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tengxunxinwen· 2016-06-23 19:35:24

" according to the daily mail, this year's North Korea moves frequently, supreme leader Kim Jeong-eun recently announced the start of economic adjustment movement for a period of 200 days, to end the situation of poverty in North korea. As for the coastal city of Wonsan, a shoe factory 220 workers said, which means the completion of the daily index must reach 700 double. (please indicate the source, more exciting content from the Tencent WeChat international news public, "sweet and sour".) (from: Tencent International News)

at the request of the government, the shoe factory products will be sold to Korean shops. The plant official told reporters, according to the country's "self-sufficiency" policy, not a pair of shoes will be exported. (from: Tencent International News) class=

"content_img_p" this is the North Korea in this year's second economic adjustment. For the first time in May, the National Congress of the working party was held before the end of the meeting, which lasted for 70 days. Both are part of North Korea's five year economic plan. (from: Tencent International News)

, this adjustment will be the production index of the shoe factory every day to 700 double. Because North Korea insisted on the nuclear issue, the country is currently in the tough international sanctions. Kim Jeong-eun hopes to speed up economic development in this way. But the person in charge did not hire more people for this purpose. (from: Tencent International News) class= img_box "

workers here do not need to promote the work of the mechanism of reward and punishment. They receive their lives directly from the government. But setting a goal in a shoe factory sales of more than the government, they can get some bonus. (from: Tencent International News)

workers were divided into groups, each group of the production will be publicized in the plant around the table. Responsible person said that if a worker's production capacity is not enough, he will be assigned a more productive partner. A 28 year old man named Kang Rongjin told reporters that he worked 8 hours a day. He was a soldier. He is now in charge of sticking the soles of his shoes. (from: Tencent International News) class= img_box "

"content_img_p" at the same time the person in charge also said that no one would want to be labeled lazy label. (figure in the background is the economy to adjust the movement of publicity and 200 days of the countdown card.) (from: Tencent International News)

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