Microsoft or will soon be Win10 system to increase similar to the Handoff function: any device relay application experience


kuqiwang· 2016-06-23 21:46:05

            in early April, foreign media reported that Microsoft has mspoweruser, Windows 10 adds a new option to make Windows application before 10 computer users continue to experience from other devices running Windows 10 system. Until today, this function does not seem to have any meaning. However, the situation may soon change. In the latest Windows 10 Mobile internal build, set the application appeared in the same "to continue the application of experience" option, which will allow you 10 other Windows applications on the device to interrupt your Windows 10 Mobile equipment experience. />


            however, whether Microsoft will allow third party developers to integrate the function of universal Windows application on Windows 10, and we are willing to continue to pay attention. Unlike apple, as Microsoft can technically add the functions for all devices running Windows 10, Microsoft will continue to use "experience" has great potential; these include Xbox, One HoloLens and surface Hub, if it happens, it will be very interesting. />


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