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"content_img_p" on the computer to install the operating system, you can choose MacOS or Windows 10. Or you can be a little bold, choose time and effort Linux system. Here are five reasons to choose the Linux system.

1) you don't have to discard Windows (or OS X)

" when you try to install the Linux system, and not with Windows (or macOS) system to - Ubuntu can run double or even only USB drive system. Do as the instructions to install Ubuntu website and run the system: you need a blank DVD or at least a 2GB U disk, the installation process is very simple.

, of course, the advantage of using U disk or DVD is that your existing operating system system will not be affected. But on the other hand, its performance and responsiveness will not be too good.

2) class= install a simple

in the past, in the Linux software installation or codec is a very painful thing, but it is completely different. In Ubuntu as an example, you only need a single check box to download audio and video formats commonly used. Most of the new out of the Linux system is able to immediately identify the available WiFi network and connect.

also has experienced Windows and OS X Mac users will find them at the time of switching between the operating system will be at a loss, but the Internet will always find a solution. Most users can quickly get started Linux system.

3) everything you need in the system of Linux

for you to browse the web with Ubuntu Firefox, Thunderbird allows you to send and receive mail, LibreOffice is used to record the file, create tables and display. Other free open source applications, such as GIMP (edit images), Evolution (Linux version of the Outlook) and Kodi (home theater and media management) is just a few clicks of the mouse.

other famous Linux version of the application, including Google Chrome, Plex, VLC player, Slack, Dropbox, Skype and Spotify. Also do not forget some of the open source software used on the web, such as online version of Office Microsoft and Google music player. If you have to use the Windows program, then you can try Wine.

4) it is relatively safe

content_img_p" in the world, so the study of the system of hackers is relatively small, in addition to the original data, the Linux system is a very safe operating system.

Linux would like the other operating system as an accident and was exposed, but this platform of malicious software is less, and they can cause harm, so they are often those security problems of people's choice always on tenterhooks. It is also less likely than its competitors would be down.

5) you in support of open source and free software "

Linux is not only an operating system, it is a kind of knowledge of love. Here is not only free software (such as Google Chrome), and its source code is also open to the outside world (unlike Google Chrome). You can use the operating system and its bundled software for free, and you can see the source code and modify it.

when you use Linux, you are supporting millions of people around the world who are committed to making the software free of charge. This love of knowledge has helped to drive the transformation of the network, Windows, X OS, and Linux itself. If you want to further promote software development, Linux is a good starting point.

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