public," added "public" option is the top public number will be displayed with a gray plate, occupy the position of the head of information flow.

as in newsstand dazzling peddle stalls, you will always be for you most want to see that the pay. WeChat's this feature changes, very clever for the reader to do a limited energy channel division, the risk of information temptation is greatly reduced, you have more freedom to choose the ability.

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