Ba film, net worth billions of Zhao Wei or Louis Koo even fan 3 a slap in the face!

Louis Koo

bashayule· 2016-06-23 19:19:04

last days' sister went to see Zhao Wei, Louis Koo, Zhong Hanliang recently released the "three of us are walking together", the Silver River as reflecting the 20 anniversary of the return, really did not disappoint!

the play in the hospital this little space in advance, all the emotion and character conflict catharsis in this small space, Zhao Wei, Louis Koo, Zhong Hanliang on a bed of wits a close call!

'sister thought, Zhao Wei in recent years will not only make money, acting also follow up, that will only stare SAPO swallow never come back, there is only acting Zhao Wei!

Zhao Wei Tong Qian is a 7 x 24 hour gun in life-saving front-line Department of cerebral surgery doctor.

to play this role, Zhao Wei also worked for more than a month to craniotomy, to show the real professional details really craniotomy.

in addition to open the brain hole", Zhao Wei also slapped back, not long after the opening, Zhao Wei was Louis Koo after another fan 3 a slap in the face!

on the screen, Du Qifeng has always been a really famous film, dare to shoot in the studio, so Zhao Wei is indeed to be beaten, only the first lens group is next to Louis Koo ten., until the face is red to be suspended, then hit Zhao Wei himself at face was Louis Koo fat.

across the screen will feel the pain of

when you in do the rich lady money, but Zhao Wei prefer to be "beaten", which is a good guide to the team and play trick play addiction to hook up the bone!

Louis Koo played very stable, especially one in the movie, that was Zhong Hanliang angered play, mouth micro expression sister to play out.

Hospital of the glass bridge that play, there is a piece of glass in the ground in Louis Koo eyes, the doctor said that if not promptly pulled out, is likely to be blind, is really too hard!

in Du Qifeng POV camera, three people between the undercurrent, mind electricity turns, seems to be on the screen flow, said, there is still the paradoxical nature of fate.

10 actor in slow motion, ten minutes long shot, independent space in the upgrading of lens at one time, faster than the silver belt, is probably the soundtrack in want of perfection this section is adapted by Wang Wanzhixin "this song" literary jargons, or back to Luo Dayou, but who let Du Qifeng is "line-height: 25.6000003814697px style=

had to say, and play the villain to have fabulous Zhong Hanliang! Acting is simply hanging open, Zhong Hanliang played the smile, Barbara sister felt chills!

the first time in the movie to see so the bandits will be set in a calm madness and genius, Zhong Hanliang feel every pore is play.

this ruthless more than cap-a-pie play fine waist

and allusive burning brain lines: "Russell's chicken", "whale mass stranding", "Geneva declaration"

stars each shine, but when Suet Lam, Lu Haipeng, Eddie Cheung, the image of the Milky Way gold green leaves still in the film shine, do not know how let How many Galaxy powder touched!

end do not spoilers, etc. you see will see light suddenly, oh, it is the original one Du Qifeng of the cruel world of compassion, profound perspective of the human heart.

6 24, let's go to the cinema, feel the most burning this year, Hong kong!

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