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Games the acquisition of Tencent

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at the end of 2004, there was a major domestic Internet, $91 million 700 thousand in cash holdings South Korean game company Actoz Sheng Dachi.

transaction at the time the purpose is self-evident, Shanda also outspoken pointed out that "the deal will help grandly" Legend 2 "operation agent the right to continue". Yes, it is enough, and it is enough to have a copyright on the road to the great. At that time, the grand is the first domestic game companies, either financial or momentum are far more than their counterparts, they tend to use money to solve all the problems.

2004 the online games industry is still a bud, Tencent is still in its infancy, NetEase sharpening, dragon is the way that the giant "journey" has just begun development. Everyone should be asked to learn the grand, because they are the king, is to rely on a game will become one of the most profitable company of Internet Co. As the Longmen dragon group let the envy of jumping fish.

just rely on a proxy explosion fortune there existed a fatal problem, the ownership of the game is not in your hands, iterative product follow-up may also spend his home. Chengyexiaohe baiyexiaohe situation time may happen to you, this is the dragon sea over the shackles of obstacles is the Phoenix fly. Acquisition of Actoz is the grand best choice, but also the most direct one.

Grand, in the year when an egg, and the egg to hatch several times later. Tencent, for example.

now, Tencent acquired Riot Games and grand year for what purpose the similar acquisition of Actoz. Shanda rely on "legend" to create a game Empire, and later the Tencent also rely on the "Heroes" in the years to become the world's most watched game companies. And when the Tencent acquired Games Riot, the lifeblood of this game is held in their hands.

up to now, no one think that the acquisition of Tencent Riot Games is not good business, can only find value. But at that time, the price of Games Riot so many people discouraged, but the Tencent do not care about the money, perhaps we can say that this is the money to buy a future. This is the right of the nouveau riche.

this year, Tencent again exercise the rights of nouveau riche, bid $8 billion 600 million acquisition of" tribal conflict "game developer Supercell.

space rotation, then the grand now unable to like now such a radical takeover of Tencent broadsword. It took the banner of Tencent predecessors continue to money for weapons kaijiangtuotu. In the outside world, the year of the acquisition of Riot Games is the control end of the tour especially the gaming market, and the acquisition of Supercell is to increase its dominant position in the field of mobile games.

so, just so? "

we now look back on some domestic famous for game companies will find a very interesting phenomenon. The giant fortune on the journey, this journey has two NetEase game king fried, swim a Denon eight let it became the end of the tour Six Gentlemen, the demon dragon holding company for more than 7 of revenue in many years, Xishanju Jian Wang three to now is still one of the most outstanding domestic MMORPG game. But all of these games have a special character, and they are all star games. The exception is only grand and Tencent.

in common, the two companies in the agent's performance is greater than the self research. Tencent's three major online games, without exception, is the agent of the product, and the grand is not to say, a legend from snacks to the old. Shanda and Tencent had a similarly criticized "their research ability really sucks". Indeed, compared to the success of the agency, Shanda and Tencent in a long time without the top of the self research products, the latter even in the mire of plagiarism. By products, no matter how rich game company is also difficult to have confidence to present themselves as "great", especially the lifeblood of others in your hands may. Refer to the nine and World of Warcraft, You'll see. the grand legend series why fear problems.

later because the company is planning a grand cause, let the game business has become a cash cow, as the existence of blood transfusion group. This is a direct to the big game in the games after the broken road to greatness, in fact, now the grand game already no longer Rong, but became painful but unfortunately there.

in contrast, road layout of Tencent vision in its powerful platform against the increasingly. In the Tencent as make no reply, the domestic game industry leader in just a few years, become the world's most profitable game company. Most of the views are: Tencent is the world's best platform and incomparable users, relying on this, the Tencent can be benefited in every way. But in fact, the strategy of the Tencent in the game on the road is not just a simple rough guide users, more than in the strategic vision. Style= white-space: "normal >

this strategy is one of the eyes of the investment. Investment is a means to compensate for the lack of R & D strength.

EA commercial success largely depends on its success in terms of investment, such as through continuous acquisitions have R & D powerful and game resources. And the domestic Tencent in fact also intends to re carved such a road, the difference is that the Tencent's appetite seems to come.

according to a tiger sniffing network data show that the Tencent in the past few years were initiated 36 game related investment in merger cases. PC game company 16, mobile game company 17, host games, web games and game publishers. These companies all over the world, South Korea and the United States to the public.

it is worth mentioning that the Tencent to buy the game the way from the beginning of 2006, from the big difference in time for a year to buy Actoz many. And in 2006, the Tencent's main push game is QQ fantasy. Style= white-space: "normal >

Everything begins at 2006.

Tencent since then, almost every year to launch the game's investment or acquisition (except 2009), after ten years, Tencent has become one of the M & A the king of the game industry. All this happened between the quietly, in addition to a few large amount of investment in the case of mergers and acquisitions, very few people to pay attention to the Tencent in this road has gone far.

in our current views to figure out the Tencent mergers and acquisitions investment game of the mind, may come to the "great" game "is by investing in mergers and acquisitions to deepen R & D and product line conclusion". In fact, this is indeed the case, this is the EA has proved that the road is indeed feasible, the country together to take this road and palm interested in science and technology, is different, palm interested in science and technology a lot of mergers and acquisitions with the capital to the color of the case.

in recent years, the acquisition of Tencent more generous increase, and almost to begrudge money the way of trying to control something more in the game industry. Typical is the price of Supercell86 billion. The media have been compared, Shanghai Disneyland cost $5 billion 500 million, 360 of the final privatization agreement may be nearly $9 billion, Reagan cost $4 billion 500 million, the Korean military was an annual average of $4 billion. The company was founded only a few years, and the mobile game company only four of its products to some extent expensive staggering.

so the investment is really worth? This question is crucial.

measure takeover standard of value usually consists of many aspects, such as before the company's valuation, it's the heat of the product, capital market, or whether it represents a kind of wind. No matter what the market, basically follow the established rules of the material to dilute, and in the mobile game industry, Supercell must belong to a very rare class.

why? You know from the creation to the present, Supercell just launched the "tribal conflict", "cartoon farm", "Island Jones" and "Royal war" a handful of four games. In the mobile game far more than tens of millions of the moment, Supercell is not a very rich product company. But it is the four games, Supercell will be pushed to the world's top class mobile game developers. Even a small blizzard, said, because Supercell is also in line with the blizzard produced, will belong to the category of fine.

Supercell is that it will be for each of its product line of products do grow. To know, in the mobile gaming industry has this energy of the company and not much. In the mobile gaming industry generally suffer from short period of the moment, Supercell became the Bible in general, the company will do a lot of research thought "it is how to do the"

"at the beginning of this year, the Royal war" in the world set off the boom, no less than once effects caused by the "tribal conflict", even still have. For example, more and more mobile gaming tournament will be "the Royal war" as the main project to push. At the same time also led to a strong topic effects, such as the establishment of the association of Wang Sicong, Zhong Gong's myth and so on. In other words, "the Royal war" may be so far in the field of mobile gaming products one of the best performing in the world.

as everyone knows is that the game is the Tencent mountains in the presence of domestic travel, half of the country had occupied the field in the end, the field is still on the way ahead Mobile Games princes, only NetEase can try its edge. But in the law of the Tencent, the lead is not enough, especially, the performance of other competitors is getting better and better, store app in the best-selling list of Tencent has been difficult to duplicate the old tyrants list.

so, Supercell acquisition will help Tencent to hold a steady position in the mobile games, and attract high-quality products to enhance competitiveness. Early Tencent rely on a powerful and fast user in the mobile gaming market off the lead out, but with the major game companies boutique strategy and game player game quality rather than more fancy comers, simply rely on the user to push the game has some volume is over when the play. In another sense, the Tencent performance in overseas markets do not actually meet their giant status, through the acquisition of such a worldwide mobile gaming company with a great reputation, may contribute to its development in the overseas market.

on the other side, while Softbank express sold shares in Supercell, Supercell. The first thought is perhaps the Tencent. This can be released from the Supercell CEO statement that the following excerpt from Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen released the official Supercell news, conducted by the gamelook

first, we reached an agreement with the Tencent, after the completion of the acquisition, Supercell will continue to operate independently, as well as in Softbank's. They understand our unique small and independent team culture (we call it a cell), and that's what Supercell really is. We still want Supercell to continue to be the best place for creative talent in the world. Moreover, our headquarters still stay in Helsinki, and still pay taxes in Finland, all of which is very important for us.

Second, Chinese game game player number is the largest global. Tencent platform coverage of users more than 1 billion people (youheardme, 1 billion!). And in their platform, the individual users (non duplication) more than 300 million, which for us, with the Tencent, we can put the game to more people. And their social platforms give us more opportunities to play, especially in terms of social play, all of which is very exciting.

Third, Tencent seem to like us love games. In fact, in I and Martin (Tencent President Liu Chiping) during the meeting, he ranked in the "war" of the royal family and fell out of the top 100 global name, he also at the meeting during so distracted, forget the topic of our discussion... But it's a great time to talk about the game. More seriously, the Tencent and Games Riot's cooperation has been a huge success, this company is the last few years we have been quite envious of, but also brought us inspiration. Now, we finally have an excuse to contact our company and communicate with us.

Fourth, this transaction to ensure we can continue to maintain Supercell private identity, for our small team and unique culture, current independent state better than the market, we don't have to short-term interests from financial pressure. However, in addition to ensure that our private and Tencent, the cooperation can also bring us all the listed companies have the advantage, as part of the transaction, we Supercell in the future in accordance with the wishes of employees can sell Supercell shares (all shares). The $10 billion 200 million valuation, but also for our Supercell people to build the recognition of the phenomenon of class companies.

which revealed at least three key information, namely: Supercell fancy Tencent Tencent can give users; Supercell independent operation guarantee; Supercell shareholding employees can benefit from.

in fact, whether it is from the financial angle or the user's point of view or Tencent are the best choice for Supercell club.


"Royal war" WeChat public number yesterday made a statement, said that although the takeover, but the company will operate independently and do not interfere with the development and operation of the Tencent. And there is a player on this notice to ridicule the pit, the reason is that the game does not charge the Tencent can not play the game. This ridicule in the Games Riot before the Tencent is wholly owned holding when there is a risk.

and, with the exception of Tencent, before there are many companies expressed the desire to buy Supercell, and also has been closed. Of course, we all know that. Believe that the price of Supercell86 billion dollars in many of the desire to buy the company does not seem high, at least compared to the domestic A-share listed companies in some A, 8 billion 600 million of the u.s..

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