Us again open nuclear aircraft carrier into the South China Sea according to

Nuclear aircraft carrier the South China Sea the US Army once again

huanqiuwang· 2016-04-20 03:53:31

15, U. S. Defense Secretary Carter ascended from the disputed waters through the American" John & middot; USS John C. Stennis "aircraft carrier, this is Carter in the five months the second landing navigation in the disputed waters aircraft carrier of the United States. Report of associated press

on whether Carter's move to pave the way for the US Philippine joint cruise, Wang Xiaopeng China China Academy of Social Sciences experts pointed out that the United States Secretary of defense in the South China Sea aboard the aircraft carrier, from a strategic perspective, the first is to tell the relevant countries, United States the military has the ability to force out to the corresponding position, implementation of Frontier deterrence;" img_box "

the carrier into the sea from the sea is sensitive to Chinese pressure; again, is to show that the United States will make Philippines the weak allies into the middle period of weak. The glass tube, Japan and south to connect the north of australia. From a tactical point of view, the United States is in order to create a "three sharing", that is, intelligence sharing, equipment sharing, as well as military base sharing.